Xiaomi Mi 6 Legendary Smartphone!

Xiaomi Mi 6 is Xiaomi’s latest high end smartphone. It comes with a very clean design and with a dual rear camera that doesn’t protrude like the iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s have a closer investigation on the specs.

Main specs: Ceramic Material Build, 5.15 Inch display, 6GB of RAM, 128GB Internal storage, Snapdragon 835 Chipset, Octa-core processor, 4G, 4-axis OIS, Display with eye care, Four-sided curved glass/ceramic design, Dual camera with optical zoom, 184 Thousand AnTuTu score and 10nm processor!

That first thing that’s interesting about Xiaomi Mi 6 is that it’s both beautiful and wear and tear resistant. The hardness it comes with is 8 Mohs. The display is pretty small compared to modern high-end phone standards that tend to be at least 5.5” in size. This phone will be easier to navigate with your hand.

The display is reducing glare and harmful blue rays and remains true-to-colour. This is a phone that comes with splash resistance with openings properly sealed and protected. But it doesn’t have an IP rating so it’s a little bit like iPhone 7. It may hold hold up or may break down if unlucky. But at least it has more protection than a phone with no safety.

The phone comes with a nice symmetry design that is clean in look. The battery inside is 3350mAh. You get dual speaker technology to create stereo effect.

The camera is 12MP wide-angle + 12MP telephoto. You can zoom in with 2X optical lossless zoom or 10X digital zoom. On the front selfie camera you get beautify 3.0.

With gaming Xiaomi Mi 6 packs the fast Adreno 540 GPU clocked at 653MHz. Combine that with the fast quad-core 835 processor and you get amazing gaming performance. It’s great how it comes with massive built in storage over 100gb. With that you can install many games! I would love if the phone had expandable memory as well but you can’t insert micro SD card.

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Xiaomi Redmi 4A Perfect Low-cost Smartphone!

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is one of the best cheap smartphones that money can buy right now! From a brand which is famous for producing quality phones.

Main specs: 5.0 Inch display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, Snapdragon 425 Quad-core processor, 4G Connection, 720p Resolution, 3120mAh Battery, 13MP Camera, 131.5 grams weight and MIUI 8 Dual apps!

The cool thing with the battery on the inside is how it gives you 7-day standby time. The Dual SIM slot allows you to use more than one card! You can also insert one microSD card up to 128GB.

The GPU in this phone is not the best it’s only an Adreno 308 clocked at 500Mhz but with a quad-core processor it might perform well in some apps.

The front camera is 5.0MP and has f/2.2 in specs with face beauty and face detection. The specs on the 13.0MP back camera is: Flash light, 5-element lens, f/2.2 aperture, and 1080p video recording at 30fps.

The battery in the phone is also very large being over 3000mAh and almost gives you as much juice as you would get inside the Note 8. Many phones at this range would only give you a 2500mAh battery.

The charging is with micro USB so might not be the fastest charging on the market as with Type C but it’s probably okay charge speed I never seen a phone lately that takes over 2 hours for a full charge.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A has a thickness of 8.5mm so it’s not the slimmest or the thickest. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have the money to buy the Xiaomi Redmi 5A which will cost you around 50 euro extra. I wish it came with some basic in-ear I think every mobile phone should be shipped with that.

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Xiaomi Tiny Portable Speaker!

Xiaomi has some very cool tiny portable speakers. They are round and comes in three colours. Perfect Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone when you need a stronger speaker with modern design. The colours are gold, black and silver. Let’s have a detailed look on the specs:

Main features: Aluminium alloy material, CSR Bluetooth 4.0 connection, Works with Smartphone and Tablet, Light weight, Different compared to other speakers, One button design, Click-to-Run, Simple, Integrated design, HD Sound, Stable energy saving and hardware noise reduction.

It’s created with sand blasting, anodic oxidation and CNC diamond cutting. They used high precision stamping forming and high speed polishing. The shell is strong and wear-resistant so great for outdoor weather.

The speaker size is 52mm x 52mm x 25mm, 58 grams in weight which is around the same weight as a mini card phone!

Perfect for a comfortable afternoon at home, in a conference room or wherever you like. It’s speaker output power is 2W and SNR is 53dB. It has 4 in impedance and built in battery is 480mAh which is many times more power than what a feature phone will give you.

There is no cable to connect to your phone just turn on Bluetooth on the speaker and on your phone then in phone go to speaker and click connect. Usually with speakers like this you can’t connect it to more devices at the same time so you have to disconnect before trying that.

It’s using a micro USB connection when you need to charge it. I would love to see a Type C speaker with Quick Charge 4.0 and this speaker be created in a bit larger variant. Most android users are these days moving over more to Type C cables when charging their devices. Do you like the speaker or do you prefer bigger?

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Xiaomi Virtual Reality Affordable Headset!

Xiaomi VR 3D are a pair of new virtual reality headset glasses that you now could get! This is great if you want to try out VR with your phone. Especially good if you can’t afford HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The size this headset works with are smartphones that are 4.7-5.7 inch in size.

Specs: Zipper design, Lycra material, Novelty design, Immersive, Hollowed-out design for heat dissipation, Thread metal button, Anti-dazzle lens, Anti-skit design to avoid home button and Meristic Reticle to easy put phone in the middle.

Some people have complained that Xiaomi didn’t add padding to the place where headset rests against your forehead and that it can become uncomfortable. It’s great how it has a button on top side so you don’t have to take out and put in the phone again when a movie end for example.

They should also be a bit better than just cardboard VR glasses. Most people seems to agree that the build quality is excellent and it’s the best money can buy. The headset comes fully in black colour with a touch of orange for the Mi Logo.

It supports viewing panorama videos and images. It has a strap that goes above your head that make it sit comfortable. Some have complained that using it for a long time is not all that great. Another good thing is that the sharpness is great. I think most people will buy this one for watching movies with.

Another great thing is you might be able to use this headset even when having a large phone with a case. Light from surrounding can leak especially from below so I guess a dark room is best area to use this one in. Do you know any other great VR headsets out there you want me to check out?

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Xiaomi Mi 5c is an iPhone 5C Copycat!

Xiaomi Mi 5c is like a lighter version of Mi 5s I guess. They seem to copy Apple a little bit here in the naming process with Apple’s iPhone 5C. It comes with interesting specs so let’s take a look.

Main specs on Mi 5c: 5.15 Inch display, Fingerprint reader, 3GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, Surge S1 Octa-core processor, 1.25um ultra light-sensitive camera, 135 grams lightweight metal body, 7.09mm Thickness, 9V 2A Fast charging and 2048 Brightness levels.

The main camera is 12MP that has features as: Surge ISP algorithm that will increase sensitivity to light by 150%, Dual-noise reduction for better details in low light, 5 Frames select your favourite shot, Single-frame HDR and 14-bit colour depth processing for fine colours. The front camera is 8MP and can enhance selfies with beautify.

Something I truly love about this smartphone is it’s ultra tiny home button in height. Reminds me about Galaxy S4 home button. I also love that it’s only 7.09mm thick.

The display has high 550-nit brightness, high contrast ratio, high colour saturation and reading mode. It seems like they want to compete against Samsung’s AMOLED display.

Xiaomi Mi 5c comes with a 2860mAh battery that last all day. You get the new Type C charging cable which is way better to use because it works both directions to plug in.

You get Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 on-board with this phone. And the Mali-T860 GPU! A bad thing here could be that you cant expand the storage. But I can take it because this phone both is slim and mega light. It only has 135 grams in weight!

Also Mi 5c is great for people who prefer a little smaller screen than 5.5”. Is this phone worth it or should you just go with a Redmi Note 4 or Redmi Note 5A that’s a very good question. Xiaomi just as Samsung release many devices so to get a good deal you have to look closely at the specs and features and compare what fits you the best.

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