The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

Today I want to talk about the core difference between a man and a boy in life. So the core thing that I have found is the difference is Slow and Steady = Man, Fast and Unsteady = Boy. The word teenager was a word that didn’t exist before the 1950s. I think it’s real important for males to know the difference so they can grow up.

Responsibility is very important for a man. To learn how to make decisions that will be great for the long term. Building a great stable foundation is key. Since if it’s boy unstable then if you build anything on top of it, it will just fall down and crash eventually. But if you create a real man steady ground then you can build anything on top and it will not crash down.

And the irony with doing things so called slower is that you do not avoid work you know you should be doing. Because every step forward is super easy when you do things 3x slower. This means you pay so much more attention and the irony with it that in the long term you get 10x more things done than when you was in boy mode running around like a maniac.

This world relies on solid man to get their stuff together. That is the future of this world. Men make stuff happen. That is how it always has been and will keep be in the future. We are warriors and it’s our natural role to take care of things. This means we need to be solid stuff that works amazing. Building amazing businesses. Be fearless and so on. So much skills and beauty that goes in to becoming a true man.

But starting off by just slowing down and do proper work is a great step to be a man. So much boy mentality in our society that cause lots of weakness in our modern culture. Someone needs to do something about it. Men need to keep up moral standards and responsibility or society will fall apart very fast. It’s important that males starts to become rich and successful since our society is desperate for more high-level men that gets stuff done and do amazing stuff.

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Becoming More Involved in Life!

Your thoughts can never come up with something new. It can only re-cycle thoughts from your past data and experiences. Nothing new will happen in your life if you get stuck on data. The scary part here is you can look at something in your phone and feed your intellect. But the intellect can only compare to the previous data you collected.

So it can never come up with something new! It’s extremely limited to your little input. You need real life data experience. There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is you don’t know anything. You don’t even know if I am a human or robot! You don’t know anything how your body works. The good news is now you have time to explore the world again.

Because seeing the cosmos through your phone is not seeing and understand the life process. Scientist haven’t even seen an atom and it’s suppose to be 99% empty space! So we have no idea what any of this is or how it works. Which means we really really have to pay attention to exactly everything that is in our life experience and in front of us. Everything that is in my surrounding I have somehow generated.

So clearly this is where I need to start paying attention. Being so deeply involved in whatever you do. I saw it with the Italians how deeply involved they was in life in southern Italy. Truly amazing how alive you can be, a full fledged life. That’s what you wanna become. You are alive. That’s the most important thing happening in your life right now!

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The Importance of Being an Owner!

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One of my favourite concept’s is the idea of being an owner of all the things in your life. When you are an owner in life you have full control over the direction of your life. And you have much more freedom. Sure it will take more work to become an owner of certain parts of your life but the work is never the problem once you get into a flow of it. Once you start to get into a flow of work you actually like the process of growth.

Being an owner of parts of your life involves so many things. For example having your own business. It’s about more responsibility in life. It will turns us into full adults faster. When we truly are responsible we also many times feel free and put in more effort and work. Because we know we can control the outcome. There are many interesting ways you can become an owner over parts of your life.


You can start with things we take for granted. Let’s take a basic app on Android that is being a calculator. Why not make your own calculator? And use your own app? Maybe it will take a week to learn but after you learned that skill suddenly you have taken a massive step into being more of an owner. In learning new things we take big leaps into become owners in life.

I have another example when I was researching products on Amazon. I found out that many of these products we think are special because it has a brand logo on it. That you can actually order these gadgets already from China and create your own custom branding! Suddenly if you would do that you would use something with your company name on it! How cool. Another major step into becoming an owner.

Small Steps!

So this idea of becoming an owner it can happen in small steps. Once you see the small steps are working you can try bigger ones. And build up higher levels of self-confidence. With the power of the internet becoming an owner over your life the knowledge you would need is all there for you to pickup.

But just because knowledge is easily available these days most people end up not value it. Or see the potential in it. This all comes down to one thing I was talking about in another blog post about the importance of paying attention in life. If you pay close attention in life to the task you are involved in you will see things other people do not see. But it will require you to focus with a deeper level of intensity.

One of my favorite books of all time talking about human nature is a book from a great author who have had many jobs and observed human nature a lot. He is called Robert Greene and here is a great quote from his book The 50th Law:

I will also add some more quotes from this book in this blog post because it has some intense raw truth quotes.

To be able to have this intense focus in life you have to study consciousness more in life and how it works. For example right now you can open another tab in your browser and google “human consciousness”. I’m sure it will bring up some interesting results. And I have also been talking about it in other blog posts.

Limitless Loop!

Being an owner means limitless opportunities where you can take your life. If you do not become an owner usually what will happen is you will slowly be trapped by other peoples goals to become owners. This doesn’t happen because someone is mean. It’s just a natural law that if you do not take control over your life someone else will. We think we are independent islands in life while that is not the case.

We also absorb new information and always get’s influenced by other sources. Whatever we like it or not. It is happening. So you better take control over things that has an influence on you. And try to make sure it’s from good sources.

Wake Up!

We humans wanna be awake. Not asleep. Basic jobs and not being owners of our lives put’s us into a sleep mode. Because repetitive jobs will keep you unconscious. More responsibility in life will keep you awake. Because your life will be more at risk If your business don’t go well. So you have to become extremely good at business and become an adult very fast.

Another great quote from The 50th Law:

Usually what happens is you will find out the world isn’t as scary place as you made it up in your life. There is always help to get from all kinds of sources. And nature love’s a good hearted person and will help that person as much as it can. Being a slave and not an owner over my life scares me.

Internet Opportunities!

The world we live in is way more safe than in the past. We do not live in the jungle anymore but our tribal brain still thinks we are. Because the world have changed rapidly over the last 100 years. The amount of opportunity people have with a tool like the internet is mind-blowing. The internet should be used to network as much as possible and actually build real connections that can move your life forward.

But many people do not take advantage of the internet. You have all the knowledge available right in your phone. The amount of limitless potential that exists is so wild. Back in the days to be able to get knowledge was super hard. Because books was expensive. But now in history there is a short window where knowledge is available for a cheap price so you should try to suck up as much good knowledge as possible.


Because we never know if this internet thing will last. It can be closed down tomorrow. Because if it’s one thing that mother nature has taught us then it is that life is always changing. Things are in constant change. So if you are not changing then you are probably being left behind. The more knowledge we learn the more we will find out how ignorant we have been in the past. Thinking that we know a lot. When in fact most of human society is in a state of deep unconsciousness mode.

And a good ending quote also from The 50th Law:

Have a great day!

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