Titan V New Wild Graphics Card From NVIDIA!

NVIDIA is releasing a brand new super high-end graphics card. The price will blow your mind. It will cost 3000 dollars! It’s being called the Titan V.

This card is not meant for regular consumers. But professionals that really need a strong card when they are doing business work. Work such as Deep learning, 3D rendering and Artificial Intelligence. AI is something that is growing more and will only get larger. We have started to see AI learning more advanced games and even be able to beat the most advanced players in a niche.

This card is built on the new Volta architecture and it’s having a 12nm process that is more advanced than the earlier system they used.

The GPU inside is being called GV100. The specs on it are: 21.1B transistors, 5120 CUDA cores, 640 Tensor cores, 1200MHz core clock and 1455MHz boost clock.

In memory we are getting: 12GB HBM2 memory clocked at 850MHz, 1.7Gbps memory speed and 653GB/s memory bandwidth!

Should be good to say that for regular gamers this card is a bit over the top and will probably not make that much of a difference in standard consumer games. But if you are curious about AI and becoming a professional developer then this card might actually be quite interesting to look into.

Some ports that you get on this card is 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI. The copper heatsink look same as the one on Titan Xp card.

So in terms of computing power with the brand new Tensa cores this low price for this variant will be amazing. This card will be available for purchase on NVIDIAs own website. Will probably take some time before it shows up on other places because of it’s expensive price. And shipping international might become a problem. But not impossible!

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EVGA Got a Cool Tiny Graphics Card!

EVGA got a new graphics card that is called GeForce GT 730! Good if you can’t afford the more expensive cards out on the market.

This card comes with 2GB of 64-Bit GDDR5, Core Clock is 902MHz, 1x DVI-D, 1x mini HDMI, 384 CUDA Cores and PCI Express 2.0, NVIDIA SMX shaders, NVIDIA surround, NVIDIA adaptive vertical sync and 28nm Kepler architecture.

Perfect if you are tired of integrated graphics and want something that is a little more powerful for multimedia and gaming. The card also got a passive cooling solution the heatsink on the card dissipates the heat with zero noise.

GeForce GT 730 is also featuring a low profile design so it will fit into HTPC, mini PC and smaller configurations. It comes with three outputs 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-D and 1x D-sub. This is useful because now it will work with most displays available to purchase!

The card has a black design and looks very compact. On the top side it has the text EVGA and below GEFORCE GT 730 in white colour. Overall the card looks very slim and compact.

The question is how good it will perform is games compared to integrated graphics solutions. Will it be worth it? Obviously it won’t perform as a 1080 graphics card but I bet it can perform decent. You don’t always have to go for the latest high-end game!

This card is probably good if you wanna stream multimedia or play some normal graphics games. Without having to spend a fortune. I will probably check out more graphics cards in the future to see if there is a massive difference. What do you think about the GeForce GT 730?

A few days ago I checked out a new graphics card from GIGABYTE that had created a new super compact card. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in cool cards!

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