Blackview A8 Max New Smartphone!

Blackview A8 Max is a new phone that comes with some simple specs for a low price. This is great if you won’t be able to afford new Xiaomi Redmi 5. Let’s take a look at the specs you get inside this device.

Main specs on A8 Max: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.0 Inch display, MTK6737 Chipset, Clocked at 1.3GHz, Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Gravity Sensor, External memory 64GB support, 8.0MP Back Camera and 5.0MP Front Facing Camera.

Dual SIM Dual Standby support is great so you can use two SIM cards at the same time. One thing that can be a bit of a disappointment is how it doesn’t run on latest Android 7.0 Nougat. This phone also comes with Mali-T720 GPU. They saved in a bit when it came to the amount of RAM only 2GB might be a bit on the small side if you are planning on multi-tasking a lot.

The battery is 3000mAh which is not too bad just a little bit below Note 8s battery. You also get 3.5mm earphone jack. You have a cool feature where you can double tap to wake up the phone. Something you also can do with LG smarphones. I’m not sure why not all smartphone companies have adopted this feature.

A8 Max has a full CNC metal frame which will be excellent to give you a premium feel for a low price. You usually only get plastic based phones for this low price.

I really like the camera design on the rear 8.0MP camera it’s in a nice box on the left back side. it looks extremely well designed. This phone comes in champagne gold, pearl white and stardust grey colour editions. The processor is even a 64 bit variant which is very impressive! Just wish they put in 3GB of RAM as well.

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Oukitel K6000 Pro A Phone That Has a Rare Design!

Oukitel K6000 Pro is a new phone that comes in very cool design. it has a centered rear camera and comes in a Silver edition.

Main specs: 5.5″ Display, 4G Connectivity, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, MT6753 Chipset, Octa-Core processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, Fingerprint ID and OTG Support!

K6000 Pro has three capacitive touch buttons on the front side below the display. The processor is clocked at 1.3GHz. Which is a pretty common clock speed these days on lower end devices.

The screen has a HD resolution of 1080×1920. Which is better than just a 720p display. Many can’t even see a difference between 1080p and 720p displays.

The Main Rear camera you get is a 13.0MP variant while the Front camera is 5.0MP version.

In terms of build quality on K6000 Pro it’s also excellent because it has a Metal Body. Which is more premium than just plastic protection. It’s also a splash proof phone. This doesn’t mean you can put it fully in water it just means it’s good for rain and easier water experiences.

The battery you get inside is super impressive it’s massive 6000mAh! Which is DOOGEE standard!

It’s also using the Mali-T720 GPU to provide amazing gaming experience. The Dual SIM Card, Dual Standby option offers you to use two SIM cards at the same time!

I also like how this phone comes with earphone support. It’s a multi-language phone with support for all the most common languages. You as well get the most common sensors as: Gravity sensor, Light sensor and Proximity sensor.

The phone is very thick 213 grams but not too bad considering the massive 6000mAh battery. I almost expected it to be a 250 grams phone. It’s not too fat either just 9.8mm right below 1cm. The battery will last for 2-3 days on standby mode. But most people charge their phones daily.

With the phone you get a protective film and OTG cable. It is a very beautiful phone with F/2.0 aperture, Dual Flash and Auto focus. I really like the design on the rounded fingerprint ID sensor.

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SERVO V9500 Waterproof Phone!

SERVO V9500 is a feature phone that is waterproof! This little boy here reminds me a bit about the Nokia 6070 design! Which was one of my first phones ever to receive! Let’s take a look at what this cheap affordable phone gives you.

Main specs: 2.8 Inch HD display large in size, 1100mAh Battery, 64MB of RAM + 64MB Internal storage, 4 SIM cards support, 4 Standby, FM Radio and GPRS!

V9500 comes in two editions: Gold colour or Black colour. The first big selling point with this phone is the impressive support for 4 SIM cards! You can remove the back side to input all 4 cards. This is perfect if you travel around a lot.

The design on front is very sleek with mechanical drawing buttons using a unique texture on the power button to improve the touch feeling. The processor is a single core variant and camera is only 1MP! It’s on the back side.

The display resolution is 480×320 which is very high for a display on a feature phone. The processor is by MTK which produce a lot of different chipsets for phones below 200 euros. I like how you can remove the battery. You can talk for up to 6 hours which is more than enough for longer calls and you can store 300 contacts in phone book. The SMS has place for 50 messages!

Other functions you get in V9500 are Bluetooth, Alarm Clock, MP3 support, Recorder, Flashlight. There is no information if you can insert a microSD card because it feels strange if you can’t. The display isn’t a touch screen either which can be good to know. It’s not running on Android so no play store.

I think the rear design looks very clean and the phone is rounded on the sides. I like it very much. What do you think about this device do you feel it’s missing something?

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ioutdoor T1 Robust Feature Phone!

ioutdoor T1 is a new smartphone that is a waterproof feature phone! It comes in two different colour variants: Black + Red and Black + Yellow! It creates an interesting vibrant effect on the front side. You mostly get white buttons but hang up is Red and Dial is green. It looks like a very robust rugged phone!

Main specs: IP68 Waterproof, 2.4 Inch display with 240×320 resolution, 2100mAh Battery, Bluetooth 3.0, 2MP Rear camera, 128MB of RAM + 32MB Internal Storage, Can expand memory up to 32GB, Flashlight, FM Radio and Dual SIM!

The speaker is K class loudspeaker, high quality TPU material used to create this phone, Amazing signal intensity, Screw sleek design on back and Dustproof + Waterproof + Shockproof creates a durable low-end device!

The battery in ioutdoor T1 will last for 1000 hours in standby, 1320 minutes in calling and 2400 minutes of music playback! The chipset being used inside it MTK6261A!

Some of the apps you get inside are: Recorder, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Wireless FM, Flashlights, Bluetooth, Music, Calendar, Video and more!

It has support for 15 languages so it’s a great device if you come from a non-english country! Sadly it’s only a 2G phone I would love to see at least 3G in this device! It has option to insert Dual Micro SIM cards for dual standby!

Some bad things in ioutdoor T1 is you don’t get any WiFi, GPS or sensors! And it has a pretty fat body 18.8mm thickness with 147 grams in weight! That’s a lot of weight for a feature phone. But it has some cool things going for it like the very nicely designed body. It looks durable but with some extra protection!

And the battery is very large for it’s low price. This is way better than purchase a mini card phone that has super small batteries for same price!

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DOOGEE BL7000 Massive 7000mAh Smartphone!

DOOGEE BL7000 comes with an Xperia Arc design almost but it has a twist. It uses other materials! DOOGEE has made a ton of low-end devices that I have been talking about. Both super cheap and more expensive. Let’s see what this phone gives you!

Main specs: 7060mAh Massive battery, 5.5” SHARP display, 13MP Dual Rear camera, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, MT6750T Octa-core processor, 4G, Metal + Leather Design and 13.0MP Front camera.

The first thing that strikes me about DOOGEE BL7000 is how it comes with a massive 7060mAh battery! Might be the biggest size I have ever seen come inside a smartphone! I thought DOOGEE’s BL5000 had tons of battery with 5000mAh but now they are stepping above that with 2000mAh more which is insane and amazing!

Charging with this device will also be amazing because it charge with 12V-2A so super fast. You can keep phone in standby for 38 days, 20 hours of 1080p movies, 35 hours GPS navigation and 15.7 hours of 3D gaming!

In 10 minutes of charging you get battery life for a whole day! You get Samsung camera on both front and rear side with effects like Blur mode. Face beauty 2.0 will allow you to beautify selfies from every angle. In zoom you get 2X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom.

The GPU inside this smartphone is an awesome Mali-T860 MP2 clocked at 650MHz. You can expand storage up to 128GB with microSD card.

It comes with latest Android 7.0 Nougat with the best speeds and bug/performance fixes for optimal performance. You can also be pretty sure DOOGEE has packed their awesome UI on top of Android with more custom features stock users won’t get like cool animations.

It’s a pretty thick phone 11mm but I take it for +7000mAh! 220 grams weight not bad at all. You get a protective film as well when you buy the phone to put on the screen to protect it against scratches.

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