Want an Epic PC Case With 3 RGB LED Installed?

There is an extremely cool case out there if you are building a pc 2017. It’s from Thermaltake. It’s called the View 71 Tempered Glass RGB Edition. It has tempered glass on 4 sides, it’s 5mm thick.

It also has two doors you can dual swing open 180 degrees, a vertical GPU float bracket, support for 10x 2.5″ SSD drives or if you prefer HDD drives then you can stuff in 7 3.5″! You can mount the radiator in 3 ways and can be up to 420mm in size. You also get an I/O panel at the front of the case at 45 degree angle. It has 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 and HD Audio input and output.

The three cool fans you get in View 71 Case that are pre-installed are 140mm Riing RGB fans. The doors that swings open are very useful if you want to build a PC with custom hardware, for a full modular designed PC. You can also remove them completely if you find them annoying.

Liquid cooling will look really amazing with this see through glass case. It also supports motherboards up to E-ATX size, PSU up to 220mm, Graphic card up to 410mm! Liquid cooling you can do with either AIO/DIY cooling systems. Three 420mm DIY cooling radiators at same time is supported, and for AIO coolers up to 360mm in size!

This case also got advanced ventilation. You can mount three 140mm fans at the top, two 120mm fans at the bottom, three 140 120mm fans in the front and one 140mm in the rear. 3 Riing fans are already included in the case. I like how those fans have super cool rainbow light!

So clearly this case is built for gamers who want to see their modular creation at all times. Most other cases usually is just a boring black box. So I really appreciate the creativity that they did with this case. I am currently just using laptops as my main computers. But if I ever decide to build my own PC then I probably would go with something like this! What do you think about the View 71 Case?

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