Blackview A20 New Smartphone!

Blackview A20 is a brand new smartphone which is super low cost and runs Android! It has a very large display and a Quad-core processor for a mega low price.

Main specs: 5.5 inch Display IPS type with 420 pixels per inch and 18 by 9 Aspect ratio, 480×960 screen resolution, Android 8.1 Oreo, MT6580 Chipset, Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz, ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU clocked at 500MHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB Internal storage, TF card up to 32GB, Gray/Gold and Blue colour editions!

One sad thing is that Blackview A20 doesn’t come with any 4G capability. This phone also comes packed with a 3.5mm earphone jack. Something new expensive phones doesn’t come with! In terms of cameras you do not get anything super impressive. For example the front facing camera is only 2.0MP in resolution. The main rear camera has 5.0MP and 0.3MP lenses so it’s dual rear but not super impressive in how the photos will look in quality.

A cool thing with the battery is that you can remove it! It has massive 3000mAh inside! That is a lot of juice for a cheap phone. Another thing is that it comes in just below 1cm in thickness. Around 9.6mm in thickness. The phones comes with a protective film against scratches.

Blackview A20 has a very simple design nothing very surprising but I think it looks sleek and clean. Reminds me a little about the old Galaxy Nexus phone. It doesn’t come with any home button.

Blackview is a company that has done many other good phones. Especially phones that has come with massive batteries inside. I’m very excited to see when we will see 4G coming out on 30 dollar smartphones. Eventually that will come since the cost of production always keeps going down.

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Blackview P10000 Pro New Smartphone!

Blackview P10000 Pro is a new smartphone that comes with a massive internal battery. One of the biggest I have ever seen. The screen is also very large!

Main specs: 5.99 Inch Display, 1080×2160 pixel screen, IPS type, 18:9 aspect ratio, Android 7.1 Nougat, MT6763 Chipset Helio P32, octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz, ARM Mali G71 MP2 GPU clocked at 700MHz, 4GB of RAM LPDDR3 type, 64GB Internal storage, SD/TF card up to 128GB and 4G connectivity.

The first cool aspect about P10000 Pro is the extremely nice design. The battery on the inside has 11,000mAh! Which is like three Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphones! The weight is huge with 293 grams! The thickness of this phone is 14.65mm! I wish the Bluetooth edition was 5.0 but it’s only 4.1. So wireless audio might not be perfect.

The camera sensors you get here is first a 13.0MP + 0.3MP dual front camera. The rear camera has a 16.0MP + 0.3MP setup. And comes with F2.2 aperture. In terms of colours these variants exist: Grey, Leather Gray and Silver. Would love to see a Blue, Red or a Green edition. This phone also comes with support for dual SIM.

P10000 Pro is a bit glossy on the back side. Something we have seen more phones are starting to adopt. The build materials are Australian Calf real leather and high definition glass. The quick charge speed it comes with is 5V/5A! The display more in detail is a In-cell FULL HD+ kind.

Another super cool thing is how it supports Face Recognition technology to fast unlock your phone with face. Same as the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X supports! Samsung is making the memory for this phone and Sony the camera hardware! I really hope it will get an upgrade to Android 8.1 Oreo that is the latest version of Android for the current moment.

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Blackview BV6000S Red Edition Looks Amazing!

Blackview BV6000S looks like a phone ready for water! Especially the red edition truly stands out compared to other phones. Blackview is one of my favourite phone companies when it comes to producing low-end devices. Let’s take a closer look at the specs.

Main features: IP68, Waterproof, 4.7” 1280×720 resolution display, MT6735 Quad-core processor, Android 6.0, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 4G LTE, 4200mAh Battery, 2.0MP Front camera and 8.0MP Rear camera.

The core reason to buy this phone would be to get the durable feature. It can handle: Bumps resistance, Press withstand, Waterproof and Scratch resistance. It has a CNC full metal frame protective layer the guards the inside components of the device. On the screen it comes with Gorilla Glass 3 that is strong and you can use the phone with gloves on.

It comes with a good version of Android and with a UI that is customized. Usually just the stock vanilla version of Android is a bit boring! The material that will protect your phone against drops will be a soft TPU material that has excellent cushioning effect to protect your phone.

Good to know that the phone comes with 4G+ for the best speeds possible. 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. The battery seems to be slow to charge 4 hours for a 100% full charge.

Some interesting features inside the phone is you get an atmosphere pressure sensor. This is great if you are climbing mountains and wanna know the height of their spot. Pay with your phone with NFC technology is also pretty awesome. Great if you left your card at home.

The main camera has F2.0 which is a big aperture and the front selfie camera comes with 85 degree wide angle lens to take great selfies. You both get GPS + GLONASS dual satellite positioning to find out exactly where you are. Great when you are exploring foreign land.

You can insert 2 SIM cards good if you are travelling to another country and need a local SIM card but don’t wanna take out your original home card. The phone comes with a PPT button and SOS button.

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New Blackview BV7000 Pro Cool Phone!

Blackview BV7000 Pro is a rugged phone! I really like this brand check out my BV8000, BV4000 and A7 Pro reviews if you enjoy this company. Let’s have a look what this phone will bring you.

Main specs: 4G, 5.0 inch SHARP FHD display, Android 7.0 Nougat, MTK6750T Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 4GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, Micro SD card support up to 32GB, Fingerprint scanner, NFC, OTG Function, Type-C and Grey/Silver/Black colour.

First thing I love about BV7000 Pro is the design on the back! Looks like metal around camera and cool metal look logo. Combined with a black textured material. You get a large 3500mAh battery inside. The battery will last 624 hours on standby, 9 hours of HD video watching and 19 hours of talk time. You also get a 5V2A fast charger.

With the OTG function you can connect smartphones, external mouse, external USB flash drive, external gamepad to your device. You can also charge other smartphones with this phone!

You have a 8MP+13MP camera with HD lens and f/2.0. Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection working with gloves. IP68 Waterproofing for be able to handle tough weather conditions. Also a very heavy smartphone 223 grams but it’s mainly because of the extra protection and it’s not that thick for rugged phone just 12.6mm.

BV7000 Pro has been getting very good reviews from people. I think a big reason is because of the large internal memory and RAM. But also because the hardware design looks super cool. You won’t confuse the fingerprint sensor with the camera as you do with Galaxy S8.

This will mainly be for someone who wants a phone that doesn’t break down as easily as many other phones are doing. If you want a more slimmer designed phone then I suggest you check out my videos on Xiaomi smartphones.

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Blackview’s Cool BV4000 Smartphone!

It’s time to take a look at another phone from Blackview. I have both checked out their higher-end BV8000 and talked about their lower end A7 Pro. Both amazing smartphones with cool designs. But they have another epic smartphone as well. And it’s called the BV4000.

Specs goes: 4.7” Display, IP68 Certification, 1GB of RAM, 8GB Internal storage, MT6580A Quad-core clocked at 1.3GHz, Mali-400-MP2 clocked at 500MHz, 3G, Dual cameras, Tri-proof and Tough style!

The first thing that you detect with this BV4000 phone is how it’s durable. And how it comes with a stand out unique design that your friends will be curious about. The Dual rear camera is 8MP. It comes with the latest Android 7.0 Google Nougat.

You also get a massive 3680mAh battery. You can see that they saved in on RAM and Internal Storage. So this will probably not be a hardcore gaming phone. But lighter games will be fine. The most impressive aspects here is the overall protection.

They have designed it with a double colour molding process. You get orange/green/black + black colour on the phone. Looks like a phone great for a construction site. The screen has great corning gorilla glass 3 protection.

The camera has some cool things like bokeh effect, f/2.0, GC2385 Selfie and Beautify mode. A bad thing is that the front facing camera is only 2MP!

BV4000 is available in three editions: Sunshine Orange, Flora Green or Rock Black. And yes only 3G on this smartphone so not fast 4G. But I think that most people interested in buying this phone will do it for durability in the first case.

Because compared to a feature phone this is miles ahead. Especially with the large Google Play Store where you could download millions of apps to suit your needs. Do you like this phone? Be sure to check out the other variants as well!

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