ZTE Iceberg is an iPhone X Copycat With 2 Notches!

ZTE has created a brand new phone being called Iceberg that comes with 2 notches. As you perhaps already know Apple started this trend with the iPhone X. Now Android companies are copying Apple just as they did when Apple introduced the dual rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.

At least this design is a bit more innovative where they did that notch design on both sides! Very creative I have to say. It looks like a very beautiful phone when it comes to design. On the back side it comes with a rear centred fingerprint sensor. Best located to put it if you ask me. Another thing that ZTE did was to put a speaker in each notch. It really has a nice aesthetic symmetry to it so it won an award.

This phone comes with a glass design on front and back. Which makes the name Iceberg to make sense. This is great for winning design awards but if we are going to be honest it would be best to use plastic or metal unibody for durability. Apple started the glass phone trend with the iPhone 4. The problem with it is that it very easily breaks.

On each corner you can see transparent glass connecting the front and back to create even more beauty. I have to say that it was very creative move. At the moment we don’t know the specs on this phone but we know that it will be a global launch of it in many regions. Hopefully it has specs that are similar to iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. We have been seeing a big trend of Beauty designed phones be released but with horrible internal specs. I hope ZTE put some attention to the specs. Is this perhaps the most beautiful design for 2018? I think that it may be!

You can see on the back side that it comes with a dual rear camera. Something that is very popular these days. I really love how the all-screen display on the front is rounded in the corners. Yes the Galaxy S8 display is also that but this one has no bezels so it creates an even more amazing effect!

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iPhone X 5200mAh Battery Case! More Juice Than Note 8!

HETP brand got a new external battery case for Apple’s 2017 most high-end phone the iPhone X. I looks very sleek! Let’s dig deeper in to see what you get with this package.

Main case specs: 5200mAh Battery, Rechargeable External charger case, Portable Power, Lightning Charging port and Black colour!

First of all the battery that Apple put in iPhone X is coming with just 2716mAh! Which is even less than what you get inside the Galaxy Note 8. And it comes with an OLED display that will draw lots of power. So with this battery pack you get more than doubling the juice that you have available. In total you will have 2716 + 5200 = 7916 mAh! This is way more than most other high-end phones will give you.

One downside may be that audio only works over Bluetooth with this case. The length you will be able to enjoy media with this case is: +17 hours call, +60 hours music, +13 hours video and +3 hours gaming! So it’s most amazing for music lovers.

On the back side of this case you get an LED Power indicator. You can check remaining battery with 1 button touch. It shows Blue LED colour. It has very nice dual rear camera cutout.

Also not that complicated to install the phone inside the case. At the front side it may give some extra protection on the sides in case you would accidentally drop the phone. I wish this case came with a rear built-in kickstand.

That would have made it an instant sell. Especially for all the movie and TV show lovers out there. It does add a bit of weight to the device and it will be a bit harder to hold. But now you can impress your Samsung Galaxy Note friends that your phone will probably last longer!

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New VLC Video App Updated For iPhone X!

VLC is updating their iOS app so that you can watch 4K videos if you have the latest iPhone X! This latest release is version 2.8.6 and it doesn’t just add support for 4K with HEVC but it also comes with a tweaked user interface that fits the latest iPhone better.

Some bug fixes have been added and a app termination issue that was on when it was running on iOS 7 and iOS 8.

This free VLC app is much better than the more controlled and locked iTunes alternative for movie watching. With VLC you get more options to sync videos from various cloud sources like OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, DropBox and more.

And then in terms of streaming you get other nice options as stream over SMB, FTP, UPnP or DLNA. You also get nice support for subtitles, playback speed control and multi-track audio. This app also comes with the regular orange theme which we are so familiar with when it comes to VLC. I personally use VLC when I am streaming videos on my MacBook Pro. It’s much better than Quicktime because you can move the video around much better, better file support, better subtitles and a bunch of other great options as sync audio or tweak little things.

This app is also designed to work on both iPhone and iPad. It’s an app made by a company that is being called VideoLAN. Only 80MB in file size. And as we know with iTunes apps is that they always are quality tested. With Android it’s usually a bit worse quality control but I bet Google is working on making improvements in that regard. But the good with Android is that you have more app alternatives. And usually a bit easier when it comes to streaming when you do it on Android.

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Three New iPhone’s For 2018 Rumors!

3 new iPhone’s that we are expecting to see in 2018 we now here rumors will pack more stronger batteries. What the naming process will be we can only guess. But maybe they call it iPhone 9, iPhone X 2 and iPhone 9 Plus. They may even skip the number on the end and just stick to same name but improve the specs and just call it 2018 edition, 2019 edition etc.

iPhone X had worse battery life than Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 consumer reports showed us in their phone test. The display size on 2018 iPhone’s we expect will be: 6.5-inch iPhone and 5.8-inch iPhone. 6.5-inch will be really insane! I never seen a phone that large. Largest I seen and used has been Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Both these new iPhone’s are expected to come with OLED displays. Which will bump up the price even further. The battery size KGI predicts are 2900mAh or 3000mAh.

The third iPhone that we think will come will be more budget friendly and have a large 6.1-inch display, it will feature a simple LCD display instead of OLED. This will keep the price down.

Other cool features in 2018 iPhone we think will come are rear-facing TrueDepth camera that can track your face and use Animoji and facial recognition with Face ID. This is something Samsung already offers with Samsung Galaxy S8. And it works great.

In 2018 all iPhone’s will probably come with an all-screen display. Finally moving away from the iPhone 6 front that has been used for far too long. But Apple still is at least a year behind Android companies like Xiaomi. Feels like they are slipping behind more in the phone industry. Feels like Apple peaked around 2013. Not that much interesting has been happening lately. But we hope that iOS 12 will have massive UI upgrades. Like iOS 7 had when it replaced iOS 6!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 Better to Buy Than iPhone X!

Consumer reports are now coming out saying that it’s wiser to buy Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 instead of brand new iPhone X. iPhone X which is Apple’s latest high-end premium device costing around 1000 euros. Consumer reports is a company famous for testing the latest devices to find out which phone is the best.

The main thing that was bad with the iPhone X was it’s poor battery life. Samsung phones was performing way better in this area. I just wish Samsung would have kept the removable battery option. Even the iPhone 8 Plus had a longer battery life than iPhone X but just a few hours. Compared to Samsung. Samsung phones have many more hours of phone enjoyment!

The problem for Apple phone users is that it’s usually hard for them to make a full switch to Android. Because Apple builds an ecosystem of their products where it would complicate things if you just 1 day decided to go full Android. It would especially be more annoying to sync up your device with an Apple computer.

In terms of testing they noticed that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is more durable in drop test. And that iPhone X would have come out on top if it wasn’t for this category.

The main issue with iPhone X is the glass back which failed consumer reports tumble test where they drop a phone 50 to 100 times. This made the glass back break and create green lines on front display.

The two main thing they loved with the iPhone X was the display and the superb camera. The iPhone X also has an all-screen display which looks a bit more beautiful than the basic front on Galaxy Note 8. But iPhone X also doesn’t come with a stylus which can be a bit boring.

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