Sony Xperia 10 New Smartphone Concept!

Sony Xperia 10 is a new smartphone concept that comes with a super cool design! This was a concept that I discovered on It’s made by PHconcept!

This concept comes with an all-screen display. The display is massive and it looks like it’s above 6.5″ in display size. It’s imagined with a 4K pixel screen. It comes with a dual camera on the rear side. This phone seem super slim so the battery will probably not be that huge. But maybe it’s imagined with some new battery tech that charge faster and has higher capacity. It looks like it comes with an all aluminium unibody. The screen on front doesn’t have any room for front facing camera or Face ID scanner.

I would love to see the specs of 256GB internal storage, 8GB of RAM, Snapdragon 845 chipset and 5000mAh battery. Bluetooth 5.0 on board for wireless audio with the new codecs.

Hopefully the dual camera can be at least 20.0MP + 20.0MP lens. I would love to see a fingerprint sensor on the back. But I would like the box to be a square and not a round circle. Square design fits more this phone. It does look like this phone would be hard to hold in hand!

This phone I really think it could be around 7mm in thickness. To be able to compete against the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8. Would also be nice if it feature an addon Sony Pen stylus to use the phone as a mini computer. I would like to see the alternative to be able to dual boot Windows 10 next to Android. And also better support for when I want to use two apps at the same time.

An IP68 certification would be great too for water resistance. So it can become more durable. Because this would probably be a premium phone for around 1000 euro. Good internal speakers would be needed for when I watch movies on the 4K screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. In charging it should support latest Quick Charge 4+.

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Cubot H3 New Smartphone!

Cubot H3 is a cool new smartphone that reminds me about Xiaomi Redmi 4. But this phone comes with a truly massive battery! It’s getting very popular that you can get an Android phone with a massive battery for a low-end phone price. Which is truly awesome for the consumers. The competitive market is getting better. Thanks to China. Let’s dig deep into the specs here.

Main specs: 5.0 inch Display with 1280×720 pixels screen, MTK6737 Chipset clocked at 1.3GHz, Android 7.0 Nougat, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, 5.0MP Front facing camera, 13.0MP + 0.3MP Rear camera and 4G smartphone!

The best thing to know is how this phone supports 4G. 3G speeds are way to slow to browse the internet with or download apps on. You can expand the storage with an external memory card up to 128GB!

But my favourite spec in this phone is the huge 6000mAh battery! This is almost twice the mAh of what you would get in 1000 euro Galaxy Note 8. This will last an extremely long time. This phone has 3 capacitive touch buttons on the front.

The battery in more detail will last for 46 hours on call, 48 hours of song listening, 10 hours of watching videos and 365 hours on standby.

On the back center side you get a fingerprint sensor for easy way to unlock the phone. You have an OTG function to be able to connect tons of other gadgets to your smartphone like USB disk, mice and keyboard. It also features a high quality AAC speaker.

With latest Android 7.0 Nougat you get a very pure experience on board. Without any of the annoying bloatware you may find on other phones.

This phone comes in Black edition and a Brown edition. It’s also very cool how you can remove the back cover! Something that is rare in modern phones.

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Vernee X New Smartphone!

Vernee X is a brand new smartphone that comes with a massive all-screen display at the front side. It truly has a mega slim premium sleek design! Looks way better than Galaxy A3 2017. It’s a good competitor to the new glossy black Nokia 7!

Main specs: 5.99 inch Display, 2160×1080 pixels screen, MTK6763 Chipset, Octa-core clocked at 2.0GHz, Android 7.1 Nougat, 6GB of RAM, 128GB Internal storage, 13.0MP + 5.0MP Dual front camera, 16.0MP + 5.0MP Dual rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4G!

What I’m first impressed with Vernee X is how it features four cameras in total. Two on front and two on back. Perfect for dual lovers. The thing I don’t like is how it only comes with Bluetooth 4.0. I would have prefer to see it come with 5.0.

But the main thing most will love is the design of the phone. That truly beats the majority of other boring phones. The display is more bezel-less than what you get on LG G6. There is a risk I see with this device that the fingerprint rear sensor is a bit too close to the camera sensor. They should have created a bit more distance between the two.

It doesn’t come with any capacitive touch buttons on the front. They are going more with an all display design. Something we start to see on more smartphones. 6.0 inch screens are starting to become normal size. A few years ago people was thinking 5.0 inch was large.

Vernee X also comes with cool features as Face ID. Something we saw on iPhone X and on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. It’s clearly is the most comfortable way to unlock a device. The battery is truly wild inside this phone massive 6200mAh! The 3D curved design on the back give some crazy style to this phone.

I said the chipset up above but it may also feature the Helio P23 chipset instead. It does list both Helio and MTK so it’s a little confusing. At least it’s an octa-core variant.

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Xiaomi Redmi Y1 New Smartphone!

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 is a well designed phone from Xiaomi. Earlier I have talked about the lower end edition that is called Redmi Y1 Lite. That has a little more humble specs.

Main specs: 5.5 inch Display, Snapdragon 435 Chipset, Octa-core processor, Adreno 505 GPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, 128GB Card extend support, MIUI skin on top of Android, Dual SIM Card Dual Standby, 16.0MP Front camera, 13.0MP Back camera and 3080mAh Battery!

You can see with Xiaomi Redmi Y1 that Xiaomi keeps working on their idea of doing a higher megapixel sensor on the front for selfies. I feel that Xiaomi has learned that people use the selfie camera more than the rear camera. Especially in the times of Snapchat and Instagram!

This is a very slim gadget only 7.7mm in thickness and with low 153 grams of weight. It does come with a fingerprint sensor too. A sad thing is how it comes with old Micro USB technology. It’s a bit strange considering the price of this phone. Using microUSB in 2018 might be a little bit boring and outdated. It also doesn’t have new Bluetooth 5.0 but version 4.2.

The specs you get on front facing camera is: F/2.0 aperture, selfie-light, front flash light and 76.4 wide angle lens! The wide angle will be great for group selfies. The specs you get on rear camera are: PDAF, Flash light, F/2.2 aperture and 1080p video recording at 30fps!

I do enjoy how Xiaomi Redmi Y1 has 3.5mm jack for audio. A must have for wired cable lovers! The display has standard resolution of 1280×720. That it’s not higher is great because this might actually save you some battery. And most can’t tell a difference between 1080p and 720p display. So better to save battery life. This is a 4G phone so you will get the latest super speeds. We may see 5G in 2020 in smartphones! This phone comes in Gold and Gray colour edition!

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Oppo F5 Youth New Smartphone!

Oppo F5 Youth new mobile comes with a large display on the front that produce an effect of super small bezels. Including tiny bezels at top and bottom side. Let’s dig deeper.

Main specs: 6.0″ Display, 1080×2160 pixels, 13MP camera with 1080p Video support, 3GB of RAM, MT6763T Helio P23 Chipset, 3200mAh battery, Dual SIM, 152 grams in weight, Front glass + Aluminium body, Android 7.1 Nougat, 32GB Internal storage and 13MP Primary camera!

The thing I highly enjoy with this device is how it features a 16MP front facing camera. This is even higher than the rear variant. This is great for the youth that likes to take lots of selfies. The specs on front camera is F/2.0 aperture and 2.0um in pixel size. The Rear camera has F/2.2 aperture, phase detection, autofocus and LED flash.

It only comes with microUSB 2.0 support which might be a bit boring compared to the newer phones that comes with latest Type-C support and faster charging. This phone packs Bluetooth 4.2 and it has A-GPS.

It comes in two colour editions Gold and Black. The price is a bit high around 280 euro but at least it’s below Galaxy A3 2017. I wish there was an option to remove the battery. But few new phones offer that these days. Not even the low end devices.

It has a fingerprint sensor located at the rear side. It also comes with 3.5mm earphone jack so can used wired audio phones. The octa-core processor is clocked at 2.5GHz and it’s using Cortex-A53. The GPU is amazing it’s the Mali-G71 MP2 which will perform magically in terms of Android gaming.

On top of Android Nougat you will get Oppo’s own UI that they call ColorOS 3.2. I like it’s rounded design and LTE speeds. I bet this device will sell amazing because of it’s sleek design!

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