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Lenovo P2 is a new phone from Lenovo that comes with a massive 5100 mAh battery. And a full metal unibody design. The phone has a Samsung Galaxy S2 look to it with it’s front rectangular design. It also comes with a real physical home button that you can press down. Compared to many new phones that comes with just a fingerprint sensor these days. It feels good to be able to press down.

The display on the P2 is very vibrant and the phone comes launched with Android 6.0.1. The UI and the menus feel very fast going through with smooth transitions. And the look of the UI is very close to stock Android experience. The app drawer has a quick app search bar at the top. If you hold your finger down on the home screen you get quick access to settings/preferences/widgets and wallpapers settings.

The preferences consist of tweaks that you can do to the app drawer and some home screen settings like how you want the animations to be for example. You can also quickly change the default launcher in this area one of the default is Android but you can quickly switch to VIBEUI. Or download any other launcher in the google play store.

The VIBEUI launcher comes without any app drawer, so you get all of your apps being located on your home screens just as with an iPhone. Lenovo seems to regularly update the phone with new software updates to provide a better experience. The phone comes with an interesting “secure zone management” feature that allows you to quickly toggle the phone into a locked pin password state without having to go through the settings.

You can also tweak the notification center for example the status bar icons you want to be able to display, Tweak what apps that should be allowed to send you notifications. You have a navigation bar on the phone with 3 buttons and these 3 system buttons can be tweaked to your liking. You can hide this navigation bar if you want or change the button layout.

The phone has a battery saver feature and optimization options for apps that drain a lot of battery. Also apps running in the background auto-start apps you can tweak if you don’t want certain apps to be run. There is also a section where you can see the power consumption. Both by looking at the most draining apps but also look at the hardware like the screen or cpu how much power they are draining.

The phone has 3.5GB of ram and you can go in and check the average memory use and how many apps that are using it. Also you do get a theme center built into the phone to quickly change the look and feel of the device. The camera app has a nice tap to focus feature just as Samsung has that works very well.

The large display on the P2 is a very welcoming feature. Most displays these days are getting larger usually back not long ago these mid-range phones was 4.7” in display size but these days many are even up to 5.5” which is interesting. The phone has some interesting hardware buttons.

For example you have a hardware button on the left side that will turn the phone into battery saving mode. Right above it you can find the sim card tray slot. On the right side of the phone first you have the power on button then above it you can find the volume up and down keys.

Just as with many other new phones these days you can’t remove the back of the phone to replace the battery. Also it’s not water resistant as the mid-range Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 is. But it does have a very nice overall quality feel.

On the lock screen of the device you have quick access to a voice assistant and the camera. You can also see the time and the date. The voice assistant is google’s. And it can help you with most quick things you want to know.

I do wish lenovo would have some more custom apps that would make the experience a bit more special. Kind of like Huawei I wish they would have their own calculator for example instead of the boring stock one. Little things like that truly makes a massive difference in the long run.

As well as the boring settings menu that really puts you to sleep. It really does need some unique colours and icons instead of the boring stock Android feel. It’s horrible. The storage on this phone is a welcoming 32GB so for taking a lot of pictures that will be just enough.

It’s a little interesting how they are still using the old micro usb charging port and hasn’t updated to the new USB Type-C technology. But then again this is a mid range phone. The multitasking menu on the phone comes in the regular card stack UI with a quick close all apps button that free’s up ram and memory.

Just because the phone runs Android 6.0 you won’t have a problem to find millions of apps for your needs in the Google Play Store. If you don’t like the default launcher or the themes you can of course install any other from the play store.

Overall I am very satisfied with the P2 because it feels like Lenovo cares about it’s customers and wants to provide a quality experience. Will it come packed with any magical features your friend doesn’t have? No but overall the experience is very good.

And with the quality build and lasting long battery you will probably not complain in the first hand. This phone may be a little too big for some but for most I think it will be just the right size.

Lenovo has a companion app that allow you to run diagnostic test’s on various hardware in the phone. So if you get any problems with the phone you may want to run this app to explore solutions.

Lenovo P2 Secure Zone How It Works! by phoneinf