IPITAKA Case For Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Amazing!

IPITAKA sent me their Samsung Galaxy S8 case. It’s the S8 MagCase. This is a super slim and thin case that is using the material Aramid. It’s not plastic or metal. It has been used in supercars, aerospace and in aircrafts. It’s a material that is very durable five times stronger than steel.

I like how easy it is to put on this case. And how it feels like you don’t even wear a case. This is a good case for Samsung Galaxy S8 because it will protect the glass back. Also it makes your device feel more premium. And you still have a good grip on the phone. The case also doesn’t cover Galaxy S8’s beautiful curve.

It also has a metal plate built into the case. So it’s compatible with the PITAKA MagMount that works in a car. You can also still wireless charge the phone. There is also a great grip which doesn’t feel too slippery.

And it’s scratch resistant, zero signal interference and it protect the back camera lens when you place the phone down on table. So the lens doesn’t touch the surface. The pattern also looks great on the phone! I really like the S8 MagCase it’s my new favourite case for Galaxy S8!

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