BlitzWolf BW-S7 Desktop Charger Perfect For Many Phones!

BlitzWolf BW-S7 is a cool desktop charger with 5 USB ports! This is useful if you are having multiple devices that you need to charge on a daily basis. Gadgets like smartphones, tablets and amazon kindle. For me this is perfect because I have over 200 phones that usually needs a charge!

What’s also good with this charger is how it comes with an adapter for your region. EU/US/AU/UK plugs available! It’s a white charger. With Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The output is QC3.0 + 4.4A and awesome 40W output.

First you get four non QC 3.0 ports that works with 5V/4.4A and power 3S technology. The other Quick Charge 3.0 port supports multivoltage. All ports are fast but the QC port is ultra fast!

BW-S7 is using a NT60008 fast charging chip certified by Qualcomm. Quick Charge 3.0 supports 3.6V-12V charge and is also backwards compatible with older versions. Apple devices can also be charged fast.

Some other good things is you get an 18-Month warranty and premium performance that has been certified to be safe. It’s portable to bring with you but remember that you will need to plug it in to make it work! It’s 58mm tall, 91mm wide and 26mm thick. It’s total weight is 400 grams which is like holding two phones in your hands!

BlitzWolf is famous for bringing out both quality cables and quality charging devices. For me BW-S7 feel like a cheaper version of Anker but still with the same excellent quality! It would be cool to see this charger be available in other interesting colours like red and black. So they can match peoples phones more.

Most people these days don’t have white phones. Maybe a little bit of a built-in mAh battery would be nice if you wanted to bring it out to the beach or something.

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BlitzWolf Got a Durable Fast Android Cable You Must Have!

BlitzWolf’s AmpCore Turbo BW-TC9 cable is perfect for Android users with new smartphones with USB Type-C! This is a durable cable USB 3.0 to Type-C charging data cable. Let’s see it’s specs more in detail.

Specs: Quick Charge, Data Sync, Fast Charging, 3.6-12V super speed charge up to 3A, Supports: (QC2.0, QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC, MTK PE+), 1000% Faster speed with USB 3.0 compared to USB 2.0 cable, Super strong cable been tested to tow a 1.5T car and lift a person and Tough Double-braid cable.

BW-TC9 is built up by: Polyester Fiber Jacket, TPE Flexible Cover, Anti-jamming Aluminium Foil, 32AWG Data Wire Core, 22AWG Power Wire Core and Kevlar Fibers (Same material as in bulletproof vests!).

It works with most latest Android smartphones from Google, Samsung, Huawei, Letv, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Meizu, Lenovo, Sony and more companies!

Also what’s cool is the design the cable has. They have been creative and made it in red and black with gold-plated connector head. It has a bend lifespan of 5,000+ which is 5x longer than a standard cable. You also get a super long 18-month warranty!

In terms of safety you get a built-in resistor which protects your device against damage and overheat. This will make it so you don’t have to worry and can experience safe charging.

To charge your Android phone with BW-TC9 first side is Type C the other side is USB 3.0 it means you can plug it into many things. For example an adapter to the wall, laptop, computer, power bank or any other USB port.

The good thing with USB is it’s backwards compatible so USB 2.0 ports are just fine. But if you want to experience faster transfer speeds then you will need a USB 3.0 port which usually comes on new gadgets. Especially new laptops and computers and it’s usually in a blue colour so you can detect it fast.

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BlitzWolfs Fashionable New 2017 Earphones!

I have been checking out cables from BlitzWolf in the past. But just as KZ brand they also create earphones. Affordable ones with nice design! These here are called the BW-ES2. Let’s take a look to see what you get!

The specs are: Dual dynamic driver, Built-in Mic, Stereo sound, Wired control, 3.5mm plug and Red and black colours Beats design.

If we go a little bit deeper to see how these earphones are built up we will find these parts: Outer layer soft silicone earbuds, acoustic damping, acoustic front cavity, aluminium alloy protective cover, PU+PEEK composite diaphragm, 6mm dynamic driver, soft ear plug and in the back rubber back cavity!

The driver you get with BW-ES2 earphones will give you a powerful bass, crisp mid-high frequency and life like vocal reproduction. Dual drivers will improve medium and high frequency and give you a wider resolution.

These are not earphones that goes behind your ear like I have showed you with other variants. But they come with 3 sizes of ear-buds. The wire is a high performance TPE variant with material that is rugged, flexible and tangle resistant.

The basic controls that you get on the wire are: Volume+, Volume-, Call control (Answer press once, reject long press, hang up press once) and Music control (Play/Pause press once, Next Song press twice, Previous Song press three times).

Included in the package you get a BlitzWolf case, BW-ES2 Earphones, User manual, Ear-buds, Cable organizer and warranty card. They also look very fashionable and stylish and sleek in design.

The deeper audio specs are: Microphone, 108 ± 3dB sensitivity, 16Ω impedance and 20Hz-40kHz frequency response. I am pretty sure most people will be satisfied with these earphones. I am using Pioneer earphones as we speak and I’m very satisfied with them. Do you like the design on these?

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Your iPhone Cables Break A Lot? BlitzWolf Got a Solution!

Every had these horrible cables from smartphones companies that keeps breaking after a few months? Same thing that happens with headphone cables they always break!

BlitzWolf got a new epic solution. Their new BW-MF5 2.4A Lightning to USB Braided Data Cable is way more durable! This cable is 3.33ft/1m, comes with MFI and Magic Tape Strap! It comes with a aluminium alloy shell. And not just braided once! But double-braided in a red colour with nylon material to prevent knotting.

The magic tape straps that comes with the BW-MF5 keeps your cables in order. So what is this cable built up by? First on the outside you have the polyester fiber jacket in red colour, then you get a TPE flexible cover in white, further in you have the anti-jamming aluminium foil and on inside you have your 30AWG data wire core and 22AWG power wire core.

The bend lifespan on this cable is 5,000+! Also comes with a long 18-Month warranty. Everyone is used to the standard either white or black boring cables. This really adds some style to your gear. The data transfer speed is 480MBps and you can charge at the same time!

All the latest iPhone it’s compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 5, iPod nano 7th generation and iPod Touch 5th generation. There is also a similar cable for Android users that I might take a look on in the future!

Getting a good cable is something we are always lazy to start to invest in. Remember that the branded official cables usually cost like 10x more in price and last only a extremely short time in durability. This cable adds 5x the durability time. Which is amazing for the BW-MF5 user!

This cable does look the best when you rock a black edition iPhone. White iPhone it will probably look the worst with. Gold edition maybe in between. But with black oh wow!

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