Xiaomi Have Type-C Earphones!

These days more and more tech are moving to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. This becomes a problem for users with old headphones! Thankfully more companies are starting to release Type-C earphones. Xiaomi got a new model called Active Noise Cancelling Hybrid Earphones!

The main features you get here is: USB Type-C connector, ANC with frequency range 50-2000Hz, In-line control, Built-in microphone, ergonomically design for comfort, Stretchable matte wiring, TPE material, dirt-resistant, tangle-resistant and durable.

The main phones Xiaomi ANC earphones is best compatible with are: Xiaomi Mi6, MIX, Note 2, Mi5s, Mi5s Plus and Mi5. You can see that they are designed with a black colour and with nice curved design in mind.

Of course you won’t be able to charge your device at the same time you are using these in-ear earphones. That’s the bad thing with modern smartphones. Well you can charge if it’s over wireless but that’s slower!

They also may be dirt-resistant but they aren’t water resistant. Something I am still waiting for earphones to become. Line length is 1.25 meter. I also wished they had more colours available. Now only black.

Xiaomi ANC is perfect to use with the new Xiaomi Mi6 which has a 5.15 inch display, MIUI 8 based on Android 7.1 Nougat, Snapdragon 835 processor clocked at 2.2GHz, Adreno 540 GPU, 6GB of RAM + 64GB internal storage.

The nice thing with the Mi6 is how it only cost half the price of a brand new iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8. But still comes with high-end specs and design.

The black edition of Mi6 and black Xiaomi earphones really looks beautiful together. But I would prefer to see a full white earphone variant. Then it would look like Apple quality! Do you like these headphones? We know that Xiaomi always deliver in quality hardware!

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Xiaomi Mi A1 New Dual Camera Phone!

Xiaomi has a new cool phone that’s out. It’s called the Xiaomi Mi A1. Xiaomi which is one of the top phone brands these days are doing a good job at copying Apple’s design!

This phone comes with a Dual Rear Camera with 2x optical zoom, 5.5″ Display with 2.5D curved glass and Gorilla Glass protection, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, Snapdragon 625 Chipset with Octa-core processor, 3080mAh battery, Type-C charging, Fingerprint sensor, Full metal body, IR Blaster, 3.5mm jack (As you may know more phones are removing the headphone jack!), Dirac HD sound and 4G connectivity!

The camera in Mi A1 more in depth is 12MP + 12MP wide-angle + telephoto, good for perfect portrait images. It’s 7.3mm thin, fingerprint resistant (Something that we never seen before!).

The phone is powered by Google with Android One. You get unlimited high-quality storage on Google Photos. The phone comes in a few colours: Black, Gold and Pink.

It’s very clear that Xiaomi copied the iPhone in it’s design. It looks like a huge copycat! It’s running on Android of course but it’s still pretty funny.

This seems to be an overall stable device. It will all come down to if people feel it’s worthy to buy. Xiaomi has so many devices out these days that it can be a bit confusing for a new consumer. They really want to be the new Samsung!

But I really believe this phone will be a major hit. It comes in a nice price-range. The most high-end phones Galaxy Note 8 and OLED iPhone X are just too expensive for the average consumer. Even Samsung’s Galaxy A5 and A3 2017 cost at least 300 euro as a starting price.

This one is cheaper and yes it doesn’t have water resistant but who really needs that? Sometimes it may rain outside but it usually doesn’t affect your mobile in your pocket that much. What do you think of the Mi A1?

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New Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Is Official!

Xiaomi has unveiled a successor to the first Mi Mix smartphone. This one is called the Mi Mix 2.

The screen is 5.99-inch big, resolution is 2160 x 1080 18:9 aspect ratio. It features a bezel-less clean design. It runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB or 8GB of RAM, 64GB/128GB/256GB internal storage variants and 12MP f/2.0 rear camera with OIS.

The battery is 3,400 mAh which is even higher than Galaxy Note 8 that comes with only 3,200 mAh. Ceramic design on the back with a aluminium frame. There is also a full ceramic special edition which is more expensive and more fingerprint friendly.

4GB RAM with 64GB storage will cost $510, 6GB RAM 128GB will cost $550 and 256GB will cost $615. A limited edition will cost $720 and be in white or black with 8GB of RAM.

One major difference this time around is how this device will be easier to use because the original Mi Mix featured a 6.4″ display. At the bottom on Mi Mix you get a front facing camera is features a black coating to hide it and make it fit in more. At the top you have earpiece speaker that should work better than the original Mi Mix variant.

This phone doesn’t come with protection against water and dust as we have seen in Galaxy S8. Also it doesn’t come with a headphone jack which is sad. It’s running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat with Xiaomi’s MIUI 9 software on top that looks a bit like iOS. Very beautiful theme with pretty icons. Not as boring as stock Android 7.0. Google is making progress in Android 8.0 Oreo which looks more attractive to use.

This phone doesn’t have any magical new thing that wows us. But it seems to be a decent upgrade from the original Mi Mix. And it will probably be able to compete against both the Note 8 and OLED iPhone 8 because of it’s lower price-range. Do you like this phone?

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Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop Is A MacBook Air Look-alike PC!

Have you ever wanted to have a super cool computer that can match Apple’s design? There is now a cool computer out from Xiaomi. With a MacBook laptop look but for a cheaper price! It’s called the Xiaomi Air 12.

It’s having a 12.5 inch IPS screen with 1080p resolution, processor is Intel Core m3-6Y30 Dual-Core, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 128 GB SSD for fast speed, AKG speaker, Front facing camera, Bluetooth 4.1 and HDMI! It’s running on Microsoft Windows 10 Home OS. It also comes with a USB Type-C port which is ten times faster than USB 2.0!

The battery in Xiaomi Air 12 is 7.4V/5000mAh 37Wh that supports fast charging! The front facing camera is a bit low in resolution only 1.0MP available. It also is a pretty light full metal body laptop. Weight is 1.07kg. And it’s only 12.9mm thin. And the display has Edge-to-edge protective glass. On the side it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack!

Something that has been annoying me with the current laptops is many feels very much plasticky. Not the premium feel that Apple has been able to give. But it now seems like there is a strong competitor out on the market that will challenge Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers!

I am currently using a slim Macbook Pro and an Acer Predator laptop as my two main computers. And something that annoys me with the laptop is how it’s three times as large and heavy. It’s good that Apple is getting some serious competition on the market. With this laptop costing around half the price of what the OLED iPhone 8 will cost!

I am curious to see how it will perform in heavy tasks as rendering videos. If the intel core processor can challenge the more pricy MacBook Air. Of course Apple has more optimised software because they both design their hardware and software to work together. Do you like the design of this computer? Would you like more ports? Let me know in the comment section!

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