ZTE Iceberg is an iPhone X Copycat With 2 Notches!

ZTE has created a brand new phone being called Iceberg that comes with 2 notches. As you perhaps already know Apple started this trend with the iPhone X. Now Android companies are copying Apple just as they did when Apple introduced the dual rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.

At least this design is a bit more innovative where they did that notch design on both sides! Very creative I have to say. It looks like a very beautiful phone when it comes to design. On the back side it comes with a rear centred fingerprint sensor. Best located to put it if you ask me. Another thing that ZTE did was to put a speaker in each notch. It really has a nice aesthetic symmetry to it so it won an award.

This phone comes with a glass design on front and back. Which makes the name Iceberg to make sense. This is great for winning design awards but if we are going to be honest it would be best to use plastic or metal unibody for durability. Apple started the glass phone trend with the iPhone 4. The problem with it is that it very easily breaks.

On each corner you can see transparent glass connecting the front and back to create even more beauty. I have to say that it was very creative move. At the moment we don’t know the specs on this phone but we know that it will be a global launch of it in many regions. Hopefully it has specs that are similar to iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. We have been seeing a big trend of Beauty designed phones be released but with horrible internal specs. I hope ZTE put some attention to the specs. Is this perhaps the most beautiful design for 2018? I think that it may be!

You can see on the back side that it comes with a dual rear camera. Something that is very popular these days. I really love how the all-screen display on the front is rounded in the corners. Yes the Galaxy S8 display is also that but this one has no bezels so it creates an even more amazing effect!

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ZTE Blade A3 New iPhone Look Alike Phone!

ZTE Blade A3 is a new phone that almost looks like an iPhone 7 Plus but it doesn’t come with a dual rear camera on the back. But it comes with some decent specs let’s have a closer look.

Main specs: 5.5 Inch display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, MTK6737T Chipset, Quad-Core processor, Blue and Black colour, Plastic Body, Micro SD Card up to 128GB, Processor clocked at 1.45GHz and Android 7.0 Nougat.

The screen resolution on ZTE Blade A3 is 1280×720 pixels. It also comes with an earphone port 3.5mm standard size. The cameras are not really that impressive. Front camera 2.0MP with F2.4 and Rear camera with 5.0MP and F2.2 and flashlight.

Fingerprint scanner on the back side. The battery is massive on the other hand 4000mAh! And with slim 8.2mm thickness and 164 grams of weight. The USB connector is the old Micro USB 2.0. Not new USB Type-C!

Another thing that’s great with this smartphone is how it comes with an option to insert two SIM cards. With the Dual SIM Dual Standby functionality! This phone also comes with support for 4G bands!

Plastic can be good if you like to throw around your smartphone. I always did that with my Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note phones. Then Samsung released glass phones and metal phones and they became less durable. It’s very sad actually because plastic is the best material to use on low-end devices. The phones last longer!

ZTE Blade A3 comes with standard sensors too like light sensor, gravity sensor and distance sensor. The Bluetooth version is 4.1. Which you can use wireless headphones with. It also has WiFi and Internal GPS.

Do you like this phone or do you feel like it’s missing something? I love it a lot! Because of it’s basic design.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 Leaked Render Shows S8 Design!

Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 version has been leaked on photos! And it has the Infinity Display just as Galaxy S8. They have moved the fingerprint reader to be below the camera!

But there is still a problem here. It’s too close to the camera! So you might touch the camera every time you just want to unlock the smartphone. How annoying! I can’t confirm this I might be wrong. You can also see a Samsung Bixby button on the side.

To go over the A series a bit quick I can say that the original A5 came with I think a ceramic back and material. The second A5 2016 came with weird rectangle design and it was hard to hold. It had large sides that wasn’t comfortable in hand.

Lastly A5 2017 best so far they went back to a more rounded design that feels more smooth to hold. Still a fingerprint magnet just as 2016 versions but now they at least come with water resistant protection.

It looks like Samsung is trying to learn from it’s past mistake with battery faulty Note 7 and S8 Fingerprint weird location. Samsung stopped doing their Mini phones that we all liked S3 Mini, S4 Mini and S5 Mini. It looks like with 2018 A5 that they are trying to design a Galaxy S8 Mini but that it will be called A5 still.

A curious question now comes to me how the Galaxy S9 will look? Samsung has changed the design on their phones every single year since the first Galaxy S. It will be interesting to see what they will try this next time! Because 2017 was the dual camera + bezel-less design year. What will be the big thing 2018? Perhaps AI technology. That is what Huawei now is trying with their new Huawei Mate 10 that comes soon with AI friendly Kirin 970 chipset.



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Servo V7 Is a Phone That Looks Like a Grenade!

Servo V7 is a super cool phone that looks like a grenade! I truly enjoy when companies do their best to try to make a unique design. Especially companies working in the low-end segment of phones tend to be very creative with smartphone designs. What we see these days with new phones is they are focusing more on the software experience and less on hardware experience.

The hardware experience is what you feel in the real world the physical sensation of touching a new phone for the first time. The hardware was extremely important back in the days. Nokia, Motorola, Sony and BlackBerry were all big players in this phone hardware arena around 10 years ago. The feeling of a QWERTY keyboard or interesting designs on phones before the software took over was truly amazing. Apple definitely ruined a lot of the hardware special feel.

Servo V7 right here comes with some interesting specs and I never before seen a phone that looks like a grenade. So let’s see what you get inside this phone.

Specs: 3000mAh battery, 2.4” display, OTG, 3 SIM cards same time support, Power Bank functionality, Outdoor mobile phone, Feature phone, 128MB of RAM, 2GB Internal storage, TF card support up to 16GB, Russian + English keyboard, Black/Green colour, 0.08MP Camera (Haha!), 7 Days of standby and 5 Hours of Talk time!

App functions that are available: MP3, Video Player, Camera, Recorder, Game, Flashlight, Charge other phones, FM Radio, Alarm and Bluetooth.

Especially when you look at the price of this Servo V7 feature phone you really get shocked. Less than new Nokia 3310 and it’s way more interesting both design wise and feature wise. Software is starting to become a bit overrated. Hardware can truly create a premium experience and make it feel like you own something cool. Do you like this phone?

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