Ajazz AK33 New Keyboard!

Ajazz AK33 is a cool keyboard that is run using Bluetooth. It comes in rainbow colours. It’s a very compact keyboard that reminds me about Apple’s new Magic Keyboard.

Main specs: RGB Keyboard, Black colour, Bluetooth or Wire connection, 82 keys, Blue switch, 60 million keys clicked of life, 2300mAh Battery, Support for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android!

Ajazz AK33 is using a American Broadcom Bluetooth chip. The distance you can use this keyboard from is 10 meters. Which is pretty long. Perfect if you have some distance from your hardware and want to lay down in the sofa or sit at a desk.

You can connect up to five devices and switch between them. To charge this keyboard fully it will take 3.5 hours. The battery will last for 24 hours of backlight. Energy save for 10 days.

I think most people will buy this keyboard because of the mechanical axis and the mechanical shaft keys. It’s cheaper than Apple’s latest keyboards. Many seek affordable solutions. Also what’s great with this keyboard is that it will be great in a dark room and you need to see what you are typing.

Something I don’t like on this keyboard is how they made the Enter key smaller. It doesn’t have the more traditional design as you usually see. But the space button is large as we are use to.

On Ajazz AK33 you have standard keys as a shift button, Capslock, ctrl, Windows key and more! This will probably be best to use with a Windows machine. It will probably be a little harder to connect to an Apple phone. But Android offers better support for connecting Bluetooth keyboards. I really like the compact shape of this specific model.

It would have been cool if they would have included a Trackpad. I would like to see a Trackpad like Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 build into this keyboard on the right side. That would be really cool!

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I8 Plus Cool Colour Sofa Keyboard!

I8 Plus is a very cool simplistic tiny portable keyboard. I have checked out many various keyboards in the past like MantisTek’s MK1 and H18. They are a little bit larger in size from what I can see. I8 Plus main feature is how it’s full of bright LED’s so perfect at night!

Specs: 2.4GHz Wireless connection, 7 Colours Backlight keyboard, Touchpad Mouse functionality, QWERTY keys, Navigation keys, USB 2.0, Black colour and 810mAh battery.

The first thing that strikes me with I8 Plus keyboard is that it does look very similar to MK1 keyboard. But it’s more brighter!

This keyboard works with: Windows, Linux, Android, Xbox 360 / PS3 and Mac OS. Various displays it’s good for is: Laptop, Desktop, X-BOX, Mobile vehicle TV, HTPC, Large screen TV, Android TV Box and Smart TV. This is great when you wanna be lazy and lay in sofa and have some home cinema going on! And you don’t wanna use one of those massive keyboard that weigh tons. And maybe it’s even dark at night so you need bright LED’s to see what keys you are typing on!

The keyboard is 14.6cm long and 7.9cm high and 1.9cm thickness. The buttons that are available next to the touchpad is: Media Player, Email, Mute, Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Browser, My Computer and Search! But you also got media controls on left side and navigation controls on right side. You really have all the most important keys to lay in sofa! On the sides you have OFF/ON switch and mini USB port.

I8 Plus comes in a very simple package with a user’s manual and a charging cable that is standard. You plug in the little USB receiver in your device to get the keyboard up and running. Simple plug and play! Maybe it would be nice if they did a white edition too for Apple users.

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Motospeed CK98 Is a Cool Colorful Keyboard!

There are many cool keyboards out there if you need a new for your computer setup! One of them is Motospeed CK98.

It’s specs are: Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, RGB Colours, 104 Mechanical Keys, Kailh BOX Switch for desktop laptop, Water and dust resistant, Shining backlight, Built-In game chip, Crisp typing sound, All-key anti-ghosting and Common multimedia shortcut keys with FN key.

CK98 here doesn’t come with any bluetooth option, it weight is 1.1kg, wired connection and material is ABS. Main thing you will see with this keyboard that is not that common with other keyboards are the back keyboard light is extremely shiny on this variant. With all RGB rainbow colours.

With this brand you also get their long ten year experience producing gaming products. 800 million single key accurate echo! Of course you can change between the various light modes.

Some of the various modes that exist are: Breathing pattern, Racing pattern, Rippling pattern, Stars pattern, Neon pattern, Rotate pattern and hedging pattern. The keyboard is built with an ARM architecture chip.

With the software you get with this keyboard you can do some DIY programming. It also has a nice place below the keys where you can rest your hands comfortable. And with their super big mousepad and mouse it looks like a super gaming setup.

I like how CK98 almost looks like a spaceship. Apple for example usually doesn’t like that look they want more a clean white designed keyboard. They probably think this keyboard is too flashy. But RGB colours looks nice for dark LAN parties.

Apple’s Keyboard

I think I want to check out more keyboards in the future. I prefer right now my white mac bluetooth keyboard. Because it’s so slim and only contains exactly all the keys that I need. Do you like this keyboard?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Is a Samsung 2017 Tablet!

Samsung has released a lot of tablets over the years. And this year they released the Galaxy Tab S3. Many people doesn’t see a point in tablets as it’s not as important gadget as phones. It’s more of a premium device that some can afford.

This tablet comes with 9.7″ 2048×1536 resolution display, Qualcomm APQ8096 processor clocked at 2.15GHz, 4GB RAM Memory and 32GB Internal Flash Storage, Micro SD card option up to 256GB, Front-Facing 5MP camera, Rear camera is 13MP, Android 7.0 Nougat, S Pen, Power Adapter and USB Type-C cable.

First thing in Galaxy Tab S3 you may think is strange is that 32GB internal storage for 2017 tablet is a bit too small. But good you can insert a micro SD card.

I never really seen the point with cameras on tablets. It doesn’t feel like many will use. That money should be invested in a better processor, audio and display. Because this is a bit more of a multimedia device for music and video.

The S-Pen is nice to see with a tablet. The only phone these days with a good stylus is Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Now with their latest offering the Galaxy Note 8. But a stylus on a tablet is even better because you can create things on a bigger surface. You can also pair the tablet with a keyboard to turn it into a laptop experience. Perfect for longer writing sessions.

It also features some nice multimedia things like Quad speakers tuned by AKG and the famous Samsung AMOLED display. On a single charge you can get up to 12 hours of battery life.

Which I don’t think will happen if you watch video all that time. The charging with “Adaptive Fast Charging” will take a long time. 3 hours for a full charge! I’m curious how this device processor will perform in heavy games. Maybe I will check it out in the future. Do you like the design on Galaxy Tab S3 or do you want to see a more bezel-less experience?

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MantisTek’s Portable Keyboard Is Perfect For Lazy People!

Ever wanted to have a super compact portable keyboard easy-to-use with lots of functionality and that you can use in sofa? The keyboard from MantisTek is pretty awesome it’s called MK1!

It’s a wireless mini keyboard some features it has are: QWERTY keyboard, RF 2.4G wireless connection (Up to 10 meter operating distance), Ergonomic design, Auto sleep and wake up function, 100 grams weight, Touchpad mouse, remote control for Android and Windows, Perfect for home theater, IPTV, Internet TV, Google TV, Android TV box, PS3 and Xbox 360 users!

You can see on MK1 photos that the keyboard is in black and white colour, easy to hold with 2 hands and has nice rounded design. Up on the top left side you have the music controls, on top right you can go up/down/left/right and click OK in the middle. In the middle you have the full touchpad with mouse functionality. Also comes with Plug and play no annoying setup you have to do to get it working with your devices.

The hot-keys you get on the top are first on left side Start Menu, Email, Mute and Left Click. And on right side you have Search, Home, Browser and Right Click. It wakes up again after a button is being pressed, this is to save battery life. On the left side of the Touchpad you have the Scroll Bar. On the rear side you have the Power Switch and on the back on each side you have two battery covers. A USB receiver is also mounted on the back side take it out and plug it into your device!

The Full Keyboard on MK1 really has most of your keys you want to have. All the F1 to F10 buttons, 0 to 9 buttons, Esc, Shift, Tab, Caps, Fn, Enter, Back, Space and everything in between you could imagine! The height is only 20mm. Overall I really enjoy the design on this keyboard. I really believe I need to own one!

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