The Money Chase Many Get Trapped Inside

The idea that money matters that much in life is just an illusion. Clearly it matters up to a certain point of getting your basic needs met. But above that point it really does make no difference. But people chase money in a wild way their whole life which makes money run away from them. They are not taking advantage of universal truths.

You can’t escape nature that’s the main reason why money doesn’t matter that much. We are still an animal with primal needs walking on earth but we are not that much different compared to other animals. Main thing that makes us different is we can be more conscious and self aware that we are doing things.

Our intellect can give us the illusion that we are moving forward more than what we actually are. Intellect is very good at slicing up things into smaller pieces. Let’s say you have a flower can you know the flower by slicing it up into smaller pieces? No but by observing it and not using your mind then you can know the flower. But the intellect slice up the flower in smaller pieces and you get this divide effect going on.

This makes life miserable for many people because they keep dividing life into smaller pieces instead of just living and Being. Being is something your mind wants to understand but it can’t. This is why many also chase Money and only think about the future instead of Focusing on the now that will actually solve all their problems! Also about Being it will ruin the Beauty of Being by trying to understand it. You can’t understand it! There is a higher body intelligence in you that can flow out when you quiet the mind and just observe life around you.

There is No Future and there is No Past. You always live in The Now, the present moment so to speak. No need to stress about anything or try to escape it. You don’t need more time to know yourself. You have already arrived, relax.

Truly enjoy everything you are doing in The Moment and you don’t need anything else and it also don’t matter what you do. You can get great pleasure out of everything in the current moment. And it’s very freeing to not have your mind going in loops because you now live more by using a smart awareness.

Doesn’t get any better than this it’s the highlight of your life. I was opening up a toothbrush package the other day it was really exciting. Because I was fully living in The Now. Especially the satisfying feel of the box and ripping it into pieces gave a satisfying sound. Then I burned it watching the fire in all cool colours.

Then I cleaned out a glass Nutella bottle and so satisfying to rip off the sticker sliding off so smooth when using hot water. The chocolate is a bit resistant to hot water but give it time and it will get loose, the glass look so pure when it’s empty of chocolate

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Best Way to Make Money 2017! Use Internet!

Best ways to make money 2017! This world is becoming more globalised. You are more free than ever before. Many people have no idea what they should do with this abundance of wealth that they experience. You are more rich than most kings from a few hundred years ago! You may say why is that? Because you have a smartphone!

This is a magical device! It let’s you access anyone in the whole world that has access to the internet! You have a voice in the masses! If you speak up you can get an audience. Remember that with the internet you have billions of people connected so there is an audience for everyone. What an amazing thing the internet is!

Clearly the best way to make money 2017 is to start your own website and build your own platform doing what you love and have passion for! It’s not that expensive to start a website you can usually get away with a low cost of 5-10 euro per month. To have your voice be heard! To fulfill your dreams! To make passive income while you are sleeping! You can make passive income while you sleep because people can visit your website 24/7. That’s the magic of working for yourself!

I have been living online full time since 2012! It’s been mostly from my famous YouTube channel with over 9000 videos uploaded. You may think I am superhuman and you could never do that but you can! Because it’s always only the beginning that is hard once you have momentum everything else just flows! Because an object in motion likes to stay in motion. It’s very lazy to stop again once it picks up speed! I am not perfect and never will be. But that’s fine because people love real people! They feel that they can relate to that!

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The “Buy Beauty” Popular Effect

The problem with beauty as in cars is its a form of “beauty for the masses” its a form of “buy beauty” the idea of buying beauty you can argue if it’s something you can do. Surely you can buy outer layer beauty of forms but that deepest sense of “truest” beauty can you ever buy that? That deepest layer of beauty is I think always so close for us to go reach, and that’s the wildest part. If we always have that deepest beauty with us and always can create more by learning more things in life then wow.


And that the rich many times feels starved of beauty but instead of go create beauty a month they go and buy a million dollar painting. It is a bit interesting to think about. What I am trying to say is we have beauty in every particle around us. There is nothing that we need to go out and seek externally from us. As I have said in the past the beauty down to the smallest particle, or the beauty in nature, or in knowledge and wisdom.

Beauty that is just as nice when you pay close attention as maybe an expensive car. We many times think money can have a magical effect in our life’s when actually when we look around already have everything we need to move ahead in life. It also then comes down that you add standards into your life of the beauty level you wanna hold yourself up too.


As you get older you learn exactly what kind of energy you want around yourself and you can be more picky with who you add to your life. These days I just want the happiest most pure beauty intelligent people in my life. Does this person fit into my life* Do I have time to invest in this person* Do we both gain value from our relationship is it win/win*, is this relationship leeching?


We humans are designed for tribes of around 150 people according to various research. So try to find 150 quality relationships. Those quality relationships will add so much love to your life that you will be able to do anything.  Really go for quality relationships that adds a ton of love over quantity draining relationships.

A great quote that I really liked from the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

Have a great day!

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