MAZE Alpha X New Smartphone!

MAZE Alpha X is a new smartphone that comes with a design that almost reminds me about the iPhone X. It goes all the way to the top on front side but doesn’t feature the bump you get on the iPhone! It also doesn’t go all the way to the bottom but comes with a home button.

Main specs: 6.0 inch Display, 2160×1080 pixels screen, LG screen, MTK6757 Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz, Android 7.0 Nougat, 8.0MP Front camera for selfies + Sony IMX219 and 16.0MP Rear camera that has AF and OV16880!

The internal storage on Alpha X is 128GB and it even has support for a TF card up to massive 256GB. That is plenty of storage potential for anything you can imagine! But not sure if you could install apps on the SD card!

This phone comes with support for 4G as well which is great because it means your downloads will be fast if your carrier comes with 4G support.

The battery on inside comes with 3900mAh! Which is more than what Samsung and Apple gives you! Sadly you cannot remove it. This phone comes with 3.5mm audio jack support.

The screen to body ratio on front side is 89.6%. And it has FHD+ resolution! Very glossy on the back side. Great for people that like shiny phones. It reminds me a bit about Huawei Honor 9.

Sadly Alpha X doesn’t have a rear fingerprint scanner. I prefer that location when it comes to unlock my phone! It’s nice how it packs an LED notification light on the front side. A cool feature to see notifications with.

Great how they use the latest Type C as a USB connector. That cable is easier to plug in because it’s reversible. Overall I think many will buy this device because it’s designed pretty awesome. And good for people that still want a home button on the front side!

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E&L W7 New Smartphone!

E&L W7 is a new smartphone that comes with a small screen if we look at modern standards. Most phones are getting larger these days. 6 inch displays might even be considered normal standard 2018. This phone is more compact let’s dive deeper into the features!

Main specs on E&L W7: 5.0 inch Display with 1280×720 pixel resolution screen, Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection, Android 6.0, MTK6735 Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz, ARM Mali T-720 MP2 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 128GB TF card support, 8.0MP Rear camera, 5.0MP Front camera and 2800mAh Battery!

This is a cheap phone so most of the specs are pretty down to earth and basic. It’s mainly a more durable phone. It comes with this in protection: Dustproof, Shockproof, Scratchproof, Waterproof, Antiseptic and Resist compression.

In the camera you get F/2.0 aperture to create amazing photos with. Another of my favourite things with this device is the support for Dual SIM 4G LTE! This is impressive considering the phones low price.

In terms of battery power this phone will last for 172 hours in standby time! This is amazing! Call duration will be 11.2 hours! I like how it looks like a durable CAT phone or even like a Samsung Galaxy Xcover smartphone.

E&L W7 comes with IP68 certification. It’s available in one edition that is Yellow and Black. I wish it came with Android 7.0 Nougat since it is a new phone. The Bluetooth version is 4.0. This phone is a heavy boy with 205 grams in weight. But you also don’t need a case for it since it already comes with so much protection. The Dual SIM card option will be great for people that love airplanes and travels a lot. Because it means you can have two local SIM card in at once. It’s always annoying having to replace.

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New Huawei Honor V10 Smartphone!

Honor V10 is a new phone from Huawei which is a very respectable company. And one of the largest phone companies. China based. I highly enjoyed the Huawei Mate 9 its my favourite phone so far. And the Huawei Mate 10 as well looks amazing.

This phone comes in at $455 price tag. You get large storage of 64GB and massive 6GB of RAM. The chipset being used is Kirin 970 SoC. That is also featuring a built-in NPU!

Same as we have seen with other phones this phones camera comes packed with Artificial Intelligence to create better photos and with more Beauty. This AI thing was a huge main focus with the new Huawei Mate 10 phone. The aperture is F/1.8 on the dual rear camera that comes with two sensors: 16MP + 20MP!

Then you get a 13MP front facing camera it’s aperture is F/2.0. The display it comes with is a massive 5.99-inch variant with FHD+ screen. I like how it comes with earphone jack and it’s mega thin only 7mm thickness. The large battery inside is having 3750mAh!

This phone has a very nice rounded design in all corners. And the back looks a bit glossy. But my favourite thing is the vibrant effect this phone gives you. It will come in Blue, Red, Gold and Black color editions. All look super vibrant to give you a phone that truly stands out among the masses. It reminds me a bit about Huawei Honor 9.

Huawei has done a good job last year at releasing many great devices. I truly believe that this company is the next Apple. This company or Xiaomi! Samsung also has been producing worse devices especially the last two years. They seem to have peaked 2015. Apple started to peak already 2014! It is new days now with new large brands starting to dominate. The low end market is being taken over by China brands like DOOGEE and Blackview.

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Decwin A 1980s Phone Design!

Decwin A is a new cool phone that has a design I never seen before! It looks like an 80s phone! It’s thick but it’s compact in it’s size! Let’s have a look on the specs and features.

Main things: 220mAh Battery, 0.66 Inch Display, Smart Bluetooth, Dialer, Music, Earphone, Mini phone and Europe’s smallest phone!

First main thing that’s impressive about this mobile is that it ‘s weight is only 21 grams! It comes with a non-slip design and convex texture design on the back. It’s a phone that is smaller than a lighter!

What’s great about this device is how easy it is to put in all pockets but can be easy to lose so be careful. It’s great to make you stop looking into your phone all the time because it’s so small! So you can be more social in life. It’s great if you are scared of cell phone radiation.

This phone is a good learning environment for a kid! Because it doesn’t come with any distractions like: Games, Internet access or Social media.

This you can do with it: Have a phone book, Check call history, Settings, Bluetooth Music, Organizer, Bluetooth Dialer, Bluetooth, Voice change and Messaging. As you can see it only comes with the absolute basics a phone needs.

The phone can use a Micro SIM that is inserted at the right side of the mobile phone.

What’s funny is the voice change features where you can make it more mysterious and make someone not hear your real voice. These voice changes exist: Woman, Man, Child, Old, Cartoon, Young, Ptimus, Duck, Robot, EVA, Walle, Rapman and Rapwoman.

I like how modern and fashion like the phone looks like. Nobody will have anything like this phone! It comes in these colours: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Blue and Grey. I also seen a red variant.

The memory inside is 32MB RAM and 32MB Storage. You can have 500 contacts in the phone book and 50 messages. It’s pretty thick 12.5mm. The battery talk time and music time is the same 4-6 hours and standby is 4-6 days. The processor is a single core.

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