How To Become Real Wise!

Identify with your ignorance. Because it’s boundless. If you identify with your knowledge you think you know stuff. And you become limited. You need to understand the depth of your ignorance and how little you know. You don’t know a single atom in the universe. Intellect is not intelligence.

Keep your intellect but use it for it’s limited area. It’s good for survival. It’s good for entertainment. But it cannot take you into real intelligence. By identify with your ignorance it will open up the door to know. In evolution the intellect is a new thing. So we haven’t fully developed ourself how to deal with it.

Many start to cripple themselves with chemical solutions because they go crazy by their intellect. They get pimped by their own intellect. Don’t get pimped by your intellect. In our western education they overhype the intellect as a magical tool. It’s not. It’s useful in certain situations when you need to dissect something. But you cant understand the world with the intellect.

The intellect always tries to grasp for knowledge. Trying to take small bits and pieces. Real intelligence comes from enhance your perception. Look at things a look time by being an intense life form. You are the most advanced life form we know so we need to look with intense eyes on what did you do the last 10 minutes, 1 hours, 7 days…. That’s when real intelligence starts to kick in.

The universe does yield when you start looking into areas. I saw this wise man that said you can tweak the whole universe with your ring finger. Now that is fascinating stuff. Or how certain sounds can bring you into a specific energy field where it feels like your brain is in tune with another dimension, you can go real deep in true intelligence

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The Future Zombie robot-class of Humans!

I have this idea where this world might be going. Based on what I see happening in AI and robot automation. I predict a future of robot-class of humans.

The new robot-class do not create anything themselves in The New World. Nothing original about them. They dress like their group. We already right now have this massive trend of instead of creating original content on social media people instead share someone else content. And that trend seems to be growing more and more. It slowly makes people more lazy.

Future Man? 

The future robot-class that I imagine will live automatic life’s without any so called freedom as we have now with jobs. I just don’t think there is that much hope for everyone to have a unique job when we get close to 10 billion population and AI robot automation is on the rise to take over more and more jobs. Most jobs are extremely repetitive and that means robot can easily take over most jobs.

People are on pills… 

I have 1 theory that they maybe just will create a drug you can take to always walk around in a happy pleasure state. But will it really be happy mode without the ups and downs we get to experience in regular life. As far as what I have noticed in my life when I suffer a lot I know that joy is just around the corner. And that the suffering will make the joy feeling even better. The beauty I think with life is how it seems to be perfect in it’s natural state.

You have many people that are thinking about maybe that we will merge with the technology and become super humans. To be honest I do not think that is going to happen. It would probably end up be too expensive and if it worked the first people becoming superhuman would stop the rest from getting the same benefit. I think we are more moving into a dark age of zombies.

Wise Men Should Be The Leaders of Nations 

What is the solution then you might ask? Well as far as we know now is do everything you can to not become part of the robot-class. Be TRULY original. Break free as much as you can. Creating original stuff is noble and the only right way forward. What I’m suggesting is people need to stop being addicted to just consuming. We need more Plato and Aristotle prolific humans. Make sure it’s something you love you do also. Then it won’t even be work but will be tied to your deepest passion and make you excited everyday.

It can take along time to truly find out what you should be doing in your life. My suggestion is that you read a lot of knowledge books and that you write down all your ideas on paper. Or on video. Or your favourite way. So you can keep track of what your core ideas and values always comes back too. I made a great article about productivity telling you my Top 4 Favorite Apps on Android!

The Digital World

One massive danger and problem that I see is how everything is going digital these days. Shut down the electricity and humans won’t be able to survive for long. Also that all of our information will be going away without electricity. This is probably why they built the tall pyramids in Egypt like the Great Pyramid of Giza. They knew that if they wanted to keep history and knowledge for thousands of years they would need a hard material and create something amazingly beautiful and perfect.

Many people seems to believe we live in the smartest age because we have invented these so called computers. I would say that’s a bit ignorant. We can’t even build the Egypt pyramids today with all of our “knowledge”. So clearly people have been way more wiser and smarter than us in the past.

Evil Exist 

If you would take some ancient people into our year 2017 and they saw humans they probably would look at our phones as the devil. How much we stare into these things. Thinking that we are conscious of what we are doing when we are more in a zombie state instead of being out in the world and doing stuff. Living in the present moment.

You have many futurist scientist’s which is talking about this new robot age and where it might take us. Ray Kurzweil in his book The Singularity Is Near said this quote:

I have a hard time to believe this can end well. The ignorance in humans seems to be on a constant rise. And with more people getting spoon fed zombie stuff through their phones the more they will be moved away from an authentic human life experience.

Maybe Labs Create More Problems Than Solving… 

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future Fruits and Vegetables doesn’t even exist to eat! Everything is created in a lab. With strange ingredients we have no idea how it will impact our life. We probably also very soon will be getting a chip programmed in us to keep track of every human on earth.

I am curious how this new society will affect the crime market when there is a camera in every corner and is tiny . Clearly it feels like in the future everyone will just know everything about everyone. With no secrets. But will it awake humans or will it put us more into sleep?

That is what I am interested in finding out.


1 thing is clear we are moving into strange times that our tribal brains have no idea how to handle yet. I mean think how insane it is how you can contact any company or any person on earth just using an internet connection. How in the past knowledge was only something the royalty could afford to do. Now knowledge is everywhere but also a lot of garbage. Anyone can spread so called “knowledge”. Lots of things can be misinterpreted.

It does seem like we are moving into a more spiritual world where the physical environment will be less important. For example I believe that the idea of owning a house or a car in the future will be so silly. Everything will be rented. How to be original will also be harder the more humans that exist on earth.

There will be a lot of group pressure to fit into the sheep herd.

Just some things I been thinking about! Hopefully you enjoyed this article. Have an awesome day.

Best Regards,


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The Power of Attention

PDF(High Quality) Version:

Audio Version:

Today I basically want to talk a little bit about the the importance of attention. Attention is like an easier word to understand than Consciousness which sounds a bit more complicated.

Consciousness and attention they’re sort of the same thing in a way and and basically means you do not use your emotions or your thoughts and pay very close attention to the present moment this is something that we think we are doing but we really aren’t doing most of the time. 90% of humans in their day that for most of the time 99% of the time during the day they’re just going through all the autopilot mode.

Consciousness and living in the moment is not something people do. Usually with people what they are doing is they are either in the in the past thinking about the past having emotions about the past or they are in the future thinking about the future thinking about tomorrow thinking about next week it’s just it’s just not real it’s more like we are a robot.

Try this out!

You can see this for yourself you can set up a webcam or use a camera and record yourself doing regular day-to-day stuff the whole day and you will see how much time you waste and just mostly staring into a screen and you will basically see that you are not conscious most of the time. I did it to myself and few years ago when I tried it out and it’s like you are looking at a robot and it’s very very scary because you see you sit there for hours and hours and hours and you actually not getting anything done some small things that get done but if we compare it to how much you would be able to get done if you actually had pure clean presents attention as an easy word to understand this conscious concept imagine how much you would be able to get done.

Because what happens is when we think we use our brain and when we work usually we look at what people in our surroundings have so we only most of us use to do the minimal amount of work needed to get by because we have emotions we have thoughts about what other people have and we kind of want to fit in and all these roadblocks come up.

Ancient Knowledge:

Having focused attention and just be in the moment by using methods as yoga or meditation the whole idea is that we are not our thoughts or emotions we are just still present energy. I am currently reading an extremely good deep book about this topic right now it’s around 4000 pages long I haven’t finished it yet but it’s extremely high value book for the low price. I have done tons of quote savings from this massive book and am around halfway in. It’s from Swami Vivekananda a book summarising his teachings.  It’s called Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. What the ancient sages and the wise in India said was in terms of truth that they found was that we have a self in us that is not our emotions or our thoughts but it is kind of like a spirit inside of us that is everywhere and you can even call it pure consciousness.

The difference between us humans and other animals most of the time is that we can be more conscious of all the things we’re doing right now we can be super conscious we can just sit here and be super present and not using thoughts or emotions. And we can by doing this be totally Blissful and Happy. And your thoughts will try to trap you because you have years and years you have invested into your thoughts so it will be very very hard to get into this attention mindset.


You can call it Consciousness you can call it Focus but most of them can mean the same thing I think I heard a thing that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett say in some kind of interview where they got asked what they think was the best success thing to know and how they had succeeded in life and basically they said at the same time that it was all about Focus it really is all about that thing.

The problem with the intellect which is just only 1 part of your intelligence. The intellect that we use a lot too to think about new ideas and new ways to do things the problem is that the intellect keep slicing up things into smaller and smaller pieces and wants to understand everything but the key thing that these ancient Indian yoga since ages found was that  this is not the way to do it. The intellect keeps on trying to understand life that many of these things they can’t be understood using the intellect. The intellect is a finite way to do it. For example can you understand life by slicing it up into infinite smaller pieces? No you will just have sliced it up into smaller pieces and created more confusion.

Deeper Intelligence!

What these ancient Indians and the Yogi’s said was that there is an intelligence outside of all the intellect a intelligence of body intelligence that the intellect cannot grasp. Because the intellect is trying to use thoughts and this is beyond that kind of realm so to understand Consciousness pure Consciousness you cannot understand it with your thoughts or emotions. Need to be more in the moment to understand true life. The body knows more than your brain how to run things properly how to digest food and so on. And it does all of this automatic!

Real Food!

Being extremely present and be in the moment now there many many ways you can you can get help to get into this mode the main thing I found first is the power of proper food. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits. And avoid processed foods. Which you have no idea what is inside. Real food we can call it. Like vegetables or like fruits or nuts at least that’s what’s been working for me and they should probably work for most people because it comes from planet Earth it’s not made in some Factory or something. So basically what it does and can do is remove a lot of that brain fog we are getting from all this artificial so-called food which we think is food but it’s not really food. Fruits just makes your brain more able to live more in the moment makes you less paranoid about future things so that is something that is very nice! Yeah that’s all I wanted to say in this quick little talk hopefully you did enjoy and hopefully you will read more stuff that I will do in the future and yeah have a great day! Before I go…

One Bonus Book:

I also want to give another quick advice here about an amazing book that you will hopefully enjoy. It’s one of my favorite books of all time it’s called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It is on the same kind of topics as the Swami book about being in the present moment. But it’s extremely well written every page I feel. It is extremely helpful in making you to not think about your emotions or thoughts and use more focus on being in the moment and really getting things done that is right in front of your eyes right now. Real Life stuff! I will keep reading books and try to find better books as I go forward in my life journey. Thanks for reading this blog post!

I also wanna share one of my favorite quote’s from the Swami’s book. I have over 50 amazing ones!:

And a quote from A New Earth by Tolle:

If you know about any other helpful amazing knowledge book please let me know. Thank you!

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