ASUS New ZenFone Pegasus 4A Smartphone!

ASUS ZenFone Pegasus 4A is a cool dual camera phone from ASUS that is famous for creating overall quality smartphones. Let’s see what this phone gives you!

Main specs: 5.0 Inch 1280×720 resolution display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, MTK6737 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.25GHz, 4G Connection, Black/Gold/Rose Gold Colours, 4100mAh Capacity battery, Front side fingerprint sensor, Dual rear camera 13.0MP+8.0MP with 120 degree wide lens.

The camera in Pegasus 4A comes with a mode they call fair mode that gives you prettier and more natural look: Soft skin, Whitening, Big Eyes and Face-lift. Perfect when you are taking selfies with the 5MP front camera.

It’s cool how you can use the phone as a mobile power bank to charge your friends phone. You can insert two SIM cards because Dual SIM support.

The operating system is based on Android 7.0 but it’s unclear if it will come with ASUS standard UI on top that they usually feature.

It’s a pretty thick phone 9.1mm thickness and 161 grams in weight. My favourite thing with this phone is the dual rear camera design. I think the black colour looks best! The rounded curves looks also great and the rectangular home button.

The shell material is in metal so you will have a premium feel even with this budget smartphone. Most budget phones these days seems to come in at a low price of just 150 euro. Which is awesome!

Pegasus 4A doesn’t stand out in a major way so it might even be better to go with a Xiaomi Note smartphone instead. I usually prefer Xiaomi for low-end devices but ASUS when it comes to mid-range smartphones. And Huawei when it comes to high-end devices! Do you like this phone or do you feel it’s missing something?

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AllCall Rio Looks Amazing!

AllCall Rio is a cool smartphone that has a design that I haven’t seen before. Sure we have seen the dual rear camera design a lot but this camera looks different and more interesting. And slim to the body. The phone also packs an S6 Edge design but with a bit iPhone 4S cool thickness. I love it! Let’s take a closer look at the specs.

Specs: 5.0 Inch display, Android 7.0 Nougat, Dual Rear cameras, 1GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, Dual curved screen, Triple glass protect, Ultra-powerful speaker, 2700mAh battery, Smart-battery saving, 8.0MP + 2.0MP camera, MT6580A Quad-core processor and 3G.

A first look at the specs and first I just want to say that remember this phone comes at feature phone price. So it’s impressive that AllCall Rio even runs Android! But we can see that they have saved in by removing 4G, Only 1GB RAM may be bad for multi-tasking and 2.0MP camera is also a bit low.

In the camera a bit more in depth you get: Sony IMX149 sensor, Focal distance 3.4mm and f/2.2. How long the battery will last is: 72 hours on standby, 16 hours on calling, 6 hours when gaming and 6 hours while watching video.

The Sony sensor is pretty cool. Another cool thing is that it features a 1.8mm thick glass cover to protect the screen and give you a nice all-round protection and it’s also anti-scratch.

AllCall Rio comes in two colours Black and Gold. The GPU for gaming is ARM Cortex-A7. And you can expand the memory with Micro TF card up to 32GB. Also a good thing to know is that it’s very heavy phone 193 grams! Maybe because of the triple glass protection. Also very thick phone 9.6mm. This phone won’t be for everybody but I am in love with it’s design!

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Xiaomi Got a Robot That Can Clean Your Floor!

Xiaomi doesn’t just create phones and VR headsets. Xiaomi is a major chinese brand that do a lot of various gadgets. When was the last time you cleaned your room? You know how annoying it is! Xiaomi got a robot that could help you… It’s called the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Some specs: Laser guidance system, powerful suction, LDS path planning, 5200mAh battery, Round beautiful modern shape, White colour, Robot that scans 1800 times per second, Mapping out 360-degree picture of your home, 12 sensors, Ultrasonic radar, cliff sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer.

The reason why Mi Robot is great is because of the new brushless motor from NIDEC. It can deliver up to 1800Pa in air pressure. Being able to pick up dirt on uneven surfaces. Maximum air volume it can reach is 0.67m3/min.

The robot can clean for around 2 hours then it returns to it’s home station to recharge. You can also remote control the cleaner with an app. You can schedule it and arrange cleaning modes. You have various modes like Edge cleaning and Zigzag.

It has a side brush to clean walls. And is able to stay 10mm away from the edge to not damage anything. It was made in ABS material. Also features IMR processor, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.

I wish they had some more colours than just white for this Mi Robot. I would like to see at least a black edition. This is a good gadget when you want to save time from boring tasks like cleaning your room. The best part is how it can clean while you are away doing other stuff.

I really am looking forward to see more smart devices to come out in the future. It’s clear that technology can help us more with boring labor. Do you like this vacuum cleaner or do you think it’s missing something?

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Anet Has A Cool 3D Printer Called A8!

These days you can print cool stuff in your home! 3D printers used to be very expensive but because of competition the prices has gone down a ton! You can now get the A8 3D Printer DIY Kit for less price than a mid-range smartphone!

This 3D printer contains of many parts: LCD Display at the top, Z axis lead rod, X axis motor, Nozzle, Mainboard, Hot bed, Turbofan, Power supply, Y axis motor and Z axis motor.

The LCD display on A8 3D Printer is a 2004 LCD screen with 5 keys, with simple controls and you can pause at any time. It will give you stable print and high-precision visual experience. The stepmotor can work without interruption for 1000 hours. The power supply is a high-quality 180W, 110V-240V variant.

Some ideas of things you can create with this machine are toys for children, art and cultural objects, medical application and more. Come up with something fun to create!

I am super curious about the future with 3D printing. Will we be able to eventually print anything in the world? Including objects that needs hardware to work? Like actually building anything in the world? With the power of AI I think we will be able to get this done eventually within 20-50 years. But will it be available for the masses? Do you think A8 3D Printer is cool? I love it!

Of course a machine like that you would have to feed it all the materials needed to create hardware. Software is already available in the cloud or in hardware or on the internet so that you wouldn’t be able to print. But I think the future may become weird if people can create anything in their home. Will it be safe?

Or will it be restricted? The internet is a strange thing how it allows us all to communicate and share ideas faster. An AI will still be more intelligent than us when a proper AGI has been created. When an AI machine can improve itself then we know we have created something that truly will replace us!

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Huawei Mate 10 Leaked Photos and Specs!

Audio Version:

It looks like Huawei’s new high-end phone which is expected to be released in the upcoming months has been leaked on a chinese social media network called weibo. A website called androidcrunch wrote this article with the rumored Mate 10 photos.

I used the Huawei Mate 9 as my main phone for a couple of months and I really liked it. So what will the new Mate 10 have in specs?

First it’s suppose to upgrade the processor chipset to Hisilicon Kirin 970, Mate 9 use 960.

It will improve battery life and device performance and come with 6GB ram support and 64GB internal storage. With microSD card support up to 256GB.

Mate 9 uses a 5.9″ display the Mate 10 is rumored to use a 6.1″ Full-screen display with QHD res with 486ppi.

Probably will look similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 by using more screen on the front of the phone. Sony with Sony Xperia XZ1 is rumored to still have thick borders on the front. Which many people don’t like.

It seems the Mate 10 also will switch to AMOLED display just as the new high-end iPhone 8 is rumored to also start to use AMOLED. Going away from LCD. At least on their most exclusive high-end phones. iPhone 8 will still have 2 cheaper models with LCD display.

The camera is rumored to be a Dual Camera setup with traffic light design. But in the center on the rear side of the phone. The iPhone 8 will have it on the left side of the phone. Leica branding probably. Mate 10 will probably come with Android 7.0 pre-installed and their own custom UI that they call EMUI on top. Android O is in development and is expected to be released August 2017 in a few weeks.

In battery 4000mAh is rumored and with fast charging. For some reason I feel that the devices is charging slower and slower over the years. My Galaxy S8 charges full battery in 1.5 hours. So even when we get bigger displays over the years the battery charge time seems to take a hit. Which is sad. We want devices that can fully charge the device in 25 minutes or less.

Also we are expecting to see a fingerprint sensor below the camera. Just as LG did with the LG G6. And how Huawei did with their previous Mate 9. Which is the best location for a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 8 is supposed to not even have a fingerprint scanner! Only a face scanner. Which is sad when many enjoy that scanner.

Mate 10 is rumored to cost around $1,000. Which is sad. It seems most phone companies these days just keep raising the prices year after year. Because they see people keep buying super expensive phones.

My favorite thing with the Mate 10 will for sure be the bezel-less design. I might even go back to Huawei and use the Mate 10 as my main phone. I switched to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 when it came out. But I have been disappointed with this device. The S8’s back is glass and sensitive if you damage it. If the back get’s damaged then you have to replace the full back!

I want Samsung to go back to what they do best. Removable plastic backs and S-Pen phones. I am looking forward to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because the S-Pen make that Note series truly stand out. Nobody can compete against Samsung in that area. But I’m sad the Note 8 will have a glass back too. And it will be heavier phone as well. And I’m sad iPhone 8 won’t have a fingerprint reader. So I think maybe Huawei Mate 10 will be my next main phone.

LG also did a great job with the G6. And they have an upcoming LG V30 coming out soon. Which looks amazing. I think that phone will be able to compete against the Mate 10. I think the Mate 9 had an amazing design. It felt manly. With no glass back but full premium aluminum body. And super fast fingerprint reader. It doesn’t have dust or water resistance which is a little bad but for most it won’t be a major problem.

It does look like the new Mate phone will be using a more flat camera that doesn’t stand out from main phone. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu have also claimed Mate 10 will be more powerful than the iPhone 8. He probably meant in processor speed. Which is awesome. But then again Apple usually optimises their App Store apps to run in perfection on the latest iPhone so don’t think Apple users will complain.

Mid-October 2017 is when we think the Mate 10 will be released. So it will be one of the last high end phones coming out of 2017. Other phones we are expecting to come out soon are the Google Pixel 2. I never picked up the first one because the price was ridiculous around €1,000 euro in Europe. And that was months after release! For some reason these Pixel phones seems to have a struggle to be released fast on a mass-scale. The demand for them was super high.

But it only seems like Apple and Samsung are the ones who can release their new high end phones fast on the market. The Google Pixel 2 is rumored to feature an Active Edge squeezable body. HTC will produce the next Pixel phone with this feature that probably will be similar to the Edge sense tech inside the HTC U11.

I don’t think the Pixel 2 will be able to compete against the Mate 10. Because it will still have same bezel size as last years model according to rumors. Which makes it look outdated 2017. LG is rumored to build the larger XL phone variant. Which sounds a bit confusing.

The main phones I’m looking forward to the most here end of 2017 is: Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, Mate 10, LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ1.

Here I have a helpful article comparing the new iPhone 8 rumored specs vs. Galaxy S8!

What is your favorite phone you are looking forward too?

Thanks for reading!

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