Leagoo S9 Android Smartphone Finally Available!

A few months ago I talked about a cool iPhone X design copycat phone called Leagoo S9. You can now buy that device. So let’s go over it quick to see what you get inside this smartphone! First of course it comes with the notch and the rear traffic light design camera.

Main specs: 5.85 inch Display, HD+ with 1212×720 pixel screen, IPS type, Android 8.1 Oreo, MT6750 Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz and ARM Cortex-A53 28nm setup, Mali-T860 MP2 GPU clocked at 520MHz, 4GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, TF card support up to 128GB, 4G VoLTE support, Dual SIM Dual Standby, 2.5D curved glass display and Type-C 2.0 connector!

First thing you detect on Leagoo S9 is the massive display! This will be great for people that enjoy playing games or watch Netflix on their phone. The front camera comes with an 8.0MP sensor. The rear camera is dual and has 13.0MP + 0.3MP lens.

Other things that exist are OTG support and OTA updates. You can even unlock the phone with your face just as you would on iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9! On the rear side you can find a fingerprint sensor. It’s a very thick phone with 11.8mm thickness.

The battery which is built in has 3300mAh! I wish it was a removable variant but not even the low cost Android phones gives you that these days. Quick charging is on board with 5V/2A setup. You can also find 3.5mm earphone jack!

Leagoo S9 comes in three colour editions: Black, Gold and Blue. It looks very glossy all of them. I think because of the back glass design. Makes it looks like an ASUS ZenFone smartphone! The front has an all screen display with super small bezels. It looks like a premium iPhone at the front side.

It’s super nice how it runs Oreo version of Android. So you get great performance and the latest security updates and bug fixes. You get even high quality music from the speaker.

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Leagoo M9 New Smartphone!

Leagoo M9 is a new smartphone with very modern design. It comes with a dual rear camera. On the front you can see a display with a bezel-less display.

Main specs: 5.5 inch Display, IPS screen type, 1280×640 pixel resolution, Android 7.0 Nougat, MT6580A Chipset, Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz, Mali-400 GPU clocked at 500MHz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, TF card support up to 32GB, 3G support and Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection!

There is a lot going on when it comes to the cameras on Leagoo M9. First it comes with dual front cameras with: 5.0MP + 2.0MP and then on rear side you get 8.0MP + 2.0MP lens! Also features Dual Flash with CMOS.

Something I find a bit boring with this device is no 4G speeds or 128GB TF card support. That it only goes up to 32GB might be a bit too little for many people. In terms of thickness this phone is 9.75mm! Which is a bit thicker than most would enjoy.

But what this phone has going for it is the amazing low price and that it comes with super cool design that is sleek and modern. In terms of design this phone can compete with expensive phones from Apple and Samsung.

The display is a full-screen border-less display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The screen-to-body ratio is 80%. It also comes with fingerprint unlock that can unlock the device in 0.1s. Also features a double curved body that is super slim.

On the rear side of Leagoo M9 you get a metal ring that adds and gives the phone some amazing style. They done a super well job on rear design.

The front facing camera comes with F/2.4 aperture and 1.65um*1.65*um pixel size. Quad cameras in total on this phone! The softlight selfie on front will give you better selfies at night time.

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iPhone X Clone Smartphone From Leagoo!

There is a new iPhone X clone that is out. This is called LEAGOO S9. It has iPhone corners and the notch cutout at the top. As we seen in the past Apple has a lot of Android phone companies that copy them all the time. When Apple came out with their new dual camera rear design we saw tons of low -end Android phones copy it instantly. This is usually China phones that copy every Apple’s move.

This phone may be great for people that want to pretend they own the latest iPhone X. The iPhone X is a bit too expensive for most people to buy. Around 1200 euro price in Europe. Even more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which cost around 950 euros.

This will probably be a low-end Android smartphone costing less than 200 euro. We have seen many great low-end Android devices for between 130 euro and 200 euro. It’s a highly competitive section with lots of excitement. If you don’t need a water resistant phone or super good camera then it’s wise to go for a low-end Android smartphone.

The specs will be 128GB Internal storage, 6GB of RAM, 5.85″ AMOLED Display, MediaTek P40 Processor and 16MP sensor camera. I really hope that it comes with 3.5mm jack since I am a wired audio music listener.

I have talked about Leagoo in the past and written about their latest phones. They actually produce quality stuff. Just as DOOGEE, Blackview and Xiaomi does for an affordable price. It’s really hard for me to see any reason to buy a smartphone above the price of 200 euro these days. You already get most features in a lower end device. Sure if there was real games in the Android store then I could see a reason to upgrade. But most games aren’t really graphics heavy.

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LEAGOO KIICAA Power New Smartphone!

LEAGOO KIICAA Power is a low end device that is good alternative if you are on a budget and want Android and not a feature phone!

Main specs: 5.0″ HD IPS display, 1280×720 pixels screen, 294 ppi, Android 7.0 Nougat with LEAGOO OS 3.0 Lite skin on top, MT6580A Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz, Mali-400 MP2 GPU clocked at 500MHz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, TF card extend support up to 126GB!

What I like the most about KIICAA Power is the large battery it comes with. It has 4000mAh! More than Galaxy Note 8! What’s even better is how it’s a removable variant. So you may be able to buy a spare battery. Also comes with a cool smart wake feature. By Double-click to wake and then you get 12 different gestures you can use the wake the smartphone up! This is usually something you only get inside high-end smartphones.

It’s a cheap phone but it still comes with a fingerprint sensor. It has 360 degree recognition and 0.3s response speed. A little bit slower than the usual high-end scanner but won’t make that much of a difference. This phone is 9.5mm in thickness which is impressive considering the large battery that’s inside.

In cameras on KIICAA Power you first get a 5MP front facing camera with the specs of: 1.12*1.12um pixel size, 1/5 inch sensing area, F/2.8 aperture, 77.9 degree viewing angle, autofocus and 15/30 fps frame rate. The rear camera is 8.0MP + 5.0MP and with specs: 1.12um*1.12um pixel size, F/2.2 aperture, OIS, 75 degree viewing angle, autofocus, 15/30 fps, Flash LED dual Flash and 1/5 inch sensing area! The low frame rate will be bad but I don’t think you buy this phone to take photos with it!

It’s only a 3G smartphone but it comes with 3.5mm jack for headphones which is nice. Charging is done with Micro 5Pin port. It also supports Dual SIM Dual Standby. It’s available in two colour editions Black and Gold.

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LEAGOO T5c New Smartphone!

LEAGOO T5c is a brand new smartphone that comes with a cool design. This design the company seems to have partnered up with Tottenham and may even have a wallpaper with the team. Let’s take a look at the specs that this phone gives you!

Main specs: 5.5″ Display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, SC9853 Chipset, Octa-core processor, Cores clocked at 1.8GHz, 4G LTE and VoLTE support!

Some other great things here is that it’s using Intel’s 14nm FinFET technology. The main dual rear camera on the back is from Samsung and comes with two sensors 13.0MP + OV 2.0MP. Then it also support chip-level dual camera optimization.

Another thing with this device is that the fingerprint sensor is located in the home button on the front side. This phone comes with premium build material like CNC and NANO. The body is a metal uni-body variant. The storage is made by SanDisk.

The display is an IPS variant from SHARP and is FHD. You also get CAT 6 + Dual 4G Internet Speeds. The battery is 3000mAh and is made by LG. As you can see this company is using parts from many large famous brands. With great track records.

The resolution on the screen is 1920×1080 pixels, 403 pixels per inch, 178 degree viewing angle and has 400cd/m2 brightness!

On the body of phone it’s only 7.9mm in thickness and has a 3D curved design! It has an iPhone like curve on the sides. And the camera area is nicely separated in a different shade of colour. The home button is slim to it’s body.

The good thing with the performance compared to previous versions is the performance is up by 25% and power saving up by 30%. The architecture is 64-bit! This chipset is way more powerful than MTK6750. Around 20-40% in various categories.

The specs on the optimized dual rear camera on LEAGOO T5c goes: F/2.2, 0.1s auto focus, 5P Lens, 1/3.06″ sensor size and 1.12um*1.12um pixel size. The front facing camera has the specs OV 5MP with: 3P Lens, Selfie Softlight, 1/5″ sensor size, 1.12um*1.12um pixel size and 77.9 degree wide angle.

The battery in LEAGOO T5c can last for 8 hours in video play, 20 hours of calling, 36 hours normal use and 10 days in standby! Dual 4G option great if you travel around a lot! This phone comes in two colour editions Elegance Black and Champagne Gold.

The Android version is Android 7.0 Nougat with LEAGOO OS 2.1 skin on top! The GPU for gaming is also great it’s the Mali-T820 MP2 clocked at 750MHz! You can also insert a TF card up to 32GB!

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