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Top 8 Reasons WHY Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is a better than iPhone SE!

The Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 has a superior design compared to the iPhone SE because of it’s nicely rounded back. Which makes it feel very smooth to hold in the hand. You REALLY need to feel this phone in your hand…

IP68 certification! What does that MEAN? Well it means it can be in the bath for a while! 1.5 meters under water for 30 minutes.. Truly amazing! Remember that the charging port may complain right after about moisture so it may need some time to dry off.

We live in a GOOGLE world with google search and YouTube for video. Along with Google’s mail service gmail. And Google also owns Android so that means Android phones will get the best updates of Google’s app first! So iPhone users will be getting a slower and many times worse experience in this Google world.

So MUCH easier to send files over to a friend. (If they have an Android..) Because of bluetooth that doesn’t need a 3G or WIFI connection. Amazing stuffs.

Way easier to customise the Galaxy A3 with skins/keyboards/third party apps. Because of the openness of the Android operating system. Good for all the freedom lovers out there.

It comes packed with exciting app optimising features. And more toggles and tweaks right from the start. There’s a lot to explore with an Android phone!

It’s cheaper then an iPhone with crazy much of value inside. Sadly Apple is the last few years been living more on it’s brand name then actually come out with new cool innovative features.

The ability to EXPAND the storage with SD cards that these days goes up to 256GB that is truly an amazing feature inside the Samsung Galaxy A3 wow! Good for all of you picture and video lovers out there. Or if you want to pack in a bunch of movies you downloaded from YouTube!