How To Become Real Wise!

Identify with your ignorance. Because it’s boundless. If you identify with your knowledge you think you know stuff. And you become limited. You need to understand the depth of your ignorance and how little you know. You don’t know a single atom in the universe. Intellect is not intelligence.

Keep your intellect but use it for it’s limited area. It’s good for survival. It’s good for entertainment. But it cannot take you into real intelligence. By identify with your ignorance it will open up the door to know. In evolution the intellect is a new thing. So we haven’t fully developed ourself how to deal with it.

Many start to cripple themselves with chemical solutions because they go crazy by their intellect. They get pimped by their own intellect. Don’t get pimped by your intellect. In our western education they overhype the intellect as a magical tool. It’s not. It’s useful in certain situations when you need to dissect something. But you cant understand the world with the intellect.

The intellect always tries to grasp for knowledge. Trying to take small bits and pieces. Real intelligence comes from enhance your perception. Look at things a look time by being an intense life form. You are the most advanced life form we know so we need to look with intense eyes on what did you do the last 10 minutes, 1 hours, 7 days…. That’s when real intelligence starts to kick in.

The universe does yield when you start looking into areas. I saw this wise man that said you can tweak the whole universe with your ring finger. Now that is fascinating stuff. Or how certain sounds can bring you into a specific energy field where it feels like your brain is in tune with another dimension, you can go real deep in true intelligence

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