DOOGEE X10 Low-end Smartphone!

DOOGEE has a low end phone called X10. This is one of their entry Android smartphones. Most people at this level buys Feature or Mini Card phones when they can buy an Android phone instead! Let’s have a look at the specs this phone provide you with.

Main specs: 5.0” IPS display, 512MB of RAM, 8GB Internal storage, MTK6570 Chipset, Processor clocked at 1.3GHz, 3360mAh Battery, Android 6.0 and 3G!

You can see they saved in on this phone when it comes to No 4G and No 1GB+ RAM. But great internal storage of 8GB. And the battery is really massive with 3360mAh!

The IPS display is a classical one with 178 degree wide visual angle. You get 1000:1 contrast ratio. Just because the display is only 5” in size you will get a great grip. The phone body feels premium with a sleek metallic frame.

The large battery can last for 24 hours in talk time and 16 days in standby mode because the processor is a power saving edition. Music playback can last up to 20 hours, watching video for 18 hours and be in call for 30 hours.

The phone comes in three different colours: Champagne Gold, Space Silver and Obsidian Black.

It’s not a quad-core processor packed inside but a Dual-core variant with a Cortex A7 processor. You can even expand the memory with Micro SD/TF card up to 32GB!

You probably won’t do a lot of gaming with this device but more take photos. The main camera is 5.0MP and Front camera is 2.0MP. What’s good to know about this phone is how thick it is: 9.8mm thickness which is pretty fat.

You can even use DOOGEE X10 as a mobile hotspot for other devices. But remember it’s only 3G speeds so won’t be the fastest technology like you get with high-end android mobiles. But feature phones also usually only use 3G for this price range.

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DOOGEE BL7000 Massive 7000mAh Smartphone!

DOOGEE BL7000 comes with an Xperia Arc design almost but it has a twist. It uses other materials! DOOGEE has made a ton of low-end devices that I have been talking about. Both super cheap and more expensive. Let’s see what this phone gives you!

Main specs: 7060mAh Massive battery, 5.5” SHARP display, 13MP Dual Rear camera, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, MT6750T Octa-core processor, 4G, Metal + Leather Design and 13.0MP Front camera.

The first thing that strikes me about DOOGEE BL7000 is how it comes with a massive 7060mAh battery! Might be the biggest size I have ever seen come inside a smartphone! I thought DOOGEE’s BL5000 had tons of battery with 5000mAh but now they are stepping above that with 2000mAh more which is insane and amazing!

Charging with this device will also be amazing because it charge with 12V-2A so super fast. You can keep phone in standby for 38 days, 20 hours of 1080p movies, 35 hours GPS navigation and 15.7 hours of 3D gaming!

In 10 minutes of charging you get battery life for a whole day! You get Samsung camera on both front and rear side with effects like Blur mode. Face beauty 2.0 will allow you to beautify selfies from every angle. In zoom you get 2X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom.

The GPU inside this smartphone is an awesome Mali-T860 MP2 clocked at 650MHz. You can expand storage up to 128GB with microSD card.

It comes with latest Android 7.0 Nougat with the best speeds and bug/performance fixes for optimal performance. You can also be pretty sure DOOGEE has packed their awesome UI on top of Android with more custom features stock users won’t get like cool animations.

It’s a pretty thick phone 11mm but I take it for +7000mAh! 220 grams weight not bad at all. You get a protective film as well when you buy the phone to put on the screen to protect it against scratches.

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DOOGEE X20 Cheap Phone For Perfect Specs!

DOOGEE X20 is a low-end smartphones but with Dual Camera and cool design! Let’s see what this phone packs inside this will be a great alternative if you don’t want to buy a feature smartphone.

Main specs: Dual Camera 5.0MP + 5.0MP, Android 7.0 Nougat, 2580mAh Battery, 5.0” HD display, MTK 6580A Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, WCDMA and 2MP Face Beauty front camera.

First thing that strikes me with this device is a quad-core processor for a low price with 4 Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.3GHz. And that you can expand the external memory up to 64GB!

The colours it comes with are Obsidian Black, Antique Silver and Champagne Gold! Clearly they are copying Apple in it’s naming process and colour choices a little. But competition is good it creates innovation and new cool products.

With the professional mode inside the camera you can tweak white balance, ISO and exposure. You are probably not buying this phone for taking world-class photos considering the low price. But it’s still very nice and impressive.

With the front selfie camera you have Face Beauty 2.0, Buffing, Whitening, Enlarging and Slimming. To create the best version of you. The front camera is 86 degree wide angle lens to capture as much as possible!

In gaming DOOGEE X20 packs a Mali-400 GPU that probably will perform a little worse than Galaxy S2 but it’s still nice for it’s price. It has a thickness of 8.8mm and a weight of 174 grams.

The user interface has DOOGEE’s own custom spin on it. I have used their UI in DOOGEE BL5000 and got to say I was very impressed with both the hardware and software that DOOGEE gives to you for an amazing price.

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DOOGEE X5 Max Pro Simple Beautiful Design Phone!

DOOGEE X5 Max Pro is quite an interesting device. DOOGEE as you may know are famous for producing quality low-end devices. Here they have created a low-end phone that looks like Xiaomi Redmi 4 smartphone.

It has a touch of Redmi 4 design but DOOGEE has tweaked it to make it be special and stand out. Redmi 4 kind of borrowed the design from iPhone 4S. What I like with DOOGEE here is how they have made the sides on this device be a bit rounded. It reminds me about Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia Arc design. Or a modern sports car. I truly love the creativity. Let’s take a look on the features.

Main specs on X5 Max Pro: 5-inch Display, Fingerprint reader, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, MTK6737 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz 1.2 times better than MTK6735, Mali-T720 GPU clocked at 650MHz, 5MP front camera + 5MP rear camera with flashlight, 4000mAh Battery, 360 Degree fingerprint detector and Minimalism Design + Symmetry.

There is something very simplistic about this phone design which I love. You can have up to 5 fingerprints in this phone with the open control functions: Camera, Gallery, Launcher, Unlock, Music, Video and App Lock!

The battery juice inside this smartphone will last for: 20 hours continuous talk, 46 hours music playing, 20 days on standby and 2.5 days with common use. With the OTG function you can use the phone as a power bank and charge other devices.

The UI on X5 Max Pro is based on Android 6.0 but customized to add a unique experience. Just like Samsung, Sony and HTC is doing. You can extend storage with microSD card up to 32GB. I like how the phone comes with 3.5mm earphone port. We don’t want smartphone companies to remove that functionality!

There are some clever gestures built in like: Double tap to light screen, Start app with gesture, Contactless control and more. The phone is pretty thick 10.4mm and uses a Micro 5Pin USB connector.

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DOOGEE TITANS 2 Crocodile Style Leather Smartphone!

DOOGEE TITANS 2 is a phone that has a stand out design. Most phones these days have a metal or plastic shell. But this phone comes with something different. It looks more like a super premium phone.

Like a phone Lamborghini would create and sell for thousands of euros in limited supply. With more software looking the same the ones who will stand out will be the ones who have a totally different hardware design. Let’s see what this phone gives you. This is the DG700 model.

Specs on TITANS 2: 4.5 inch IPS QHD OGS 540×960 resolution display, MTK6582 processor, Waterproof IP67, Outdoor phone, Android 5.0, 8GB Internal storage, 1GB of RAM, Quad-core clocked at 1.3GHz, Crocodile style leather cover and Extend memory up to 64GB.

The crocodile style leather cover is definitely the most cool thing about this phone. You usually don’t get something like that on low-end devices.

Cameras are 5MP + face beauty mode (I suppose this is the front facing camera) the second camera is 8.0MP with AF, True Flash LED, OV Camera + Face beauty.

OTG support is also on-board so you could charge other devices. It receives OTA updates and has HotKnot. Other cool things are you have many interesting gesture and motion control you could do.

For example in TITANS 2 you can: Flip to mute, Gesture answer, Contactless control, direct calling with smart gestures, double tap to light the screen and more! The phone is pretty heavy in weight 229 grams and 13mm in thickness. A major benefit is the massive built-in battery 4000mAh! With a quick charger it will fill it up in no time.

DOOGEE was also famous for putting in a massive 5000mAh battery in their BL5000 smartphone. My experience with this phone brand is that they produce great software that runs with excellent speed. Samsung can learn from this company!

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