Razer’s First Smartphone!

Razer has a new smartphone for gamers! It’s called the Razer phone. It has a few addons you can get along with the phone: Razer Hammerhead BT earphones, Razer phone rugged case or Razer phone word case. Let’s take a closer look at the specs on this device.

First it comes with a display that is in 120 Hz it’s called the UltraMotion screen. I have never heard about a smartphone with 120 Hz display so it seems like a big key selling point. In terms of Audio you get Dolby ATMOS and THX certified audio, great if you have a large collection of Spotify playlists.

Next up we have the Snapdragon 835 chipset inside which is the high-end Android flagship chipset phones use 2017. We get 8GB of RAM inside which means you will have no problems have multiple high-end games running at the same time. Or just running regular apps at the same time like browser, music app and game app.

You get a dual camera at 12MP, dual cameras was also the big trend for 2017 phones. Inside you have a 4000mAh battery not the highest mAh I seen in phones I seen phones with 7000mAh but it’s also not the smallest, Samsung usually has batteries around 3000mAh. This is great because it’s in between to create a nice slimmer phone design.

Storage inside is 64GB UFS and you can expand memory even more with a external microSD card up to 2TB! The display size is 5.7” and it’s an IGZO LCD with 1440×2560 screen resolution. Gorilla Glass 3 glass protection.

The dual 12MP rear camera the first has f/1.75 wide angle the second has f/2.6, you get dual PDAF and dual tone + dual LED flash. The front facing camera is 8MP with f/2.0.

The phone reminds me about a Sony Xperia design. It has large bezels both on bottom and top. I would prefer a more bezel-less design. The Razer logo can light up green at the back side.

It’s a pretty heavy phone 197 grams in weight with 8mm in thickness. The phone is suppose to be a gaming phone but I don’t really see the magical selling point here. Because most Android games doesn’t have amazing graphics there is not that many console or PC quality games to get on Android. If this phone had exclusive games access then it definitely would be a cool experience.

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Vkworld S8 New Epic Smartphone!

Vkworld S8 is a phone with a large display. This is a company that made a Nokia 3310 2017 copycat. This phone has a clean design that reminds me about Galaxy S8 but with a cool unique designed back camera. This phone has an all-screen display going fully to the top just as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Main specs: 5.99 Inch display, 5500mAh Battery, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, MTK6750T Chipset, Octa-core processor and 4G Connectivity!

First thing that shocks me with this Vkworld S8 is the huge 5500mAh battery! Something that is rare to see in a low-end smartphone. This phone comes with 9V/2A so you can charge it fast.

The screen is from LG and has 18:9 aspect ratio and 2160×1080 display resolution. The bezel is only 1.3mm thin. And screen ratio is 91%!

The cameras you get inside on rear is a SONY 16MP + 5MP dual camera. The front facing camera is 13MP. Both the RAM and ROM is from Samsung.

Other cool things to know is that it has a titanium frame, AAC speaker, high-end microphone, gorilla glass 4 screen protection and latest USB Type-C port!

The battery can last for 15 days in standby, 30 hours talk time, 48 hours light use and 20 hours in web browsing. You can charge the device for 5 minutes to get 2 hours in phone call! 110 min for full charge.

The glass back is tempered to make it harder and it comes with a metal plate inside for better durability. I don’t like how fingerprint sensor is next to camera on rear side. This caused lots of issues with Samsung Galaxy S8 sensor. They should have done the Huawei Mate 9 design.

A great thing is that Vkworld S8 comes with Dual SIM support and TF card expansion option up to 128GB!

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HOMTOM S16 Low-end Smartphone!

HOMTOM S16 is a new low-end smartphone. It comes with a large display but more humble specs. Which is understandable at this price-range. This is feature phone price. But with Android installed!

Main specs: 5.5 Inch display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, MTK6580 Chipset, Quad-core processor and 4G Connection.

You get white, black and blue colours. It reminds me a little about Galaxy J5 from 2015 on the side. But it has dual camera on the back.

The screen on HOMTOM S16 has aspect ratio of 18:9 and it’s very big for it’s price range. It has plastic on the back side in a dotted pattern to make it a bit more interesting. So no premium metal here plastic is usually better if you are a clumsy person that often drops your phone.

The dual camera is 13MP + 2MP sensor. You get HDR and auto-focus installed. The 8MP front facing camera has beauty effect.

The display on front side on HOMTOM S16 is a SHARP variant with 640×1280 resolution. You get the speaker on lower back side.

Another thing that you get is the HOMTOM logo at the back in a nice look. On front side of the phone it seems like you get 3 capacitive touch buttons: Home, Back and Menu. The display doesn’t cover the full front or full edge so I wouldn’t call it an all-screen phone or bezel-less design phone.

But for the price I don’t think most people worry about that. Samsung this year has raised the prices on their A5 and J5 series and made them more premium. So maybe HOMTOM can step in here and take some costumers away from Samsung. Especially at this awesome low price below 100 dollar. Samsung has made it clear with Galaxy Note 8 that they truly want to become a brand that mainly focus on the high-end side.

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Ulcool V2T Mini Card Phone!

Ulcool V2T is a tiny mini card phone! Probably the slimmest I ever seen when it comes to width of a phone! Let’s take a look at this cute phone what it offers you.

Main specs: 2.0” Display, 700mAh Battery, Metal Body, Bluetooth Dialer Remote Control, FM Radio, MP3 Player and Dual SIM option.

I highly love how it has a premium metal body! It comes in three cool colours: Black, Gold and Blue! I love the blue variant the most! Usually you don’t see people walking around with blue phones. Kind of reminds about the Facebook logo!

You can control the TV or air conditioner with Ulcool V2T with the IR emission! You get anti-lost functionality so it will sound the alarm system if it gets too far away from your smartphone! This is great if you live in shady neighbourhoods.

Over Bluetooth you could sync important data like: Phone book, Call Records and SMS! This phone comes with super low radiation! You also get dual SIM functionality! Perfect if you are travelling to a foreign country!

Another thing I highly love is the ultra slimness of just 6.5mm! That is really crazy thin! Smartphones are usually way thicker than this! The edge on this phone comes with double-sided 2.5D perfect curve! I really love how this phone fits into your wallet. Perfect sleek smartphone!

You can use earphones with the 5pin port! But you need the right connector to sync it up! If you like walking around a lot then you can track that with the built in pedometer! The phone has a standard weight for mini card phones only 68 grams!

Some other basic apps built in are: Bluetooth 2.0, Calculator, Calendar, Recorder, Alarm, Game, QQ, Wechat, MP3 + MP4 support! Do you like the device or is it missing something?

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JEASUNG X6 Waterproof Mobile!

JEASUNG X6 is a waterproof phone that looks a bit old school with it’s large antenna design. Sort of looks like an 80s or 90s device. But you can clearly see it has some very nice durable protection built in! Let’s go over the features.

Main specs: 2.4 Inch display, IP68 Certification, 2500mAh Battery, UHF Walkie Talkie, Torch, Bluetooth, Dual SIM and Rugged build.


I highly love the massive battery you get inside this cheap device! It will truly last a long time because this phone doesn’t come with a heavy battery draining operating system like Android. This is more for someone who wants something basic and simple.

The first cool thing is that it has military quality and superior resistance and anti-pressure ability. They even tried to drive over the phone with a car and it survived! If you would do this with an iPhone 8 then the glass would break in a second. And maybe even the whole phone. The taller antenna will be perfect because it has floor penetration so great for tall buildings or when you need to make sure you have a good reception.

The processor inside is a variant from MTK, the phone even comes with a 0.3MP camera, 64MB Internal storage, 128MB of RAM and TF card support up to 8GB!

I find the walkie talkie thing super cool. It has frequency of 400-470MHz 3-5KM in open area! Wild stuff! It can also work as a power bank to charge other devices. You get a built in GPS and SOS functionality! And Bluetooth 3.0.

It’s a very heavy phone! 345 grams! Never heard of a phone this huge in size! It’s very thick as well 23.3mm! This clearly won’t be super portable phone because heavy weight but it surely will be a manly phone!

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