LG G7 New Smartphone Concept!

There is a great new phone concept made by DBS DESIGNING. This is a G7 smartphone concept. We are expecting LG to release a G7 phone next year. Let’s take a look at this phone! The first thing you can see is that it features an all-screen bezel less display at the front side.

Main specs: 5.8″ QHD+ Display, 128GB Internal Memory, Support SD card, 8GB of RAM, Water Resistant, 3,500mAh Battery, Fast Charging support, 8MP Dual Front camera, 16MP Dual Rear camera, Under display fingerprint scanner and USB Type-C!

Just as with the Galaxy S9 concept I talked about earlier from the same design team this one features a fingerprint sensor that is below the screen instead of at the back. Something I highly enjoy is how it seems to come with 3.5mm audio jack. Something high-end phones from Apple is starting to remove as with the iPhone X.

This phone also comes with NFC support for mobile payments. And I assume that it also will support wireless charging. Because the display on front is full size it may not support face unlock. Face unlock is a big thing that will come on more smartphones in 2018. In the software of this phone you have an edge screen. You can also see Google search widget for quick access to Google Now.

We can also assume that a phone like this would run on the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset with the new Adreno 630 GPU, Quick Charge 4+ support and Bluetooth 5.0 support for better wireless audio and faster file sharing. It seems to have volume up and down on left edge and no buttons on right edge. The stereo speaker seems to be located at bottom side next to Type-C charging port. Seems to have a glossy back perhaps glass with gorilla glass 5 support. The colours is Gray, Black and White Editions!

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LG G7 New Smartphone For 2018!

We are getting some new reports about what we might see inside the next LG high-end smartphone. This phone will probably be called LG G7 and rival Galaxy S9 and iPhone 9 in 2018. The latest rumors we are hearing now is that this phone will feature an advanced all-in-one iris scanner.

This ability to be able to unlock your phone with your face is a new feature we saw with the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. And now it looks like LG wanna jump on-board that train as well! Another cool thing with this scanner with the new patent we see is that it might work better in low light conditions than the one we find in S8 and Galaxy Note 8. And that LG might make it more advanced by making the phone user track a series of dots on the screen with their eyes to prevent a static image being used to unlock the phone. Currently you can unlock the phone sometimes on S8 if you just have an image of the person. This will add extra security feature if the dot method works for LG.

LG has a new module that can feature both a front facing camera and iris scanner in a more compact form. But it hasn’t yet been tested inside a smartphone. It really does look like facial scanner for unlocking phones will become more popular. The iPhone X doesn’t even feature a fingerprint scanner. And next year Apple will probably remove it completely from their phones. Fingerprint scanners was the big trend in 2017 phones. Even the low end Android phones all got it! I’m curious if we will see all low end phones come with facial scanner in 2019. More low end devices are getting all the cool stuff that high-end phones in the past was exclusive with.

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New LG V30 Finally Coming to Europe!

New LG V30 is finally being launched in Europe. This is LG’s latest high-end device that is suppose to compete against Galaxy Note 8, iPhone X and iPhone 8. But argh where is the LG stylus!

Local carriers in Italy like TIM and Vodafone finally offers this phone. Germany, Spain and Poland will also get their LG V30 at the end of this month! In UK you have the carriers Vodafone and Three ready for you! It might not be launched in more countries. But you will probably be able to buy it over eBay or Amazon Germany unlocked. Usually imported variants cost way more. But carrier phones usually have hidden costs we don’t think about.

Main specs on LG V30: 6.0″ Display with 1440×2880 pixels, 16MP main camera with 2160p video recording, 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835 Chipset, 3300mAh Battery, IP68 Certification, Android 7.1.2 Nougat, Adreno 540 GPU, microSD card up to 256GB and 128GB Internal Storage!

As you can here the specs are pretty much maxed out. To create the best high-end Android phone experience. You also get Dual camera with 16MP + 13 MP sensors with specs F/1.6 and F/1.9! The secondary front facing camera is a 5MP sensor with F/2.2!

Of course LG also has their own user experience with their own skin on top of Android which they are calling LG UX 6.0. The Octa-core processor setup is built up using 4×2.45GHz cores and 4×1.9GHz cores all Kryo!

Another good thing is the awesome audio and that it has 3.5mm earphone jack and 24-bit/48kHz audio recording. It’s also B&O Play certified. The Bluetooth version is latest 5.0! And the USB is 3.1 which is way faster than 3.0. It’s using a Type-C 1.0 connector for charging and connection.

The battery which is non-removable is having 3300mAh! This phone comes in four colours: Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet. It cost around 900 euros and the cool colour options reminds me about the creativity with the Huawei Mate 10 color palette!

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Ever Wanted A Massive Amazing Display?

LG has a pretty cool display if you want a large display but not too large. You maybe dislike the idea of having 2 screens on your desk, or maybe you don’t have space for it. This LG 34″ is nice then because it’s not as two displays but a bit larger than just 1 big display. The LG 34UC89G is the display I’m talking about!

This display comes with a Full HD 2560×1080 34″ IPS curved display, NVIDIA G-Sync, 5ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate, on-screen control, dynamic action sync and screen split. The ports it has available are HDMI and DisplayPort.

For G-SYNC to work you need a compatible graphics card in your PC. This technology removes stuttering and tearing and input lag for a better gaming experience.

One of the more exciting things with LG 34UC89G is obviously the high 144Hz refresh rate. Many other monitors only has 60Hz or 75Hz. So you can see stuff way more clear while gaming up-close. Perfect for hard-core intense gaming.

You also got an option for Crosshair to show up at the center of the display for more accuracy while firing in first-person shooter games. As well as a Black Stabilizer that will reveal more detail in darker scenes to see things other can’t see. Dynamic Action will also give you more smooth and fluid gaming experience.

You also get OnScreen Control experience. Instead of navigating the display using hard buttons it will be software with monitor settings like: Volume tweak, Brightness change, Picture mode presets, Screen Split 2.0 and more tweaks.

This display is a bit pricy too. Not as pricy as the 8K OLED display I showed you couple of days ago. But more expensive than a standard 27″ Samsung monitor. But this display is more for the serious gamer or multitasker that needs to see everything.

And with the curved display you get some style on your desktop. What do you think about the LG 34UC89G? I am still happy with my 27″ Samsung monitor so don’t feel a need to upgrade now. But maybe in the future, but I never been a hard-core gamer.

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New Amazing LG V30 Render Leaks. Galaxy Note 8 Killer?

We have a new render of the V30 that got leaked by Evan Blass. It looks beautiful with it’s edge-to-edge display. Will probably feature Snapdragon 835 processor just as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 will be running. We can see the dual-lens camera on the back. What I like here about this render is it seems like it won’t be having a glass back. But I may be wrong because some rumors points to a leaked glass panel.

Both the OLED iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a glass back. Which is bad if you drop the device by accident. Many of us don’t like to use extra cases. My S8 is already have glass shattered on the back and will probably cost 200 euro to replace so no point. Another thing with the V30 is it probably won’t have a removable battery option. We saw LG doing that with the G4 and G5. The G5 had this modular design that kind of failed.

We are expecting the new V30 to go official on August 31. And released date September 15. Standard variant seems like it will cost 700 dollar and a plus variant of V30 will cost 875 dollar. So what you get in Plus variant? More storage, wireless charging and better audio. For me personally it doesn’t seem to be that much worth it. Who uses wireless charging? Almost nobody. Too gimmicky.

I really do hope the V30 has an IP67 rating. The IP rating on Samsung phones have almost performed well for me. The IP rating on iPhone 7 was horrible for me. Two of my iPhone 7s got destroyed being in Water and Coca-Cola for me. I hope LG provide a quality protection and not just splash protection.

Other specs rumors are 4GB Ram, 6″ QHD+ Display FullVision OLED. Compared to the G6 it looks like the V30s camera will bump out a little. The G6 has a flat camera on back that doesn’t stand out from the body. The user interface will be LG’s UX 6.0. It will feature a floating bar with useful common settings. Kind of like Samsung is doing with their main phones. V30 will also feature Always on Display (AOD), also same as Samsung to quickly see the clock and other important functions without having to fully turn the display on. Other features in LG’s AOD will be Quick Tools, Music Player and a personal photograph.

V30 will also have face recognition that will be able to unlock the device even when the display is turned off. This is something that the Samsung Galaxy S8 cannot do. But I find face recognise feature to be working real well on the Samsung phone. Even better than the Iris scanner that scans your eyes.

LG have also said that the V30s camera will feature the largest aperture and most clear lens ever to be in a smartphone. it will feature F/1.6 lens that will bring in 25% more light than F/1.8 lens which sounds impressive. The V30 should be way better in colour reproduction.

I am looking forward to the LG V30! Are you?

Have an awesome day.

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