This is a Massive Zoom Tool For Your Smartphone!

Have you ever wanted to watch at birds more closeup with your smartphone? You can now do that with this wild 30X25 camera lens from DongChaQiuHao brand! Let’s have a look at what is inside it.

The specs: No vignetting, High-definition, Telescope eyepiece, Rotary goggles, Anti-slip protection, Belt buckle, Focus wheel and Telescope objective lens. FC coating lens will give you more clear view compared to a normal lens.

30X25 telescope lens is best used for tour, bird watching, scenery, portrait, hunting and watching a cool sky. With this lens you may see things that are 1500m away! It will make you be able to observe the world in another way.

All these things that are close to you on a daily basis but you need a zoom lens to be able to see them. This will allow you to see everything around you! Be aware to not use this lens to look at the sun that is not good for your human eyes! Something that’s good to know is that it’s life waterproof!

Which makes me curious if you would be able to use it under water with a waterproof phone hmm..

The main things you get inside the package includes: 30X25 Lens Telescope, Pouch, Strap Buckle, Lens Cover, Manual and Universal Holder/Clip.

It’s pretty large for it’s size but it’s nice how it has a texture that will give you a nice comfy grip! It’s in one colour: Black.

People have said that the 30X25 view is good but that it’s not stabilised so you need a tripod to get stable images or video footage. The footage isn’t perfect if you look super up close but for the price you pay it’s amazing zoom in functionality! What do you think about this lens?

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X8G Is a New Rock Climbing Ready Smartphone!

X8G is a rugged Android smartphone. Two other more expensive rugged phones I have been writing about on my website has been about JESY J9S and Blackview BV8000. Check out those two blog posts if interested! Today we will take a look at a more affordable variant called the X8G. Not sure what brand it comes from but let’s go!

The main specs are: IP68 certification, 4.7″ 1280×720 resolution display, MTK6735 Quad-core 1.04GHz 4000mAh battery, Mali-T720, 8.0MP rear camera, 5.0MP front camera, TF card support up to 128GB, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, NFC, OTG, GPS, Dual SIM card, 4G and Waterproof!

The first thing you could see with X8G is how they have cut down on display size, RAM and memory to make the phone more affordable. But they didn’t cut out on battery so you get a massive 4000mAh battery inside!

You can see it comes in Black and Yellow colour. Also seems some green is on it on some variants. The yellow colour makes it look like a workers phone.

Some other things about the phone is: 18.5mm thickness (For rugged protection that’s why so fat), Super signal (perfect for the woods), Long standby, Fearless of outdoor, Voice broadcast, Big font big button, Quick start button and Mobile QQ.

You can throw the mobile casually because it has strong shockproof function! I throw most of my phones around.

The buttons around the phone are Power, PTT, Volume+/-, Headphone, USB and Reset. I assume the cameras aren’t that impressive because no mention of specific specs on them.

But I think most people buy X8G mainly for durability and large battery. The Mali GPU I’m sure will be able to handle some great games. But the processor feel a bit low clocked. Hopefully it can perform great in games.

Talk time is up to 15 hours and standby is 240 hours. It has a weight of 260 grams which is pretty heavy. But I have seen heavier rugged phones. At least this phone is a great alternative to a phone which is less durable at the same price.

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Anica T8 Is a New Mini Card Phone! Looks like a mini iPhone X!

Anica has produced some super cool mini card phones in the past! I unboxed their Anica A9+. Now they have created a new version which almost looks like a mini iPhone X. This is my favourite version from Anica so far. It’s called the Anica T8!

The specs are: MTK6261M at 104MHz, External Micro SD/TF card up to 32GB, 1.54″ OLDE 240×320 pixel display, FM support, 5pin earphone port, Micro USB data transfer port, Bluetooth, 400mAh battery, 120 hours standby, charge time 2 hours and 85 grams weight.

Something worth saying about Anica T8 is that the charge time is very long for a small battery in this card phone. I wish it had USB Type-C.

It comes in 5 colours: Blue, Gold, Red, Black and Green. Very shiny classy premium design. Very compact in size. 4.6mm thin, 113mm tall and 48mm wide. You can use the card phone as a remote control to other gadgets.

It has built in functions as Bluetooth dial-up, smart anti-lost, QQ, WeChat, Music, Radio, Message App, Dialer, File Explorer Settings, Music App and more. The edge is 2.5D curved with 9H hardness.

This is the third generation of a very popular mini card phone so they have learned and made improvemets. Just as when Apple releases a new smartphone every year. You have a nice golden ring around the only button in the bottom front.

It would be a nice feature to see games be available in these tiny phones but for the moment it’s not available. I like how you get both screen protector and earphones when you buy this tiny phone.

You have 5 default languages in Anica T8 : English, Italian, Spanish, Persian and Hindi available. This is definitely a gadget that will impress your friends when they see how tiny and useful it can be. It also comes in at a very can’t complain price. Maybe I will buy this model to see if they have made any major differences since the A9+.

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UMIDIGI S2 Is A Cool Full-Screen Smartphone!

This year we have been seeing a lot of new phones be introduced that has featured a more bezel-less design. This phone also comes with a beautiful front screen! It’s called the UMIDIGI S2!

It’s specs are: 6.0 Inch 720×1440 pixel display, 5100mAh battery, 64GB internal storage, 13MP + 5MP dual rear camera, 5MP front facing camera, Helio P20 Octa Core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, Type-C, Dual SIM standby, Android 6.0, TF card support up to 256GB, 4GB of RAM and coming in Red/Black colour!

UMIDIGI S2 it’s screen got 90% screen-to-body, it does have some bezels on top and bottom side but not much. What you will notice is impressive here is the massive 5100mAh battery! New high end phones many doesn’t even have 3500mAh batteries.

It also feature a premium material design, full metal unibody, curved design and a discreet antenna that 20% enhance phone signal.

It comes in around same size as the iPhone 7 but with a larger display! The metal-to-body ratio is even more impressive 98%! It’s 8.8mm in thickness not the slimmest but again I take it for a massive 5000+ mAh battery!

UMIDIGI S2 does remind me about the Galaxy S8 design. But S8 doesn’t have a dual rear cameras, this phone also comes with a better location on the fingerprint sensor which is located below the camera. But again S8 makes up for that with a face scanner that works amazing! But this phone is much more affordable!

Something I find annoying with this smartphone is how it has removed the headphone jack. Now you will have to use a 3.5mm adapter and use the USB Type C port. That should mean you can’t listen to music and charge at the same time. Unless you have bluetooth headphones.

The red edition does look very impressive. Looks like MKBHD have designed it! The cable for that red edition also seems to be red. But not the adapter for music. What do you think of this phone?

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Xiaomi Mi A1 New Dual Camera Phone!

Xiaomi has a new cool phone that’s out. It’s called the Xiaomi Mi A1. Xiaomi which is one of the top phone brands these days are doing a good job at copying Apple’s design!

This phone comes with a Dual Rear Camera with 2x optical zoom, 5.5″ Display with 2.5D curved glass and Gorilla Glass protection, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, Snapdragon 625 Chipset with Octa-core processor, 3080mAh battery, Type-C charging, Fingerprint sensor, Full metal body, IR Blaster, 3.5mm jack (As you may know more phones are removing the headphone jack!), Dirac HD sound and 4G connectivity!

The camera in Mi A1 more in depth is 12MP + 12MP wide-angle + telephoto, good for perfect portrait images. It’s 7.3mm thin, fingerprint resistant (Something that we never seen before!).

The phone is powered by Google with Android One. You get unlimited high-quality storage on Google Photos. The phone comes in a few colours: Black, Gold and Pink.

It’s very clear that Xiaomi copied the iPhone in it’s design. It looks like a huge copycat! It’s running on Android of course but it’s still pretty funny.

This seems to be an overall stable device. It will all come down to if people feel it’s worthy to buy. Xiaomi has so many devices out these days that it can be a bit confusing for a new consumer. They really want to be the new Samsung!

But I really believe this phone will be a major hit. It comes in a nice price-range. The most high-end phones Galaxy Note 8 and OLED iPhone X are just too expensive for the average consumer. Even Samsung’s Galaxy A5 and A3 2017 cost at least 300 euro as a starting price.

This one is cheaper and yes it doesn’t have water resistant but who really needs that? Sometimes it may rain outside but it usually doesn’t affect your mobile in your pocket that much. What do you think of the Mi A1?

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