Observe Form and Objects and How Power Works in Life!

You wanna create a distance between yourself and the object world. Don’t be trapped in form. Just observe form and interact with it. Form is not some universal truth. Your body is things you have gathered from the universe.

School was designed to create a system where you think you have no power over form, that things can’t be changed. They try to hypnotize you that intellect rules the world. Intellect is overhyped up as some God. You eat a banana and it becomes your body. That is more than amazing.

Deeper intelligence in you changes the form. Your deeper intelligence you are the ruler of. But are you your body? Clearly not. Because the banana you ate was not a part of you but now it is but your Being was there before banana. Clearly it must be a rejection of form if you can’t enjoy a small particle. All form is interesting and you can change all form. Form takes on different shapes. It can be liquid or solid or something else.

In some ways I really wanna struggle in life because the deeper you struggle the deeper the roots to your tree will grow.. All that pain creates extremely deep roots of stability. This means the deeper roots the taller you can grow in the long run. You can really feel how pain burns away anything weak. You go through struggle and whatever that is strong will survive. All the weaker parts will burn away. And you can truly appreciate life in a deeper way that’s the best part. Whatever survives that’s real and not fake.

When you really go and research how large the universe is then you truly understand that we don’t know anything! Over 100 billion galaxies they believe exist. Each Galaxy with it’s own amazing infinite mystery. With knowing this try to focus on observing the smallest particle and try to be aware of it. Once you do understand the smallest objects then you can easier move on to bigger things. Most people wanna start with the bigger things in life. Start with the smaller things and expand from there.

You have most power over the things in your surroundings closest to you. Other things further away from you in the universe it’s vain to worry too much about. The good thing is that you can start to expand your circle of influence by caring and taking care of the little things. Everything in the universe constantly expands same as your influence if you start with the things close to you.

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There is No Universal Truth!

Something that is very interesting about this world is how everyone has a unique experience of it. That there is no universal truth. Everyone will have a different experience. Therefore history and future are as empty and unreal as any dream.

Our life is like a dream or simulation. We have objects around us that we can be aware of and they have a life of their own if we observe them long enough. Putting attention long enough on an object and it will yield eventually to us! This is what’s fascinating about the objects in this world. Then we have our own intellect that creates a dream world. We can dream up stuff so they feel real and our body won’t know if it actually happened or not!

Time is also a mysterious thing. Main reason why we feel time exist is because we have a physical body with a limit on earth before it goes away. What’s interesting is that when you live in the present moment and are really putting a lot of attention into doing something time fades away and hours can pass by fast like it was just a few minutes. Did we speed up time during that time or is that just an illusion?

I find life extremely interesting as a male I feel this deep desire to have energy flow out of me and share myself with the world. I find this expansive energy very interesting how it wants to share itself with everything. I have mentioned time in this article the other fascinating thing is space. Space as in emptiness.

Even inside our body our atoms that we are made of is mostly empty space! Yet we are walking around like solid looking creatures now that is very fascinating. Because the atoms if I have understood it correctly vibrates very fast. So we have the three magical pieces: Space, Energy and Time.

Space clearly is a large part of our existence so it has a large importance. Space between words, space outside of our galaxy, Space in our bodies and more! I have found that if you clear a room and just let it be filled with empty space you can observe a magic thing with the space. It’s like something is living inside the emptiness.

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Be Like a Bird in Life and You Will Find Life Exciting!

Be like a bird in life. They are humble in life. They just walk around and observe things. Birds mentality: “I don’t know anything so let’s just investigate everything!”.

This of course is the same concept as Focus and paying Attention as I have talked about in the past. But it’s a good reminder. You have a greater intelligence that is available inside your body. Usually with intelligence people get stuck on intellect intelligence. But that’s only the mind intelligence.

Then you have the body awareness intelligence. The part that knows how to make all food you eat into you. Ain’t that amazing? I saw a video how DNA was repairing itself it was a fascinating view! How amazing your body is it’s truly fascinating. When you just absorb the moment without thinking you let this intelligence into your life. It can do wonders.

The problem with the intellect is how it slice things up into smaller pieces all the time. Your intellect never gets satisfied. It always feels that it needs more data and information. More information in our culture is hyped up as intelligence. But most people just use it to brag or boast to sound smart. Especially these days when you can get information so easily by a quick google search. The true awareness intelligence in your body that’s the real intelligence. That works on a larger scale. You don’t need your intellect to be able to understand Life and Love.

What you do in life really doesn’t matter at all in the present moment. You can sit and observe your hand for 4 hours and same intelligence will work as if you look at a little piece of dust for same time. The important part is that you are aware and do the focused attention properly.

We take it for granted ah just a hand but in the awareness phase you realize the amazing machinery a hand is that you take for granted in your daily life. Let’s say you open a door, well you do it really perfect. You put something down you really put it down with awareness of it. In this way you will actually know what life is. It’s an acceptance for what is at the moment with no need to get somewhere else.

One of the biggest secrets in life that I have discovered when it comes to success is to interact and engage with people. Especially now in our future robot society. Nobody is doing deep caring or thinking about love.

It’s so much superficial stuff. So that deep real engagement and interaction becomes scarce and something that people really value! And now I actually mean that you go all in for it. And genuine actually listen and being aware of the other person without judging. Be present and in the moment. Because nobody is doing this anymore.

It’s very easy to gloss over this. But it’s real sharp. If you can’t care for 1 second what makes you think you will care in the larger perspective. Everything in life is tied together. The details in life is what matters and makes all the difference. If you deal with unconscious people then the challenge becomes to not get your ego to get triggered, it will force you to become more present to the moment. This will help them to become more present.

The more digital this world is becoming the more people will revolt and wanna get service and communicate with real people not a robot or a zombie human… Nobody talk to each other these days but everyone wear status clothes to impress others that they don’t know…

People are gonna get so tired at “perfect” things the “perfect photo/perfect vacation” blabla bla, people will crave for aliveness that is real and with passion, that shows flaws and vulnerability. That is rare and becomes scarce and valuable in a world striving towards “the perfect experience”.

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The Money Chase Many Get Trapped Inside

The idea that money matters that much in life is just an illusion. Clearly it matters up to a certain point of getting your basic needs met. But above that point it really does make no difference. But people chase money in a wild way their whole life which makes money run away from them. They are not taking advantage of universal truths.

You can’t escape nature that’s the main reason why money doesn’t matter that much. We are still an animal with primal needs walking on earth but we are not that much different compared to other animals. Main thing that makes us different is we can be more conscious and self aware that we are doing things.

Our intellect can give us the illusion that we are moving forward more than what we actually are. Intellect is very good at slicing up things into smaller pieces. Let’s say you have a flower can you know the flower by slicing it up into smaller pieces? No but by observing it and not using your mind then you can know the flower. But the intellect slice up the flower in smaller pieces and you get this divide effect going on.

This makes life miserable for many people because they keep dividing life into smaller pieces instead of just living and Being. Being is something your mind wants to understand but it can’t. This is why many also chase Money and only think about the future instead of Focusing on the now that will actually solve all their problems! Also about Being it will ruin the Beauty of Being by trying to understand it. You can’t understand it! There is a higher body intelligence in you that can flow out when you quiet the mind and just observe life around you.

There is No Future and there is No Past. You always live in The Now, the present moment so to speak. No need to stress about anything or try to escape it. You don’t need more time to know yourself. You have already arrived, relax.

Truly enjoy everything you are doing in The Moment and you don’t need anything else and it also don’t matter what you do. You can get great pleasure out of everything in the current moment. And it’s very freeing to not have your mind going in loops because you now live more by using a smart awareness.

Doesn’t get any better than this it’s the highlight of your life. I was opening up a toothbrush package the other day it was really exciting. Because I was fully living in The Now. Especially the satisfying feel of the box and ripping it into pieces gave a satisfying sound. Then I burned it watching the fire in all cool colours.

Then I cleaned out a glass Nutella bottle and so satisfying to rip off the sticker sliding off so smooth when using hot water. The chocolate is a bit resistant to hot water but give it time and it will get loose, the glass look so pure when it’s empty of chocolate

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The Importance to Fail More in Life For Amazing Success!

One of the main ideas I like in life is to fail more. Fail more and faster at whatever it is you are working on. You need to fail. Outfail your friends! Outfail everyone. Every time you fail you learn new stuff. And we humans are very fast learners.

Just because most people are scared to fail it holds them back. So if you fail a lot you do something other people doesn’t wanna do. You become fearless and try everything to see what works. Now this is scarcity and creates value. Because there is a huge demand for innovation and people that test out new things.

Because here’s the thing. Even though you will fail a lot with this method you will also randomly run into success when you test lots of things all the time. It will make you very present to the moment.

One of my favourite laws in the universe is the law of large numbers or the law of averages. It means that eventually if you do something long enough you will get a ratio and can start to predict future success just by the amount of action you are taking.

Also you will not feel like “a failure” when you actually is expecting success. Richard Branson billionaire have said something about the main reason why he is a billionaire is because he has failed so much! The IBM guy said that the key to success is massive failure. Also what will happen is you will become like a kid again and see opportunities everywhere. Because now you can try out anything and the world becomes exciting again.

The other thing that I have talked about a lot also in the past is the importance of staying focused. And in today’s age that’s very hard. Because we very easily get distracted by things around us. Like friends/family/TV/News/Smartphone. Especially now with the smartphone age we have constant distractions around us 24/7!

What I recommend is that you create times during the day when you only focus. What has worked best for me is to do it in chunks. So focus for 90 minutes then take a break. Then do that a few more times. I think for maximum performance probably 3x90mins per day is good. You will need breaks to re-charge yourself. You can probably push it up to 5x90mins on extremely productive days. But I don’t think it’s good to do that for too much because it might burn you out.

But you will definitely have an edge in life if you can learn to turn off distractions and truly focus on your goal. Your RAS will help you to see new opportunity when you truly are focused on doing one task. Your adventure self will come to the surface! I recommend that you experiment around with cutting out distractions. Because in the future it will be even harder because virtual reality and better games will try to make you become an addict instead of doing something more productive.

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