PP GUN Mini is a Cool Gun Gamepad for iOS and Android!

Ever wanted a super cool gamepad for iOS or Android? PP GUN Mini is here! This is a gamepad that looks like a weapon. Perfect for FPS games.

So what are the specs? Mini motion sensor, Can work as selfie stick, Bluetooth 4.0, White colour, Pistol design with pistol rack, Easy to install phone on standard picatinny rail, LG battery cell 2600mAh, Recoil feeling, Change view by turning body, shoot by pulling the trigger and Mapping functions for keys on gamepad.

The size of smartphones it’s compatible with are the ones that are 4-6 inches in size. It’s weight is 220 grams, if you want more game support then you need to jailbreak iPhone or root Android phone. It does look a bit plastic and toy look with the white design. Looks like something from a LEGO movie.

You also get a USB cable with the PP GUN Mini and a manual while purchase. The USB slides in nicely in the front of gamepad. It’s really large so it gives you a wow first look impression. The colour it has are orange, black and white.

And the buttons if comes with are first on left side: Joystick, Power switch, Deformation button, Camera key, 8/N key, 6/M key, Gyroscope lock key, 7/B key and 9/K key (this is trigger button).

On right side you have: 4/H key, 1/U key, 2/I key, 5/J key, EN (Enter) key, Multi-function USB output, F key, R key and 3/O key.

It also comes with a cool case! I have only tried out standard gamepads that looks like a PS4/Xbox One game controller. But seeing this makes me very excited. Do you enjoy this Mini gamepad?

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Teclast Master T10 is a Tablet PC!

I haven’t talked a lot about tablets but I think I will make more articles about it. One cool new tablet you can get is the Teclast Master T10. With latest Android 7.0 Nougat!

It’s specs include: MTK8176 hexa core 1.7GHz processor that can go up to 2.1GHz, 10.1 inch sharp 10-point IPS screen with high brightness, 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, 128GB TF card expansion option up to 128GB, Dual cameras, 8MP rear AF, 13MP front facing camera and Dual band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi.

Some more specs on Master T10 are: IMG GX6250 GPU, Bluetooth 4.0, 25060×1600 screen resolution, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB slot, 8100mAh battery, all metal on back cover and dual-channel built-in speaker!

The first thing you will notice about this tablet is the beauty of the display and design of it! It also comes with an auto light sensor and eye care mode to protect you from blue light. A cool reading mode available as well.

In terms of charging it’s quick charge, and 8 hours of video playback is very impressive, a power saving mode available if you need to save a lot of battery. You can lock photos with app lock.

In terms of sound it’s using the AW8376 amplifier unit and latest Gen SWEET sound speaker to improve tone quality. The amplifier will produce loud sweet audio.

For me Master T10 looks a bit like Sony in design. Extremely clean with a white front and back. And the UI looks great too with latest Android.

A tablet like this can be good if you want to watch movies or play games on the go. But don’t want to bring a large laptop or a tiny phone. Sometimes you need something in between. A tablet!

But both Samsung and Apple tablets are overpriced. Especially when you can get quality for way lower.

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GPD XD Game Tablet Looks Like A Nintendo 3DS But Runs Android!

Ever wanted a gaming console that had the looks of a 3DS but was running Android for all the great Android games? Well that now exist! It’s called the GPD XD Game Tablet.

The specs of it are: 64GB Internal storage, 5-inch 1280×720 IPS display, RK3288 Quad-core 600MHz processor, 6000mAh battery, Touch screen + keys, Mali-T764 GPU, Android 4.4 KitKat, Wine red colour, 2GB of RAM and HDMI.

GPD XD also comes with some other cool things like buttons similar to PS4, working as a NDS emulator to play games smooth, other emulators being built-in. One of the favourite thing I like here is the massive 6000mAh battery. They really didn’t go cheap in that area!

The AnTuTu benchmark score it get’s are 47 thousand, support for 1800 heavy phone games. You can map various keys as well. And it’s nice how it’s both touch display and hardware buttons. All the cool glassic games from PSP, PS1, N64, GBA you can also play!

You can complain a little bit here that it’s only running Android 4.4 instead of Android 7.1.1 Nougat. But I don’t think it will be a major issue in most of the cases. You can also rotate the joystick around 500 million times so good nice long life span!

It has all the buttons you would need, D-Pad, L3, R3, Joystick 1, Joystick 2, ABXY buttons, Start, Speaker 1, Return Key, Speaker 2, Indicator light, Select, Volume Minus, Volume Plus, Function, Mic, Button-mapping function, Vent, Home, L1, L2, Earphone, HDMI, USB, TF-CARD, R2 and R1!

Really is there any more buttons you could possible need? HDMI port perfect to hook it up to TV and play multiplayer games with friends or family!

GPD XD  seems like an extremely well made product. Nice if you want one game console that can truly do all you want! It’s not super cheap but again it can handle thousands of games for you.

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Space Colony Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to review another great live wallpaper that will show space colonies on your home screen and lock screen! The app is called Space Colony!

What you will see is large skyscrapers. Looks like a big city like New York. And then you see UFO plane in the air! And you also see small planes. You also in the far distant see the bright sun shining. The camera is moving around in circles so you can see more of the city. Overall a very beautiful live wallpaper!

You can select between 8 different Colony Place’s: Gelidon’s Moon, Clouds on Doa Planet, New Hope Planet, Atlantis Underground, Melanea’s Moon, Naton Planet, Zera Moon and Galidon Planet!

The Moon will show you a large moon in the air! Over the sun. The Clouds on Doa will show you beautiful bright clouds in front of the sun. New Hope looks very futuristic with almost mountains in the background. Underground looks green and like you are in a green cave. You also have an UFO plane above in this one!

Another Moon variant with sharp red sticks in the background. Looks like the devils world! Naton looks like Munich mountains in the far distant. Zera looks a bit like Doomsday has come and Skynet is here! Galidon has UFO ship again and looks like you are on a grey planet!

Next up you have some important colour settings. You can change the aura of the city! These colours are available: Red, Blue, Green and Violet! You can also turn aura off and tweak it’s power. You can also illuminate a colour from the buildings: Red, Orange, Blue, Green and Violet variants!

You also have options to switch between different camera tracks. 7 tracks available. You have a big ship you can enable or disable. Either the Mother Ship Q or HQ USS-71 Atlantis ship. Decide which one you like the most! There is also a random timer you can use if you just want random settings to be decided at a certain time.

There is also an option to disable accelerometer if you don’t want that moving effect. If you want to save battery life then there is also options for that. Overall this is a very futuristic cool live wallpaper that runs great on the Samsung Galaxy S8! Yesterday I checked out another amazing app from the same developer and it’s called Planet Packs. Be sure to check that blog post out if interested in more cool apps! Here is a link again to Space Colony app on Google Play Store!

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Final Fantasy 3 Samsung Galaxy S8 Gameplay Review!

Audio Version:

Today I want to review the game Final Fantasy 3 by Square Enix. This game was one of the first I bought for my Nintendo DS Lite in 2007. And now they have made it into an Android game you can download from the Google Play Store!

This game starts off with you being a character falling down into a cave in fantasy world. You instantly get attacked by various monsters and learn you need to fight to gain experience and to survive.

This game has great music already from the beginning. In the first cave you both find chests and secret rocks. You tap on items to activate them. In one chest at the beginning it contained a longsword. Sometimes chest’s contains other things like potion that you can use to heal your character. You use a virtual joystick to move around the character with ease.

The battles against monsters will attack automatic inside the cave when you are walking around. In battle you have 3 options. Attack, Magic and Guard. You can also run away from the battle!

In the right bottom corner you see your health bar. The goblin monsters you will attack at the beginning of the game are fairly easy to win over. When you win you gain Gil & EXP. And sometimes your job level increase!

Up in the top right corner of the screen you have your main menu. In here you can see different menus: Item, Magic, Equipment, Status, Formation, Job, Config, Quicksave, Save. The amount of Gil you have. And your full party. Which can include 3 others so 4 in total. Your starting job is Freelancer and on Level 1. HP and MP you can also see. Which is for health and magic powers.

In the items page you can see how powerful each item is in various categories like Defence and Attack. You can go in and equip your player with new items you find. You can carry a tool in right hand and left hand for attack. For Defence you can have protection items on head, body and arms.

The status page is good when you wanna see how much EXP it takes to level up to the next level. Also it only seems to show when you will level up your player and that the job level it levels up kind of random.

Outside of Attack and Defence you have deeper modes as Magic Defence. And Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intellect and Mind that you can level up!

I like the graphics in this game. How they move the camera when it’s in battle time from a top view to a closer behind the player view. It makes the game feel modern even when it’s older. I also like how there is no in-app purchase options. You can also save the game to the cloud.

You will sometimes meet bosses which will be harder to defeat. One of the first bosses you will meet is a giant turtle. If you lose the game and no save then there is complete game over and you have to restart again.

It will take some time to level up in this game. And a lot of same training. But that’s what makes you appreciate it more. That you have to work hard for progress. And the cloud saving works great on Android.

Your goal in the game is to spread light in the world. The Crystal came to you and told you was the chosen one. And the elders from the city says you are the chosen one too. The Crystal doesn’t want the world to fully become just darkness. You have to seek out other light people to help you on your journey.

The challenges in this game reminds me about life’s real world challenges. With constant training in this game. It’s kind of like real life. Everyday there are new struggles and challenges we have to overcome. Quite inspiring to be honest.

Outside of the cave when you win against the turtle you are back up on land. Where you can find ton’s of worlds and people to explore. And cities with stores where you can buy various items for protection and attack. For example I noticed you can’t use a bow and longsword at the same time. But two longswords are fine.

In the forrest out in the world you will encounter a ton of new monsters. Each time your job level goes up your attacks seems to become stronger. What makes the game fun is sometimes you have to figure out stuff yourself. By hearing clues from the people you talk to. You slowly get guided into the right direction. Sometimes you miss something and have to go back and try to solve it. It’s fun.

You quickly gain the option to expand the party with 2 more people and you need to find a mysterious ring to heal a lot of people that has turned sick. You will be using a flying ship and go on travels in harder caves where you need to train with your party to level them up. Meeting harder monsters.

This is a highly fun game with amazing music and storymode. But it will take a lot of time and energy to really go deep in this and make progress. And the game can be frustrating if you want to do fast progress. Because level up will take a lot of effort inside this game.

Gameplay performance is great on Samsung Galaxy S8, just some minor slow downs but nothing too serious. There are a bunch of other Square Enix Final Fantasy game’s available in the Google Play store as well as the iTunes App store for iPhones and iPads. Many with high quality ratings.

The menus in the game are super easy to understand what they do. Many new games are very confusing in the game system. Not this. And it’s pretty easy to know sort of where you should go in the game. But it at the same time keeps up a nice story mode and gives you many surprises that draws you into the game and want to keep playing.

Here is a link again to the game in the Play Store.

And here is a link for iTunes App Store app.

Thanks for reading!

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