Bakeey N700 New Wireless Charger!

Bakeey N700 is a Qi Wireless charger that you will be able to use with high-end Android and Apple phones. The new iPhone X has a wireless charger support. As well as Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 8!

This Fast Charge gadget comes with a portrait stand mode. It comes in two colour editions Black or Silver. You can charge horizontal or vertical. Totally up to you. You get an LED indicator and smart-off charging.

The plug Bakeey N700 is using is Micro USB. Which is not a reversible cable. Wish it used the Type-C cable instead. The weight is very low just 97 grams. Which is less than most new smartphones. It comes with 1 USB port.

In the technical aspect the power it comes with in total is 10W! The input is 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A. The ouput is 9V/1.1A and 5V/1A.

This is a great charger to have on your desktop. It’s especially good if you use both iPhone X and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Because then you don’t need to use two cables but could just use this desktop stand. I wish you could charge two phones at the same time but it would probably be too slow.

Wireless charging is still probably too slow for most people to wanna use it. Usually it takes double the time to charge. Then it’s usually more worth it to just connect the phone with a wire. But in the future we will probably see less wires being used. Just as most people these days use wireless internet on their phone because 4G speeds are so fast.

And with technology always improving I believe in the future we will worry less about charging our phones because it will go faster than what it does as of this moment. Do you like this Bakeey N700 charger or do you feel it’s missing something?

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Technology is Speeding up Life! Ideas How To Deal With It!

Technology has speeded up our life in terms of how much easier it is to make a living. The good thing about this is that we don’t have to speed ourself up. We let technology do all the fast things in life at the same time we slow down our own life outside of technology. When you slow yourself down you don’t do stuff out of reaction. But you do things because you wanna do them and you are aware of it at the same time. You are not running on autopilot.

Walk 3 times slower. Do things 3x slower. Even though you do things slower you actually do them faster because you actually do what the situation demands. You can’t compete with the speed of technology so why even try. You dive into acceptance when you do slower. You feel more capable. And you feel joy in what you are doing. Outsource your speed needs to computers. Now you get the best of the two sides and you become mega powerful.

Time fades away when you do things the slower way. So it doesn’t really matter what you do. Look at what’s needed to be done with a distance from your body and mind. And you see and do it without label the current experience. Joy is being created inside of your body you have full control over that. Can you feel joy for something you do super fast? It becomes harder. But slowing down and you can truly feel the joyful experience of being alive

I’m looking for a way in life when I can walk around in the world and do all my work with just my mind. So that my work get read from my thoughts and shipped away to a website automatic. Right now the closest I get is software that listens to my voice and turns it into text automatically.

But eventually I want to have a mind reader. Or a way to scan my fingers to be able to write anywhere and ship it away into the universe without no touch on the phone. Be able to do it all digital without any large device. I’m curious how much of a robot you can become. And what this means in terms of evolution. And what it will mean to be a human

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UMI Z New Smartphone!

UMI Z is a new phone that looks like a budget friendly Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It even comes with the white front and cute camera cutout on the back. Let’s dive deeper into the specs and features.

Main specs: 5.5 inch Display, Dual 3D Edge, 4GB of RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, MediaTek Helio X27 Chipset, Deca-core processor clocked at 2.6GHz, 4G Connectivity, TF card support up to 256GB, 1080p screen resolution, 13.0MP front facing camera, 13.0MP rear camera, 3780mAh battery 4.35V and Type-C USB connectivity!

I really love how slim UMI Z is just 8.2mm in thickness and 175 grams in weight. The weight will give it a bit of heavy feel to make it feel more premium. Just as we got with the iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones.

In terms of HiFi we get NXP/TFA9890 audio chipset. This phone also comes with support for OTG if you want to connect other devices to the mobile. Things like mice and keyboard or other portable storage devices. You get a fingerprint sensor at the front with Front Touch ID 2.1. The Bluetooth version is 4.1, I wished it had 4.2 or 5.0. But it’s a low priced phone.

The specs on the back camera are: S5K3L8 camera, 5-element lens, PDAF auto-focus, Laser auto-focus, Quad-LED flash and 1080p, 2K and 4K video recording! The camera at the front comes with selfie softlight when you want to create awesome selfies.

In terms of charging UMI Z you can quick charge the device to 100 percent in 100 minutes. 30 minutes of charge is good for 1 day usage. This is a phone that has support for the fast 4G speeds. Up to 300Mbps. You can insert dual SIM cards in this smartphone. Good for the one who travels.

In GPU graphics performance you get the amazing Mali-T880 MP4 variant clocked at 875MHz. This will create a fantastic gaming experience for you.

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Xiaomi Redmi 5 New Smartphone Leaked!

Xiaomi which is one of my favourite phone brands their new Xiaomi Redmi 5 has leaked in press renders. Their latest device before that Redmi 4 was a massive success.

This phone will come with 18:9 aspect ratio and a high resolution of 1440×720. It’s a large 5.7 Inch display which will be too large for many out there. I really wish more companies tried to do more compact devices. It will be running on Snapdragon 625 chipset and with 4GB of RAM and 64GB Internal storage.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Render

In cameras you get installed we first have 12MP rear camera and then a 5MP front facing camera for beauty selfies. One annoying thing is how it’s not running with USB Type-C port. Still old microUSB which can be an annoyance when there is two cables you need to keep track of if you are an Android user.

It comes with a battery that has 3300mAh. Similar to what we seen in Galaxy Note 8! This will of course be a low-end device around 150 euro price range. It does look a bit more like a large iPhone 5. The Redmi 4 looked like a large iPhone 4. So it’s clear they are getting inspiration from Apple’s and Steve Jobs ideas of how the ideal phone should look.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X

I’m a little bit tired of these Gold coloured phones it’s starting to get a bit boring. Hopefully this phone will come in other editions too like Black and White.

It still seems like it will come with earphone jack but on the top side I would have prefer if they kept it on the bottom side. But you can’t get everything you desire in this world! This will be a bit more compact phone compared to Redmi Note 5. Xiaomi just like Samsung likes to release too many devices. But there is a quality aspect in quantity too.

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AEKU I9 Mini Card Phone with Big Buttons!

AEKU I9 is a mini card cell phone you probably never heard about! Many people have never heard about these tiny phones! They think feature phones are the smallest but no. The level below is mini card phones. Back in 2006 standard high-end phones was this size. But after Apple introduced the first generation iPhone everyone started to do bigger is better phones. Let’s have a look at the specs on this phone.

Main specs: 1.54 inch TFT display, 420mAh Battery, Long Standby, Ultra Thin, FM Radio, 6mm Thickness, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Bright Display, micro SIM, Long life Battery and 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

Back in the days like 2007 it used to be very popular with MP3 players. Even Apple had their best device back then which was called the iPod Classic. That was the Peak of Apple. It was their best device. Also Creative I bought their Zen Nano Plus MP3 player back then it was amazing.

This mini card phone you can use it as an MP3 player to listen to your favourite songs just as those old school MP3 players from 2007 and 2006! You can insert a large 8GB memory card to get all your music available!

It features very ergonomic design with large buttons to easy find them and use. The phone is only 90mm tall, 52mm width and as I already stated just 6mm thin! It’s using an MTK6261M processor. But you don’t get an operating system like Android installed.

The standby time on the battery in AEKU I9 is 4 days and talk time is 3.5-4 hours. The USB port is using a universal Micro 5-Pin USB. Support for multiple languages exists as well! The first thing that hit me when I bought my first mini card phone was how small they are! They truly are more cute than feature phones because they are usually super slim! Feels like a credit card in size.

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