Will AI Become Smarter Than Humans Soon?

There is a new documentary you can watch online which is being called “Do You Trust This Computer”. It talks about the dangers of future super intelligence. As you probably already know we are moving into an Age where computers and our smartphones are constantly becoming more powerful. And we will soon probably create AI or in it’s long form Artificial Intelligence. This intelligence may become smarter than humans.

The risk with this is that we may lose control over planet Earth. Elon Musk said some interesting things in the documentary. For example this quote about AI: “an immortal dictator from which we could never escape.”. Remember that this is coming from a very smart guy that has created three different billion dollar companies! So he knows what he is talking about. Me personally thinks that he knows how serious it is and now he tries to take us to Mars before it’s too late. But only rich people will be able to afford it for now.

I recommend you to watch the documentary but be aware that they add some politics in the movie which I feel is wrong. They should have kept it neutral! But the whole idea is that we should probably democratize AI so everyone can get their hands on it. So not just a small elite gets it. Because they can then do scary things with it and dominate planet Earth. Another scary thing Musk said was: “At least when there’s an evil dictator, that human is going to die. But for an AI, there will be no death – it would live forever. And then you would have an immortal dictator from which we could never escape.”.

I think to be honest that perhaps Elon has watched a bit too many science fiction movies. It all sounds romantic with robots take over this planet but will it really happen? Can’t we just power off the electricity and start over? We have done well a very long time without it so we could turn it off again. The only problem is that now most are addicted to their gadgets. We would have to teach people survival skills again.

To be honest I don’t think AI will see humans as a threat. We are not that super smart! I think that AI will work side by side with man to create a better safer world. Also I think that eventually we will be able to upgrade our brains so we could become super humans.

We are already seeing this starting to happen with humans how they are replacing arms and legs with real robotic parts. It looks like a fantasy story or like the movie Avatar. What is human and what is machine will be a very interesting question in the future. Since stuff will get a bit confusing. We can look at Japan to see a bit into the future since they are developing lots of interesting tech before everyone else.

Currently I read a very interesting book about the topic of speed. How everything have started to speed up more and more in terms of innovation the last couple of years. The book is called The Great Acceleration and I think you should read it. It’s very well researched and a great writer called Robert Colvile. If you want to watch the documentary that inspired me to write this blog post then you can do so here. Do you think Elon Musk is right or is he dreaming?

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Technology is Speeding up Life! Ideas How To Deal With It!

Technology has speeded up our life in terms of how much easier it is to make a living. The good thing about this is that we don’t have to speed ourself up. We let technology do all the fast things in life at the same time we slow down our own life outside of technology. When you slow yourself down you don’t do stuff out of reaction. But you do things because you wanna do them and you are aware of it at the same time. You are not running on autopilot.

Walk 3 times slower. Do things 3x slower. Even though you do things slower you actually do them faster because you actually do what the situation demands. You can’t compete with the speed of technology so why even try. You dive into acceptance when you do slower. You feel more capable. And you feel joy in what you are doing. Outsource your speed needs to computers. Now you get the best of the two sides and you become mega powerful.

Time fades away when you do things the slower way. So it doesn’t really matter what you do. Look at what’s needed to be done with a distance from your body and mind. And you see and do it without label the current experience. Joy is being created inside of your body you have full control over that. Can you feel joy for something you do super fast? It becomes harder. But slowing down and you can truly feel the joyful experience of being alive

I’m looking for a way in life when I can walk around in the world and do all my work with just my mind. So that my work get read from my thoughts and shipped away to a website automatic. Right now the closest I get is software that listens to my voice and turns it into text automatically.

But eventually I want to have a mind reader. Or a way to scan my fingers to be able to write anywhere and ship it away into the universe without no touch on the phone. Be able to do it all digital without any large device. I’m curious how much of a robot you can become. And what this means in terms of evolution. And what it will mean to be a human

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Phones Will Be Free in The Future!

Phones will be free in the future, as well as transport, everything is dropping in value. You will have a nano robot that can build you a Ferrari for free. But what will be the point in owning anything if all can have it? No point! So investing in expensive clothes, cars, houses or phones it’s all getting pointless. It will all be free.

I’m fascinated about what humans will do in the future. So you have this massive wealth. That will ultimately make people realize they are just consciousness. Which will cause people to panic and grasp for an identity. But what work can a human do when a robot is better at all! People try to grasp for something to hold on to. Then the robot comes: You human you are only awareness! Stop trying to grasp! Let go! What will people do when everything has been done. What will their identity and life meaning be. When you can experience all things with ease.

Even the wealthy their status and money means less when all have it. This is a race of who will make the fastest and strongest computer. In the end seems like you will have to surrender to be fascinated looking at a fork. Hey a fork! Exciting stuff. The abundance is staring people in the face and it scares them so much

Be careful to not fall into the trap of doing a simple job. Simple is risky. Many can do it and you are replaceable. Always do something that is a little more complicated and that requires some thinking. Fast Food = Unconscious, Healthy Food = Used some consciousness and thinking to be a little more.

You don’t have to outrun the bear. Just run a bit faster than majority. A person works at McDonalds. Your job is simple do this instructions. At least learn how the ice cream machine works better than the rest. So you use some consciousness. Have a little skill that stands out. Something rare and in demand. Human awareness will be in demand still in the future

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Google is Working on more AI in China!

Google is expanding their AI research by opening up a brand new research center in China.

Right now the large companies Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are all heavily researching artificial intelligence more. And they want to find the best scientist and engineers available to win the race. In China they have lots of talent.

Google also have other research center in locations like: New York, Toronto, London and Zurich. The complicated thing about AI is how they will make it work best for everyone and benefit humanity. What will that mean to a robot. Feels for me like we are moving real life fiction or Skynet.

Google believes that China will become better than US 2025 in terms of AI research. In 2020 China will caught up with US, in 2025 they will be ahead and 2030 that will dominate that is what Google’s Eric Schmidt believe will happen.

It will be interesting in the world if we will reach singularity and how much more computers can become and what they will be able to do with that extra computing power. Of course the problem is how humans can’t keep up with this speed of this modern world. And humans need to feel they are doing useful tasks. People wanna feel their life has a meaning.

When life gets easier in future people will also become more bored. Can you really solve that boredom with more machines and AI that is a good question. Elon Musk is doing many interesting things as well in terms of automation of cars and vehicles. But then humans will be bored in car. What will humans do to find meaning that is a good question.

Have smartphones reached their peak or will there always be cool new features that they will be able to implement. Has human creativity a limit in a robot world.

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Titan V New Wild Graphics Card From NVIDIA!

NVIDIA is releasing a brand new super high-end graphics card. The price will blow your mind. It will cost 3000 dollars! It’s being called the Titan V.

This card is not meant for regular consumers. But professionals that really need a strong card when they are doing business work. Work such as Deep learning, 3D rendering and Artificial Intelligence. AI is something that is growing more and will only get larger. We have started to see AI learning more advanced games and even be able to beat the most advanced players in a niche.

This card is built on the new Volta architecture and it’s having a 12nm process that is more advanced than the earlier system they used.

The GPU inside is being called GV100. The specs on it are: 21.1B transistors, 5120 CUDA cores, 640 Tensor cores, 1200MHz core clock and 1455MHz boost clock.

In memory we are getting: 12GB HBM2 memory clocked at 850MHz, 1.7Gbps memory speed and 653GB/s memory bandwidth!

Should be good to say that for regular gamers this card is a bit over the top and will probably not make that much of a difference in standard consumer games. But if you are curious about AI and becoming a professional developer then this card might actually be quite interesting to look into.

Some ports that you get on this card is 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI. The copper heatsink look same as the one on Titan Xp card.

So in terms of computing power with the brand new Tensa cores this low price for this variant will be amazing. This card will be available for purchase on NVIDIAs own website. Will probably take some time before it shows up on other places because of it’s expensive price. And shipping international might become a problem. But not impossible!

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