Eachine Got a Baby Light RC Quadcopter!

Most of the large drones today are pretty expensive and can be scary to drive to control. But you have another market for people who just want to test it out a little bit without fear of damage something super expensive. Eachine’s little guy is called E012 Mini.

It comes with 2.4G, 4CH, 6 Axis headless mode, LED Light, Quadcopter RTF, you get a protection ring against the propellers that is rugged so it won’t hurt people. In size this one is 65mm * 65mm! It also has a cool feature where it can do a 360 degree roll-over. Instead of just the normal WSAD flying experience. You need to be pretty high above ground to do this properly so you don’t crash.

In E012 Mini you also get a mode where the quadcopter can come back to you. You get a 2.4G back remote control to control the tiny quadcopter. It weight is 15g with battery and 10g without battery. The battery is 3.7V and 200mAh. Charging time is 40 minutes and fly time only 5 minutes. Flying distance is 30 meters.

You also get 3 levels of flight speed to have some variation on the flying experience. Of course the major negative here is that it only last 5 minutes of fly time. That is super little and 40 mins is pretty long charge time for that. Should be at least 15 minutes of fly time. But it’s hard to do with these tiny quadcopters with tiny batteries. What do you think about the E012 Mini?

Eachine has released some interesting products lately like I did a blog post on their new affordable FPV goggles. Which is good for a beginner just starting out in the FPV world. You can’t really complain too much on this quadcopter when it’s pretty cheap. I won’t buy it but I’m certain someone else will!

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Super Cool Micro Drone From Extreme Fliers!

Ever wanted to fly around but can’t afford an airplane or a helicopter? Well good news for you. Extreme Fliers got their new Micro Drone 3.0!

This drone can record video in HD in FPV mode. You can also live stream via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Inverted flying support, auto leveling, sensor-assisted flying, 45mph top speed, 3 flying modes and a return home mode.

So the cool part about this drone is how it both supports live footage HD recording to iOS or Android smartphone. You can do acrobatics and do free flying. Self-stabilizing CPU. It is also built in a metal structure.

The videos in Micro Drone 3.0 record in 720×1280 HD video resolution. You can fly the drone either with the radio controller or from your Android or iOS smartphone. Also you don’t get any strange wires with the battery but it’s easy to switch to a new one fast with it’s Li-Po battery.

With a VR headset you can view the drone footage in first person view. Overall a pretty cool package. I have been talking about VR solutions in the past about how it will take over more and more.

In the future we will be able to experience any reality inside of our virtual reality headsets. Especially when AI technology will be better and when we will reach singularity. That may even happen before 2030 so stay tuned for that!

With this package of this drone you get a first person viewer that works as a VR headset. If you want to see more professional solutions then I have made blog posts about Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headset. What do you think about the Micro Drone 3.0?

Be careful if it’s your first time controlling a drone. It can be a bit complicated to learn how to control it the first time using it. You don’t want to crash your first drone!

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