Becoming More Involved in Life!

Your thoughts can never come up with something new. It can only re-cycle thoughts from your past data and experiences. Nothing new will happen in your life if you get stuck on data. The scary part here is you can look at something in your phone and feed your intellect. But the intellect can only compare to the previous data you collected.

So it can never come up with something new! It’s extremely limited to your little input. You need real life data experience. There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is you don’t know anything. You don’t even know if I am a human or robot! You don’t know anything how your body works. The good news is now you have time to explore the world again.

Because seeing the cosmos through your phone is not seeing and understand the life process. Scientist haven’t even seen an atom and it’s suppose to be 99% empty space! So we have no idea what any of this is or how it works. Which means we really really have to pay attention to exactly everything that is in our life experience and in front of us. Everything that is in my surrounding I have somehow generated.

So clearly this is where I need to start paying attention. Being so deeply involved in whatever you do. I saw it with the Italians how deeply involved they was in life in southern Italy. Truly amazing how alive you can be, a full fledged life. That’s what you wanna become. You are alive. That’s the most important thing happening in your life right now!

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Momentum and Riding The Wave Is So Important!

Let’s say you ride on a wave of momentum in life. Typically what you first wanna prove to yourself is that you can create a stable line of success. Where you can see over a time span a few months that you everyday have been getting similar result. That you everyday is very close at hitting your top.

You wanna see that you can stick to something and be just at the edge of your potential. And now you can see the motivation that if you just push yourself 10% higher you can pretty quick see result of that. Because it will stick out in your graph to a way higher level. But you need a longer track record of success in a graphic line.

This will make you be able to develop an extreme faith in the long term results. You are riding very close to your potential and one day you do a bit extra and you can quickly see that in your graph. You don’t wanna have this mega growth super fast. But you wanna prove to yourself you can stick to a task. And that it’s stable. Just like a surfer rides on the edge that is the most joyful part.

When you are just on the edge and you know the day is coming when you break it and you totally have earned it by putting in the stable work days. The stable line you can be proud over. It’s like everyday you get satisfaction on the edge compared 1 fast spike. The slow stable way that sticks with you long term gotta love it. You want to develop an extreme faith in long term results.

The most high status thing you can do is work hard. People are a distraction. Socialize is a distraction, impress others is a distraction, all in all humans have very little to offer you. The work should be kept hidden. Showing it is a distraction.

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Create Many Small Wins In Life! 12 Billion World Population In Future?

Getting a cool little Win. Breaks your reality. Makes you excited. Stacking wins upon wins. Get some Wins. Small Wins. Quick Small Wins. What’s most fascinating about Life is how small little wins makes all the difference.

Because it changes your faith and the way you challenge yourself. And 1% tweak on your life course turns out massive in the end. Stack up little Wins and they start to create Winner momentum / Winner effect. Small Wins are better than big Wins because they are easier to do and more stable. Big Wins creates distraction. Faith makes you invest way more energy than others because you see your small Wins tactic works.

I understand why people hold in who they are because we are being run by so many biological drives on autopilot. Just to have you be up and running living life and surviving most that is being done on autopilot.

But I really have noticed the abundance effect in life in how the more you give the more you get back in return. It seems to be some universal law in the universe.

I’m really curious how these Internet times will change how people communicate ideas with each other. I am curious how far AI technology will go and what impact it will have on society. That we are moving up to a population of 12 billion is really crazy! So many people will truly create a complex world with infinite ideas. It’s both exciting and scary at the same time.

Sometimes it feels like we aren’t progressing forward in the world but that’s because of our limited time span of life. The last 100 years have truly made life amazing for many people. It’s going to be interesting to see where society will move from here.

I’m especially curious to see what will be the next groundbreaking life changing device. Will it be virtual reality or will people grow bored of that. It’s a bit weird technology because you need to wear it on your head. Phones are a bit more free because they aren’t attached to your body.

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Silence and Emptiness is Magical!

I read many books to discover new hidden knowledge. Because this universe is full of all kinds of knowledge.

One great book I am reading is called The Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran. One great universal law they seem to have discovered and covered in that book was that universe is being guided by two main principles: Rita (Law, Order and Regularity) and the second principle: Yajna (Sacrifice).

The main idea behind sacrifice is that we sacrifice personal gain for something higher and more Holy. The way I look at Holy things in the universe is that it’s like a form of higher art of caring. But just normal caring reduce the magic but if we upraise it and look at things as Holy suddenly life gets more interesting.

In the modern western world there is too much Focus and Attention that is being put on the Mind and especially on the Intellect part. We give too much of our life away to the Intellect thinking that it can do magic for us.

The problem with the Intellect is how it always wanna investigate everything and cut it up into smaller pieces. But this makes our life’s more complicated than they have to be. Let the Intellect go back to sleep and rest in The Self. And just practice Being and just be Aware and have Attention on your current life experience.

I have discovered in life how Holy both Silence and Emptiness is. How it can create amazing stillness inside of us. And get more in touch with nature. In nature things happen more slowly. Our mind makes us believe that things move fast in the universe. We get more relaxed and peaceful when we discover the truth.

The Self inside of us is not our Mind or Emotions. It’s just our awareness. We can observe things in the universe. The Self is: Life, Light, Truth and Space.

An empty room creates a clean mind. A pure place. Creating areas of perfection in your life. It changes the way you view things. Life becomes less messy, more stillness and in touch with reality. Life is calm. Just caring for things is not enough, it’s when they are Holy you treat things in a different way.

When something is empty in life it seems that life can start to fill that area with new inspiring stuff. The Law of Abundance here comes in and takes part in that Process. And it’s very amazing!

People Love magic tricks and illusions and self-confident people. Seems like they know something you don’t, people wanna know Secrets it makes them feel very special. And the bigger the crowds you get the more it seems “This person knows something!” And the more you can keep on spinning the illusion! The Age of illusion and Manipulation we seem to live in. Now when everyone can share information easier at a global scale with The Internet.

Who can say something when you gain in popularity? You have large crowds listening to you so must be real right. What’s it all about? Entertainment. For all we know you care about being entertained in life. That is value.

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Paying Attention, Slowing Down and The Art of Unselfishness!

Paying attention is harder than you think. I keep a time tracker app to analyze amount of attention I spend daily. We are more blind than we think. You feel what’s the point in paying attention to a particle in your room.

But the key is after you can hold attention on anything you can do anything and accomplish anything. This is out of autopilot mode in this mode everyday is unique. This is also no more slavery. Because you see what others miss. This needs to be repeated.

Moving an object in the universe as you are walking do not let go of Focus on the object. This is the best moment of your life. Truly feel in your body that this is the best thing that ever could happen. There is an acceptance there in the moment. Not a refusal or feeling of wanting to escape reality. What you will notice is you can feel good inside your body doing anything.

Moving a piece of paper ah the feeling of the paper, the smooth side of it, the feeling of taking steps, the deep pleasure of moving a paper to the other side of the room. How could anything be more amazing than this. Putting it down softly. Even doing things slower can be helpful. No need to rush anywhere. Such a pleasure rush. You will also see that time disappears and hours can blow by fast doing anything.

Master the art of unselfishness that’s what you want. You truly feel how pure your soul becomes after few hours of unselfish work. Your light shines strong after that. Connected to everything. With the internet you can make a living without even seeing a single person. I become everything in the universe.

I don’t believe in motivation. At a lower level in life it makes sense but once you reach a certain level it’s just silly. At lower levels you want the flash Calvin Klein, Nice Home and a Ferrari. But when you evolve you realize it’s kinda silly.

Internet gives you an illusion of dramatic changes everyday. But nature and progress in life is slow. Internet = Chaos = Distraction Energy. I believe in slow steady progress without hyping up every moment. The problem with motivation is that it makes people feel more pressure. They say things like “It’s gonna be so hard!” haha it’s actually not hard to progress.

Money also gives an illusion of speed and excitement. People try to convince you that you will “miss out” in life if you do things slower. Meanwhile a bird is just walking around with no care for anything other than the moment. We play such a little role in the universe but yet we can change it all if we truly focus.

Treating all things as Holy would you have a problem in life? As we speed through time and thousands of years. I don’t think there is more speed we need. As we slow down all our work gets handled properly. Work that is well done get noticed. Be slower. Relax we will probably live to age 90-100 as the average length of life get increased. We got plenty of time my friends. Are we in a rush to get somewhere? No. Is there enough knowledge to go over already? Yes.

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