It’s Not Hard to Win in Life! New ideas about Music For More Alive Life!

It’s Easy to win in life once you start in a certain field. The hard part is to create cascades of winning and long term winnings. Winnings that blend together. Fear of Death and using Bravery is challenges.

Whatever you put attention on you will pretty quick start to see great progress. But the things you really should be doing usually don’t scream the loudest. Those small tweaks are really key. The bigger things will probably have most effect but you already do them on autopilot so you don’t think about them that much. Therefore it’s the little new daily tweaks you notice and creates the shift.

And you will start to have more faith in them as you see the great result they bring. Whatever distracts you in life is Evil. People will tempt you with so many distractions in life. Just remember your attention is the top and of the highest value. Have attention and the whole world is yours.

Distractions especially these days doesn’t just come from Friends or Family but your ability to see what people from the whole world is up to doing. This cause you to compare yourself against the top 1% in the world and it’s really unfair towards yourself.

In the world we have been making amazing progress the last 100 years. Things have never been this good in the past! But still people are trying to find the negative with these times even though everything is better. We quickly adjust and can become very entitled. We need more stop and smell the roses moments.

A good thing you can do with music in life to not make it a zombie experience is find a website that daily release new songs in your niche from new artists. Download some songs. And actually question: “Do I like this?”, “Is this good Music?”, “Is this Bad music?”, “What makes me like this song?”. This makes music into more of an active engaging process instead of just clicking on a new song in Spotify.

This makes it into a more exciting process. It takes more work but it’s also more rewarding to listen to. But it’s more just about teaching you to do it with consciousness. It’s actually way more fun! Because in the end you are an alive human being. And what’s most rewarding is being truly engaged in a process right this moment. By amping up the intensity of your attention.

Many times this is even greater music because it’s not mainstream yet. Mainstream stuff needs to be dumbed down to suit the mainstream masses. What we call music these days are mainly just stuff formatted in a way to make the most amount of money. To do that you need to do more simpler works that larger groups of people could relate with.

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ZEALOT B21 Bluetooth Headphones!

ZEALOT B21 are some cool Bluetooth headphones with a sleek headset design. They coolest thing with these is how they come with a touch button on the side science fiction style!

Main specs: Lightweight, Slide Touch, Stereo, AUX, Wireless, Bluetooth, Mic and Gesture Control.

The coolest thing with this headset is the gesture control! You do this with the round touchpad on the side of the headset. You can do things like: Slide to left: Previous song, Slide to right: Next song, Slide up: V+, Slide down: V-, Click middle button: Play/Pause!

You get a very heavy bass with ZEALOT B21! It has a powerful 40mm big dynamic driver installed. That is dual! Rich details so you can enjoy music like hardstyle and hardcore music. Or house music if that’s your thing!

The design on these headphones are over-ear with a massive earmuff design. The material is very soft and comes in a acoustic seal structure to reduce sound leakage.

Your friends will be super impressed because they also come in a great design! The size on the earmuff is 85mm wide and 95mm tall. And they don’t put any pressure on your ears!

The earmuffs comes with an inner inclined shaft structure that is stable while wearing.

Some specs on the built in battery are 500mAh that will give you 10 hours of music time and they can last up to 300 hours on standby. Another cool thing is that they are both portable and foldable! Perfect when you bring them with you on travels on other fun stuff!

ZEALOT B21 come with Clear sound, Smart chip, Clear call and connect a cable with AUX if you prefer that! The chip they selected is the CSR8635 and works awesome with lossless music.

The headband can stretch out to 2.6CM if you have a very large head. And the piano design makes them look extremely fashionable. They come in three different colours Black, Brown + Silver and Black + Silver. I personally would prefer the Silver and Black variant. Brown variant looks a bit too much grandpa style for me!

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BOROFONE TWS02 Wireless Sleek Headphones!

BOROFONE TWS02 are wireless dual Bluetooth earphones! That looks very cool because they don’t even have a cable to connect left and right together. Let’s see what’s inside.

Specs: Mini in-ear, Metal charging contacts, side in-ear structure, Integrated charging and storage, 40mAh battery in each earbud, 320mAh battery in rechargeable headset storage box and Charging indicator.

You get simple controls on TWS02 with one-key operation on each earbud: Power On/Off, Bluetooth connection, Call Answer/Hang up and Music Play/Pause.

These mini in-ear are perfect when driving, business, playing sports or when you want to make calls convenient. The earbuds have a blue and red LED you will see when connection them together. It looks very vibrant and beautiful.

You can select if you want to use both earbuds dual mode or one earbud mono mode. One can be great when you need to hear what’s going on around you. The earbuds also come with a super ergonomic modern design that stands out. Looks like a Nintendo product almost.

Also when you get these earphones what’s good to know is the volume is the loudest by default so adjust that before putting them on. In terms of music listening you can Play/Pause the songs from both earbuds independent button. But only one earbud can answer calls and take care of those controls.

Charging these earbuds takes around 1.5-2 hours and the charging box takes the same time. You can talk for around 2 hours and work for 2 hours. Standby time is 180 hours. I have to say that 2 hours of time is a little bit small it’s great for doing something for 1 hour and then have music when you walk home. But I think earbuds at least should last 4 hours.

The frequency response on TWS02 are 20-20kHz and transmission distance is 10 meters with Bluetooth 4.2 version. Same distance as with the OVLENG S8 that I talked about earlier today.

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Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones Great Limited Deal Right Now!

Klipsch is famous for their great in-ear and speakers. Now on Newegg you can get their Klipsch R6i for an extremely low price. I have mostly used their Klipsch x10 in the past and loved the balanced sound!

What are the specs on these headphones? Dual magnet, dynamic moving coil micro speaker, flat tangle-resistant cable, unique oval ear tips, black + white finish, carrying case with the purchase, clothing clip, 4 ear tip pairs, three-button remote + Mic for iOS devices.

Klipsch R6i are a bit larger in size than the Klipsch X10i variants. Also a lot of peoples main complaint on these earphones is how they sometimes can fall out your ear, or that the three button remote is too high up and others have said it only last 6 months before breaking.

But the reviews are mixed. Many people give them 5 stars and say that these in-ear will give you 300 euro headphone quality sound. Also now with the price so low would it really be that bad if they break in 6 months? I don’t really think so. All my headphones have always been breaking within a year. Feels very standard in this industry.

The only headphones that has lasted longer for me has been my BOSE Quiet Comfort 25 headphones! But even them the cable broke before 2 years hit. I am thinking about testing out more headphones in the future. There are so many different variants. I usually prefer the in-ear variant because the ones that comes shipped with phones usually always fall out of your ear. Or they don’t block external noise so well.

Only Sony smartphones I have felt comes with some decent headphones. Samsung and Apple I really can’t stand their headphones. They always fall out from your ear or have a flimsy cable. Or you get these cables that produce noise while you are walking.

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Klipsch Nice Looking Bookshelf Speaker RB-10!

Klipsch got some nice looking speakers. Especially when you consider their excellent colour choice. Black and Copper colour. These speakers come in pair. They are called the RB-10!

Some of the specs on these speakers include: Video-shielded, Bass-reflex design, Frequency response 90-20,000 Hz, 8-ohm impedance, sensitivity 90dB, handles up to 50 watts, Tractrix horn with 1″ titanium tweeter, 4″ cerametallic woofer, black woodgrain vinyl finish and keyhole slot for easy wall-mounting.

RB-10 speakers is suppose to deliver you with a superior sound-quality when it comes to music and audio listening. Is it true? From my experience Klipsch can deliver really balanced sound with their in-ear speakers. And I’m sure these bookshelf speakers doesn’t disappoint!

It can also be placed near computer monitors or other gadgets without any strange interference and keep up same quality of audio. One of the materials used here is partly anodized aluminium. It also has great internal wiring with quality components being used.

It has a keyhole on the back so you can easily mount it on the wall. I have always been to lazy to set up my speakers on the wall but it’s nice how it exists! I do enjoy the low price as well for this pair. Same price as their quality Klipsch X10 in-ear headphones. What do you think about the RB-10 in design and feel?

These days I think for standard gaming or just regular YouTube watching that built in speakers in monitors or laptops will do just fine. But if you are someone who watch lots of DVDs or Bluray movies regularly then some speakers might be worth to invest in.

Especially if you want some dramatic effects to be added in movie scenes. Or if you want to build a home cinema room then speakers is a must too. Sound is important in gaming too but most people that play professionally just use a pair of headsets. For music listening some speakers can be nice as well but not play too loud then the neighbour will get angry!

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