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Amazing Ideas To Succeed In Life!

This is some of my main ideas I have collected in the last year. First of all my friends all is magical. Everything you find in life is connected to everything else. Everything matters and doesn’t matter at the same time.

People love attention in life! Give people your attention! We live in a culture where everything is so vain and surface layer pointlessness. Go deeper and truly listen to people.

To not act in life is immoral behaviour. Being idle is wrong. You are meant to be active and produce things in life! Don’t stand still in life my friends. Be always on the move.

Be grateful and feel lucky if a beautiful person with a great soul spends time on you. What a blessing! They have come to you to do good! Every second someone spends or invest in you is beautiful because they will never get that time back!

Try to stay away from things in life to learn to Focus in life. Remove distractions from your life! Focus my friends! Focus. It’s the key to life. Life will open itself up to you if you master this thing.

Have a vision in life to expand. Every area of your life wants to expand and turns itself into a brand new universe. Don’t turn your back on this magical effect. Remember that all your areas in life can become 1000x better! Because in the universe it doesn’t seem to be an end to depth!

Play to Win in life. Burn the boats as they would say. Put yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to succeed! This is a way where you are forcing yourself to succeed by putting evolutionary pressure on yourself. Just because life has become easier the last 100s of years now you will have to put the evolutionary pressure on yourself if you want to accomplish great things in life!

Only practice what you want to become in life. Remember that everything you do everyday that’s eventually what you will become. Every tiny thing is tweaking your destiny.

When you work hard you become sharper and more clear thinking. When you live in the moment you forget time and you see the world for what it really is. You are not stuck up in your mind. This will make you humbled by reality. You will be less delusional.

When you are making money in life consider what good you can do with that money. What good you can do in the world with it instead of just what it can do for your life. This will also humble you and many times motivate you even more to go out and get it because you see the bigger vision of that money.

How can you be more selfless and sacrifice yourself more so you can do greater things for others. Sacrifice as in maybe consider less about temporary pleasure you can indulge in and focus more on how you can have others have a good time and succeed.

Live as you are already complete and perfect. Live as you already have all the money you need. Be very grateful. Especially because the universe has been taken care of you up to this point. You are a complete person this is it. Your soul nothing can take it from you. Your perfect heart is complete too. Nothing can make it more perfect than what it already is.

Learn to study the great masters in life. Learn to listen and be humbled by the wiser people. Listen to the wise ones and follow their steps. Take what they did and build on that. You save time and energy by doing this. If you don’t do this then you will be reactive your whole life to others who are wiser. Either you take control over your life or you will fall into someone else vision.

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The Power of Humility In Life

Audio Version:

Humility can be the greatest gift of all to have. You just gotta ask for help. Crazy part is people do not do it.

A quick example of how deep humbleness goes. If you live in the European Union. You can go to 100s of banks to ask for a loan for whatever it is you wanna do. I bet if you actually did this you can probably have 1 million euros in your hands in a year from now. I don’t have that humility and you also probably don’t have it. So with that simple example you can see how you always can be more humble in life. Instead of being the person who “already knows everything”.

Your framework in life should be “I do not know anything about anything” so a constant learning process. Now the crazy part about humility is how it keeps giving you more the more you seem to do it. An endless stream of good stuff. It never ends! It’s like the universe ALWAYS expanding. If knowledge is infinite do you know how insane that is? No end! So crazy we cant even wrap our minds around limitless knowledge.

Nothing Will Stay The Same! 

The problem with being in the mindset of thinking “I already know everything” is that you will stop growing and evolve. And as we know nature is always shifting. You just gotta look outside your window every month to see how things are constantly shifting. So if everything is always changing that means you have to develop a harmony in your life to move along with nature. And not get stuck in old habits or routines.

Focus on taking care of other humans and you won’t have to worry about your own needs. Clearly if you put focus on how you can make other people’s dream come true nature will take care of your needs too. Most people are stuck in a scarcity mindset where they think they are limited in what they can do in life. But just remember that what one man can do, another man can do. Just requires that you actually do take action and starts to move in the direction you want to go.

Progress! Not going back!

Remember that it’s not the end result that we actually want. Surely it will be nice but even that will be a fleeting moment. The main thing we wanna feel in our life is that we are making progress right now and is moving in the right direction. So the criteria for success for me has become “did I make progress today” or “Am I still growing in life?”. What I do is that I constantly write down all my ideas that I find valuable so I don’t forget.

Goals and habits in life are very important but probably of more importance is that you have written down some kind of vision or purpose in life. I do this on a regular basis and do constant new updates to my vision. I listen a lot to my heart to try to be perfectly aligned with what my spirit tells me to do.

There is a great book by Stephen Covey called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. That talks a lot about great ways to structure your life. Here is a good quote from that book:

Don’t let boredom run your life when everyday could be exciting!

We have this idea that you should pick a job and then stay in that niche for the rest of your life. How limiting! Maybe we are here to just experience life and do a new job every couple years or so. Especially when we really start to get bored of something. That is usually a sign there is time for change. A lot of people are being very resistant to change. They want things to stay the same.

But they too have also forgot that things will never stay the same. They have never stayed the same in history. Evolution is constantly making tweaks and as we see with our current technology we are now in a rapid stage of development into a new arena. An arena where it will be critical you don’t stay ignorant. But that you constantly keep educating yourself. So you can deal with any sort of future adversity that may show up.

Magic Fantasy Land!

Humility will also remove a lot of pressure a lot of people put on themselves. That they need to become something or be something magical. You don’t.

There is a lot of vanity in our current time a total obsession with that every should “Make it”. Which puts even more pressure on humans feeling like they must do something “Amazing” in their life. You really don’t.

The starting point should always be that you are perfect the way you are because your inner core spirit never changes. It always stays pure and same. From this realisation that you are good and perfect already you can move from a calm state into doing other things in life.

Also you should remember that most of your problems someone else in the past have had and wrote down a solution to. So really important to keep getting exposed to new quality information Ralph Waldo Emerson has a great book called Self-Reliance and Other Essays that speaks a lot about relying on yourself to do most things and use the help of wise people to guide you forward. Here is a beautiful quote from that book:

He speaks a lot about the importance of living in harmony with nature. And observing all of life around you.

Have Bigger Dreams To Get Excited!

Vanity and self-importance get’s so boring after a while. You get tired of yourself. And you wanna help others in life. Now the irony is that once you start to help others and focus less on yourself you will actually feel better than with the vanity feeling you got in the past.

It will feel better because you feel like you are a part of something bigger than just yourself. It puts off the pressure on your shoulders to carry the whole load. There is a lot of help out there to get, you just gotta work on not being so afraid to ask for help. It takes humility to ask for help.

People have a massive fear of rejection and I may talk about that in another blog post. The fear of rejection is a big thing that holds most people back in life.

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