Portable Gaming Console With 300 Games!

Have you ever wanted to own a portable gaming console that just looks like one of those old PlayStation units from 2007? Like the PSP3000. Well now you could get it for a very low price. With tons of built in games ready! It’s called the 4.3 inch Portable Game Player!

Main specs: 4.3 Inch Display, 2GB Internal storage, Expand memory up to 8GB, 480×272 pixel resolution screen, AV out support for NTSC/PAL, Built-in Battery, USB 2.0 Interface and 300 Built-in games!

The thing I find the most fascinating about this Portable Game Player is how they have managed to put in 300 games. This is totally amazing for the gamer addict. That you don’t have to buy new games is perfect. The quality of the games will probably be more basic than the games you got with a PSP. But still 300 will keep you entertained for a very long time. Perfect if you can’t afford a smartphone.

You also get other nice features as a camera, E-Book support and video support! You can listen to MP3 songs, have a calendar, look at jpg pictures and more! And gaming will be amazing because it has two joysticks for a perfect grip. It also comes in four colours Black, Red, Blue and White.

The battery will last for 5 hours of gaming, 6 hours of video watching and 12 hours of music playing. Great for when you are traveling.

I think most people will think you have a Sony device in your hand. But this is just a copycat of Sony’s handheld gaming products. I really feel sad that Sony isn’t producing cool gaming devices anymore. The PS VITA was really boring compared to PSP3000. And it had a real bad software interface. I hope we see new cool gaming devices in the future that could rival the smartphones. What do you think about this Portable Game Player? It’s smaller than most new phones that’s coming out these days!

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GPD XD Game Tablet Looks Like A Nintendo 3DS But Runs Android!

Ever wanted a gaming console that had the looks of a 3DS but was running Android for all the great Android games? Well that now exist! It’s called the GPD XD Game Tablet.

The specs of it are: 64GB Internal storage, 5-inch 1280×720 IPS display, RK3288 Quad-core 600MHz processor, 6000mAh battery, Touch screen + keys, Mali-T764 GPU, Android 4.4 KitKat, Wine red colour, 2GB of RAM and HDMI.

GPD XD also comes with some other cool things like buttons similar to PS4, working as a NDS emulator to play games smooth, other emulators being built-in. One of the favourite thing I like here is the massive 6000mAh battery. They really didn’t go cheap in that area!

The AnTuTu benchmark score it get’s are 47 thousand, support for 1800 heavy phone games. You can map various keys as well. And it’s nice how it’s both touch display and hardware buttons. All the cool glassic games from PSP, PS1, N64, GBA you can also play!

You can complain a little bit here that it’s only running Android 4.4 instead of Android 7.1.1 Nougat. But I don’t think it will be a major issue in most of the cases. You can also rotate the joystick around 500 million times so good nice long life span!

It has all the buttons you would need, D-Pad, L3, R3, Joystick 1, Joystick 2, ABXY buttons, Start, Speaker 1, Return Key, Speaker 2, Indicator light, Select, Volume Minus, Volume Plus, Function, Mic, Button-mapping function, Vent, Home, L1, L2, Earphone, HDMI, USB, TF-CARD, R2 and R1!

Really is there any more buttons you could possible need? HDMI port perfect to hook it up to TV and play multiplayer games with friends or family!

GPD XD  seems like an extremely well made product. Nice if you want one game console that can truly do all you want! It’s not super cheap but again it can handle thousands of games for you.

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