Geekcreit UNO R3 ATmega328P Development Board For Arduino!

Ever wanted to build something cool and be creative? Building a mini computer with custom software? Well with this UNO R3 development board for Arduino you can so some pretty cool stuff!

What is Arduino? It’s an open-source electronics platform that works to build cool stuff with easy-to-use hardware and software. They have their own software you can download and start writing code in their programming language! And with cool Arduino boards you can do very creative stuff.

UNO R3 can use sensors like LED lights, buzzers, buttons and more. It comes with a high-speed microprocessor controller ATMEGA328, development interface and interface easy to understand and good for beginners that is just starting out experimenting with new technology and software.

Seems like on comments that I saw for it that it was no problems linking it to Windows 10 but for Windows 7 you would need a driver fix. And that the red built-in diode can be annoying. Linux should also be no problems to install. Which is good to know.

Some amazing things people have done with arduino is a self balancing robot, a robot that can paint, OLED smart watch, spider robot walking on the floor, a quadcopter that reminds about drones, a gesture controlled robotic arm, Rubik’s cube solver, 3D printer and ball and plate PID control. As you can see this is a very advanced software and hardware that could be used to build powerful stuff.

A lot of it comes down to creativity. Most of programming languages features many same features and ideas just done in a slightly different way. With AI and Robotics on the rise in the world this is a good thing to invest in. The original Arduino board is a bit more expensive. UNO R3 is more affordable and it comes with good reviews. I’m thinking about getting it myself just to experiment around!

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Game Programming in Unity! How To Make Cool Clicker Game!

I want to show people that it’s really not that hard to do game programming. But it takes Focus and dedication. In this tutorial that will be split up in many parts I want to show how you can create a clicker game. This is a 2D based game. We will be creating it in the game engine called Unity. Which allows you to create games for multiple platforms at the same time!

*Create a New Project

*Create a Canvas

*Main camera change background colour gray

*Canvas > UI > Button

*Create new Folder and Create C# Script Inside Folder

*Go to Button Add Component Click Script bind it to Button

*Add this code inside the C# script:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Click : MonoBehaviour {

public UnityEngine.UI.Text goldDisplay;
public int gold = 0;
public int goldPerClick = 1;

void Update() {
goldDisplay.text = "Gold: " + gold;

public void Clicked() {
gold += goldPerClick;

What this code is doing the first part is including some default functions in Unity. Next we have our main class that we will work inside. Then we create a UI Text called goldDisplay that will be updated. We also need to store out gold and we do it inside an integer and start from 0.

Then we need to have an integer that shows how much gold should increase per click. Next we have an update function that will run to change the text element we created. First we will have some standard text but then we will include the integer for our gold. This one will always be updated.

Next we need to create a function that get’s run when we click the button. We call this function Clicked(). Inside it we just tell to update the current gold with our goldPerClick integer. Easy as that!

*In click script add the GoldDisplay to the new text element created

*On Click under runtime add Click and also add it under function to be run

*Try play in Unity and click the button now it should be updated everytime you click!

This is how it should look like:

Clicker Part 1 by phoneinf

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