Eachine E58 Simple To Use Quadcopter!

Eachine E58 is a quadcopter! I have talked a lot about this company in the past. This variant comes with a foldable design so you can carry it around with ease. The remote controller has a place where you can place your phone to see a live view from the camera on the drone!

Main specs: WiFi, FPV, 2MP Wide Angle Camera, High Hold Mode, RTF, Gravity Sensor, Map Function, Camera Function, Headless Mode, Six Axis Gyroscope, 360 Degree key roll and High Hover!

The size of this drone is so small that you can fold it and put it inside your pocket. HD movies can be shot nicely because it comes with 120 degree wide-angle lens! Which is usually better than what most phones will give you.

The camera is a 720p HD aerial variant. It uses glass material as protecting the lens. 90 degree rotation downward and LED lamp with night light function. You can lock the height and position to be able to do stable hovering.

You can also draw a trajectory flight so the drone will follow it and you can point on your smartphone the path you want it to take! Perfect for lazy people.

If the wind is strong then you can enable high-speed mode to output greater torque! With 1 key you can make the drone return back to the original position!

The remote control is 2.4GHz! It has 2 joysticks but you can also control the drone with your phone if you like. You can detach the motor easy if you need with no welding. It can fly for around 12 minutes with a insert and pull out battery.

On the remote control you can do other fun stuff like micro adjust forward and backward, one key landing, photo/video, one key take off, headless mode, speed switch, 360 roll and more!

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DJI Mavic Pro is The Quadcopter That You Want!

The latest trend these days is flying around with various devices like drones, quadcopters, helicopters and more. This is a cool foldable quadcopter called DJI Mavic Pro!

The coolest features it comes with are: Folding technology folds down to bottle of water size, 4K stabilized camera, OcuSync transmission technology up to 7km of range, 24 high-performance computing cores, 5 vision sensors, ActiveTrack + TapFly easier creating professional videos, Obstacle Avoidance, GPS + GLONASS, Up to 64kmh speed, Up to 27 minutes fly time and easy to control with phone.

You can also see that with DJI Mavic Pro the remote controller comes with a large display to see video footage from the quadcopter! It’s weight is 734 grams coming with a 3830mAh battery, maybe a bit on the low side on battery side. Would want at least 6000mAh. But then it also would be heavier to carry around.

The camera being used is a 12.35MP-12.71MP camera. Highest resolution you could record in is 4096×2160 at 24p. 4K you can record in 30p. Full HD up to 96P and 720p up to 120. The max video bitrate is 60 mbps. You can insert a 64GB micro SD card.

The coolest thing with this drone is the ability to track a person then it will handle it like a pro for you for quality video footage. Three different modes you could use: Trace (Follow behind or Front or circle around subject), Profile (Fly alongside subject) and Spotlight (Fly almost anywhere and keep camera on subject).

This is also great if you want to take a selfie at home but doesn’t have a friend to hold the camera. Now you have a robotic flying friend to do that! The tripod mode indoors will make it fly slower and more precise.

Mavic Pro can also stay level headed if you are moving up or down terrain. If you want more battery life then you could use buy an extra spare battery! You can also tap to quickly go to a place making drone flying more fun and giving you a feel of being more in control.

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Super Cool Micro Drone From Extreme Fliers!

Ever wanted to fly around but can’t afford an airplane or a helicopter? Well good news for you. Extreme Fliers got their new Micro Drone 3.0!

This drone can record video in HD in FPV mode. You can also live stream via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Inverted flying support, auto leveling, sensor-assisted flying, 45mph top speed, 3 flying modes and a return home mode.

So the cool part about this drone is how it both supports live footage HD recording to iOS or Android smartphone. You can do acrobatics and do free flying. Self-stabilizing CPU. It is also built in a metal structure.

The videos in Micro Drone 3.0 record in 720×1280 HD video resolution. You can fly the drone either with the radio controller or from your Android or iOS smartphone. Also you don’t get any strange wires with the battery but it’s easy to switch to a new one fast with it’s Li-Po battery.

With a VR headset you can view the drone footage in first person view. Overall a pretty cool package. I have been talking about VR solutions in the past about how it will take over more and more.

In the future we will be able to experience any reality inside of our virtual reality headsets. Especially when AI technology will be better and when we will reach singularity. That may even happen before 2030 so stay tuned for that!

With this package of this drone you get a first person viewer that works as a VR headset. If you want to see more professional solutions then I have made blog posts about Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headset. What do you think about the Micro Drone 3.0?

Be careful if it’s your first time controlling a drone. It can be a bit complicated to learn how to control it the first time using it. You don’t want to crash your first drone!

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