Nillkin’s Durable Frosted Shield Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro Smartphone Case!

Nillkin got a durable case for Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro! I talked about this ZUK phone today and the thing that impress me about that phone is it’s low-price but with massive amount of built in storage and that it’s running on Snapdragon 820 processor, same as Galaxy S7.

Check out my blog post about it if interested. Today I want to talk about a case for that phone. It’s called Frosted Shield case and it’s from Nillkin brand. Let’s see what it does!

Specs: Stylish, Sleek, Slim fit, Environmental material, UV Painting technology, Excellent hardness, Salient point design, Exquisite workmanship and Thoughtful protection.

Frosted Shield reminds me a bit about my current Samsung Galaxy S8 case called PITAKA. The nice thing with slim fit cases like this is how it doesn’t even feel like you are using a case! My glass back on S8 broke very quickly after a drop test YouTube video. So I had to get a slim case. And this PITAKA case now I can’t live without it! I think this Frosted Shield case here will do the same thing but for ZUK Z2 Pro smartphone.

It’s also an extremely light case that comes in multiple colours. The colours are: Black, White, Red and Gold. Other great things about this case is that it’s wear-resistant, anti-skidding, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean. It has a full 360 degree protection that even protects the sides from scratches or issues.


The button cut outs are precise on Frosted Shield and it doesn’t cover any important ports on the bottom or up at the top. A blue colour edition of this case would be great to see. It would fit in nicely with the ZUK’s default wallpapers. I’m pretty sure the ZUK phone has glass back so it’s a must to invest in a cover for this phone. So you don’t regret later if you accidentally dropped it.

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This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case Looks Amazing!

Spigen is known for creating beautiful cases. This time they have created a super beautiful Galaxy Note 8 case with good built-in features. This case is called Tough Armor!

This is a heavy duty case that comes with a built-in kickstand, air cushion technology, Dual-layer protection, TPU body, Polycarbonate back, precise cutouts and raised lips to protect screen and camera.

The air-cushion technology in all corners on Tough Armor case makes it so if you accidentally drop the device and it hits one corner then your likelyhood of it being saved is high.

The hands-free viewing experience is very nice feature to have because of the built-in kickstand that can take the weight of the big Galaxy Note 8.

I also like how the case has larger cutouts for the charging port, headphone jack and S-Pen port. This is good if you will use 3rd party hardware with your Note 8 and need more space.

It’s bulk free and designed to be as protective and slim as possible. With a soft inside layer you get easy to use buttons with a harder back material. This is good especially for the Note 8 that comes with a glass back that can easily break without a case!

It also comes in many different colours: Gunmetal, Black, Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold and Orchid Gray. Many companies these days like to make the colour name more fancy! I would love to see a white edition of this case as well, feels like it’s missing. Or maybe a pink/red variant! This case is available here!

They have also drop tested this case at 46-inch height 26 times! Of course this doesn’t mean your device will survive but it probably got a good chance at surviving! It’s also compatible with Spigen NeoFlex screen protector!

Not much bad to say about this case. The spigen brand is known for being able to deliver quality cases for years now. And we know they keep their promise on quality. Will you buy the Note 8? A bit too pricy for me right now!

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ROSEWILL Epic Affordable Mid Tower Case!

Rosewill got an amazing RGB ready case. It’s called ORBIT-Z1. It comes with two pre-installed RGB LED fans. So what else do you get here in this ATX Mid Tower gaming computer case?

Some of the features and specs include: Side panel window, RGB lightning effect + LED light strip, Micro-ATX + ATX motherboard support, 160mm high CPU cooler support and 380mm long graphics cards support. I/O ports on front is 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0 and Audio In/Out. 240mm long water-cooling radiator in the front support.

But the thing that truly stands out with ORBIT-Z1 is the RGB illumination! The RGB effects works in four different modes: Transition, breathing, shuffle and static. Some of the colours you can use are Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow and more! With the combination of massive graphics card and superior high front cpu cooler you truly can build an epic computer!

With an open window on the side you can always see the beauty of your hardware on the inside while you are gaming and shooting enemies. You also get great airflow. It’s a simple case in many ways that wins your heart with the excellent RGB strip on the front side that will make your friends curious.

It also has great feet it stands on and looks beautiful when you install two graphics cards to see them in the side window. I have checked out many other cool cases in the past if you liked this one. Do you like the ORBIT-Z1? I thought it was extremely original and cool looking!

Deepcool had a very cool case with LED on the front side but around the bezel. It was called the TESSERACT BF! Another amazing case I had a look at was the Corsair’s Crystal 570X RGB. Probably one of the most premium amazing case I have ever seen. Because of it’s window panel design on all sides. But it also cost more money for that.

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Acer Got a Wild Computer! Predator G3-710-UC11!

So currently I have an Acer Predator VR ready laptop. The 17 X model. I really like it, it got an edgy cool design. And now I saw Acer’s G3-710-UC11 desktop variant and wow! It also got a real cool edgy design.

It comes with Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700 clock speed 3.6 GHz, 32GB of DDR4 memory, 1TB HDD and 256GB of SSD. Windows 10 Home 64-Bit and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB of GDDR5 graphics card. Perfect for a VR experience!

The first thing you notice with the G3-710-UC11 computer is the case design that stands out from the competition. It looks like a boat in the ocean moving forward. I love it. It’s sort of look like an armor designed case. All black and red.

It has ports on the front side for USB and Audio. Audio is using Sound Blaster Cinema 2 for cool surround sound effects. It also comes with easy-swap expansion bay at the front, a headset cradle so you can hang your headset on the case! Nobody else can do that! And Windows 10 supports DirectX 12 for more cool games.

It really felt for some time that the phones would replace the desktop computers. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Smartphones have still a long way to go if they want to remove the desktop PC.

One boring thing with phones is how the games still lack a lot they can’t compete against desktop games. Or even console games. And for many people gaming is important to them.

And phones aren’t powerful enough to support Virtual Reality yet. But maybe one day it will come. But it looks like the PC is here to stay. That include Mac computers as well. Do you like the design on the Acer desktop PC or is it just me?

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Want an Epic PC Case With 3 RGB LED Installed?

There is an extremely cool case out there if you are building a pc 2017. It’s from Thermaltake. It’s called the View 71 Tempered Glass RGB Edition. It has tempered glass on 4 sides, it’s 5mm thick.

It also has two doors you can dual swing open 180 degrees, a vertical GPU float bracket, support for 10x 2.5″ SSD drives or if you prefer HDD drives then you can stuff in 7 3.5″! You can mount the radiator in 3 ways and can be up to 420mm in size. You also get an I/O panel at the front of the case at 45 degree angle. It has 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 and HD Audio input and output.

The three cool fans you get in View 71 Case that are pre-installed are 140mm Riing RGB fans. The doors that swings open are very useful if you want to build a PC with custom hardware, for a full modular designed PC. You can also remove them completely if you find them annoying.

Liquid cooling will look really amazing with this see through glass case. It also supports motherboards up to E-ATX size, PSU up to 220mm, Graphic card up to 410mm! Liquid cooling you can do with either AIO/DIY cooling systems. Three 420mm DIY cooling radiators at same time is supported, and for AIO coolers up to 360mm in size!

This case also got advanced ventilation. You can mount three 140mm fans at the top, two 120mm fans at the bottom, three 140 120mm fans in the front and one 140mm in the rear. 3 Riing fans are already included in the case. I like how those fans have super cool rainbow light!

So clearly this case is built for gamers who want to see their modular creation at all times. Most other cases usually is just a boring black box. So I really appreciate the creativity that they did with this case. I am currently just using laptops as my main computers. But if I ever decide to build my own PC then I probably would go with something like this! What do you think about the View 71 Case?

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