KOOLNEE K1 Massive Smartphone!

KOOLNEE K1 is a new large cool phone with an all-screen display. It comes with a massive display. Perfect for people who want something huge with Android on-board.

Main specs: 6.01 Inch display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, MTK6750T Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 4G Connectivity, Blue/Gold/Black colours, Fingerprint Rear sensor, Glossy Back, SHARP 1080×2160 resolution screen, 4D Curved Display, Android 7.0 Nougat, 16MP + 2MP Dual Camera and 3190mAh Battery!

As you can see KOOLNEE K1 clearly comes packed with amazing specs for it’s price-range! I especially like the large built-in storage and beautiful design. For me it looks like an ASUS ZenFone 3 but with more Beauty!

It’s especially the borderless display that you love the most. It reminds me about Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! The curved back will make it extremely comfy to hold.

If you want then you also have the option to expand storage more with a TF card up to 128GB!

The rear camera is featuring a SONY dual lens and it has cool effects like DSLR Bokeh effect. You also get 4x Digital Zoom. The 8.0MP Front Camera comes with Face Beauty 7.0. This is perfect to create amazing selfies!

What’s good to know about KOOLNEE K1 is that it’s very heavy. It’s weight is 210 grams. I like the Blue coloured variant the most it seems like the most stable colour.

They really managed to create an amazing camera design on the rear. It really blends in well. And it won’t be confused with the fingerprint sensor as may happen with Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 had a poor design. On the back. This phone looks like it could be a good alternative instead of picking a Xiaomi device.

Do you like it or do you feel something is missing?

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Nomu T18 Durable Phone Perfect For Vacation!

Nomu T18 is a new phone that is shock proof! Let’s take a look at the specs that are packed inside!

Main specs: 4.7 Inch display, Water + Dust + Shock proof, IP68 Certification, 5200mAh Battery, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, MTK6737T Chipset, Processor clocked at 1.5GHz and 4G Connectivity!

The first amazing thing about Nomu T18 is the rugged build and large antenna. The massive battery will last a very long time. Not many phones comes with 5000mAh+ batteries! It only comes in one colour so that’s a little bit boring!

Another cool thing is that it comes with a fingerprint sensor, NFC technology for mobile payments, External Camera and Intercom Mic support.

The screen is having support for glove touching and the gorilla glass 3 will protect your phone against scratches!

Another cool thing is that it’s great for climbing mountains. It has: Barometric pressure, SOS, Longitude and Latitude and amazing Height support.

The processor is Cortex-A53 and takes 50% less power consumption. Android 7.0 Nougat is installed out of the box. This is a plastic phone that reminds us about the old Galaxy devices that usually came in plastic. These days Samsung is moving more to premium materials like glass and metal. But plastic is better for durability!

The camera inside is 2.0MP front camera and 8.0MP AF rear camera. You can record video at 25fps. You also get a earphone port. Bluetooth version is 4.0. This phone is very thick so it may not be for everyone. The thickness is 20.3mm!

I really admire it’s old school design with Nomu T18. It looks like an 80s phone or 90s phone with the antenna! I would buy this phone if I was going to the dessert or climbing mountains or going on a hike.

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DOOGEE MIX 2 Large Phone!

DOOGEE MIX 2 is a new massive smartphone with a mega display. DOOGEE has produced lots of amazing smartphones with a very low price. This one is a little more expensive but comes with amazing specs and features.

Quick Look: 5.99 Inch display, Facial Recognition, 6GB of RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, Helio P25 Chipset, Octa-core processor and 4G Support!

It comes in three colours: Blue, Gold and Black! The display more in depth is 18:9 in aspect ratio and bezel-less design. You get other cool things like: 130 degree wide angle camera, 8.0MP + 8.0MP camera, 16.0MP + 13.0MP camera, Quad cameras in total, Android 7.1 Nougat, USB Type-C and 4060mAh Battery!

The battery in DOOGEE MIX 2 is lower in mAh than what I have seen in the past from DOOGEE. Their BL5000 had 5000mAh battery and for a lower price. But it was also pretty thick and doesn’t have as good processor or camera as this one does. The display in this phone is nice too 1080×2160 screen resolution. It’s a slimmer phone in width compared to DOOGEE MIX.

The frame is in metal and you get gorilla glass screen protection with double sided glass on back and front. The 3D facial recognition is nice add-on I use it all the time on my Galaxy S8 and it works really well when you have great light.

Face Beauty 2.0 will allow you to take amazing selfies. The group selfie mode with the 130 degree angle mode is perfect if you want to take selfie on lots of humans at the same time. You can record in 1080p with this phone and it supports PDAF for speed-up focus. Other things you get are 2X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom.

The high clocked 2.5GHz processor in DOOGEE MIX 2 will perform amazing with games with the built in Mali-T880 GPU and if you want then you can also expand storage up to 256GB!

It’s not that heavy phone just 210 grams and 8.6mm thickness. I expected heavier for this device considering the large battery.

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Final Fantasy 3 Samsung Galaxy S8 Gameplay Review!

Audio Version:

Today I want to review the game Final Fantasy 3 by Square Enix. This game was one of the first I bought for my Nintendo DS Lite in 2007. And now they have made it into an Android game you can download from the Google Play Store!

This game starts off with you being a character falling down into a cave in fantasy world. You instantly get attacked by various monsters and learn you need to fight to gain experience and to survive.

This game has great music already from the beginning. In the first cave you both find chests and secret rocks. You tap on items to activate them. In one chest at the beginning it contained a longsword. Sometimes chest’s contains other things like potion that you can use to heal your character. You use a virtual joystick to move around the character with ease.

The battles against monsters will attack automatic inside the cave when you are walking around. In battle you have 3 options. Attack, Magic and Guard. You can also run away from the battle!

In the right bottom corner you see your health bar. The goblin monsters you will attack at the beginning of the game are fairly easy to win over. When you win you gain Gil & EXP. And sometimes your job level increase!

Up in the top right corner of the screen you have your main menu. In here you can see different menus: Item, Magic, Equipment, Status, Formation, Job, Config, Quicksave, Save. The amount of Gil you have. And your full party. Which can include 3 others so 4 in total. Your starting job is Freelancer and on Level 1. HP and MP you can also see. Which is for health and magic powers.

In the items page you can see how powerful each item is in various categories like Defence and Attack. You can go in and equip your player with new items you find. You can carry a tool in right hand and left hand for attack. For Defence you can have protection items on head, body and arms.

The status page is good when you wanna see how much EXP it takes to level up to the next level. Also it only seems to show when you will level up your player and that the job level it levels up kind of random.

Outside of Attack and Defence you have deeper modes as Magic Defence. And Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intellect and Mind that you can level up!

I like the graphics in this game. How they move the camera when it’s in battle time from a top view to a closer behind the player view. It makes the game feel modern even when it’s older. I also like how there is no in-app purchase options. You can also save the game to the cloud.

You will sometimes meet bosses which will be harder to defeat. One of the first bosses you will meet is a giant turtle. If you lose the game and no save then there is complete game over and you have to restart again.

It will take some time to level up in this game. And a lot of same training. But that’s what makes you appreciate it more. That you have to work hard for progress. And the cloud saving works great on Android.

Your goal in the game is to spread light in the world. The Crystal came to you and told you was the chosen one. And the elders from the city says you are the chosen one too. The Crystal doesn’t want the world to fully become just darkness. You have to seek out other light people to help you on your journey.

The challenges in this game reminds me about life’s real world challenges. With constant training in this game. It’s kind of like real life. Everyday there are new struggles and challenges we have to overcome. Quite inspiring to be honest.

Outside of the cave when you win against the turtle you are back up on land. Where you can find ton’s of worlds and people to explore. And cities with stores where you can buy various items for protection and attack. For example I noticed you can’t use a bow and longsword at the same time. But two longswords are fine.

In the forrest out in the world you will encounter a ton of new monsters. Each time your job level goes up your attacks seems to become stronger. What makes the game fun is sometimes you have to figure out stuff yourself. By hearing clues from the people you talk to. You slowly get guided into the right direction. Sometimes you miss something and have to go back and try to solve it. It’s fun.

You quickly gain the option to expand the party with 2 more people and you need to find a mysterious ring to heal a lot of people that has turned sick. You will be using a flying ship and go on travels in harder caves where you need to train with your party to level them up. Meeting harder monsters.

This is a highly fun game with amazing music and storymode. But it will take a lot of time and energy to really go deep in this and make progress. And the game can be frustrating if you want to do fast progress. Because level up will take a lot of effort inside this game.

Gameplay performance is great on Samsung Galaxy S8, just some minor slow downs but nothing too serious. There are a bunch of other Square Enix Final Fantasy game’s available in the Google Play store as well as the iTunes App store for iPhones and iPads. Many with high quality ratings.

The menus in the game are super easy to understand what they do. Many new games are very confusing in the game system. Not this. And it’s pretty easy to know sort of where you should go in the game. But it at the same time keeps up a nice story mode and gives you many surprises that draws you into the game and want to keep playing.

Here is a link again to the game in the Play Store.

And here is a link for iTunes App Store app.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,


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Earth HD Deluxe Edition Samsung Galaxy S8 Android App Review!

Audio Version:

Today I want to write a review on an Android app called Earth HD Deluxe Edition. It will display the earth on your Android phone! Either on the lock screen of the device or just as a wallpaper. Depending on what phone you have.

When you swipe across the Home screen or Up/Down the Earth will start to spin around and move.

Inside the settings you can tweak many things. For example you can change the camera mode to Linear, Orbit, Fixed or Free.

With Orbit it only goes to the side not Up and Down.

With Fixed the earth still spins but it doesn’t move around more when you swipe your fingers on the screen.

You can also rotate the camera and have it slowly rotate around the earth. And you can select the speed on that option. You can also position the earth at the center if you want or any other custom position. They have added some cool theme’s you can switch between. Classic, Realistic, Future, Post-apocalyptic and Frozen earth!

To be honest I loved the classic the most. And then the Frozen Earth. Post-apocalyptic looked depressing. Realistic is a bit warmer in colors but reminds about classic. But I enjoy the classic more for it’s lighter softer colors. The texture I wish it could be a little bit higher graphics when you have camera distance normal or closer. A “little further” mode looks great. But would be amazing if higher textures was available for the closeups. Maybe in a few years with the Samsung Galaxy S9!

You can also switch the earth’s rotation speed. I think that with slow speed here it looks more realistic and makes you calm and peaceful when looking at. Here is the most amazing part with this app! It allows you to focus on satellites and still have the beautiful earth in the background! So you have two options here. Either Satellite Space Station V or Space Station V-II.

Both are super beautiful but I like the first one the most. It is a little bit smaller! And has cool rings! You can also add a realistic earth position. That will line it up depending on the current date. And you also have the option to add the moon!

If you feel the need to save battery life then you can change the FPS speed of this live wallpaper. FPS limit options are: 5 FPS, 15 FPS, 30 FPS, 60 FPS and Maximum!

Overall I really love this app a great developer with tons of other amazing apps. I checked out their Solar System HD Deluxe Live Wallpaper. Which is a mind-blowing app as well. Especially if you want more planets and Starfields to see and choose from!

Let me know in the comment section down below if you want me to check out another cool app that you know about!

Other apps from same developer are Into the Void, Zombie City Defense, Deep Galaxies HD, Snow HD Deluxe. I’m sure that I am going to check out many of them in the future. Because of the quality put into the apps.

While using this app on Samsung Galaxy S8 you may want to disable Bixby that’s available on home screen if you scroll a lot to the left side. Because that can get annoying. To disable Bixby hold in on an empty area of your home screen and go to the left and in the corner you can turn off the Bixby page.

Something that also is super cool with this app is how the earth is 50% dark so very realistic when you spin it around. If you spin to the dark side then you will be able to see the sun from far away. With it’s amazing sunlight it looks very realistic.

You can also see on the dark side of the earth some places where there is still light going on. As you know with large cities they have lots of lamps so you can see it from space! How magical effect it creates!

If you have the earth enabled to move when you swipe up then it will move when you enter the app drawer on the S8 which has the shortcut of swiping up on the home screen. It’s interesting because even inside the app drawer if you swipe the earth will still move. If you swipe on the lock screen then it doesn’t seem to move.

With the Solar System live wallpaper app from same developer that app was using your gyroscope to move things around while moving the phone. This app does not have that gyroscope support.

How could this app be improved if we play with that idea? Well first I think in it’s themes I see ton’s of potential over there. With adding maybe 30 cool themes in various colors and effects it would be extremely interesting. Because people truly love special premium themes that nobody else is using. Also to be able to maybe have more satellites would be extremely interesting.

Maybe be able to see an Elon Musk Mars spaceship, That would be so epic! Or see astronauts in space working on a space platform! There are many ideas and things you can do here. But I also believe that the live wallpaper is a bit limited by Android OS in what you can do more in depth.

But I am impressed with the latest versions of Android it’s premium speed. When the first iPhone came out in 2007 it was truly amazing and Android was a joke. Android was still a joke 2010 but with dual-core processors by 2011 thing’s started to shift and Android became interesting.

And finally these days to be able to use live wallpapers like this is perfect! Something that Apple gadgets cannot use if they don’t jailbreak.

It becomes clear to me that in the future we will be able to do even more amazing customize options with our phones. To make them truly stand out. This is the power of Android.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,


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