Phone Information

New Nokia 150 is the first new phone 2017 with the Nokia brand. It is a basic feature phone with a quality build. It comes pre-installed with Snake Xenzia game. No other games is available.

The screen is a display with big borders on the sides. It also comes with a removable back. So if you need to replace the battery then you can do it with ease. It has a calculator as well for 4 simple basic calculations.

It has support for 2 sim cards which is useful if you travel around a lot or if you have a private and a business sim card. You can also insert an SD card to be able to take advantage of the rear camera. There is a built in calendar to schedule all your meetings or personal plans.

A video and a music app you can take advantage of by connecting the phone to a computer and transfer over files. The build of the Nokia 150 is in all matte plastic feeling. With a rounded back design. You have 6 different ringtones to choose from. You can also have 5 different alarms for various days of the work week. You can also insert 500 different contacts in the phone which will provide more than enough friends and business partners!

I do wish that the phone would have come with a built in browser. The phone isnt running Android but a basic fast feature operating system. And sadly only comes with 1 pre-installed wallpaper. Even Nokia 3310 had more! But then again this phone isnt built from the start to be a high end flagship device. But just a new 2017 phone with the Nokia brand coming back again.

The phone cost around 30-50 euro in Europe but you may be able to get it for cheaper in other regions. The camera it comes with is not super impressive. It has a 3MP camera. And a 2.4 inch front TFT display with 65K colours which is good for playing Snake. But I really wish they would have added the ability to insert more apps into the phone. The phone seem pretty durable I did a 2 minute Coca-Cola test and it actually survived! With not that much coke on the inside of the back cover.

The battery life should be pretty good it comes with a 1020 mAh battery and if you need more battery you can easily probably buy some spare batteries and bring alot with you to easily insert for more juice. The Snake game is pretty fun and comes with different hard mode levels you can pick depending on how good you are. If you are a beginner playing Snake I recommend the easy mode. But if you are from Finland I highly recommend that you start off with the hardest mode. The phone seems to be designed for Finnish long winters. Which is good.

The camera is even packed with an LED flash which was a nice welcome. The phone only seems to come with white and black colours which is a little boring after I seen what Samsung can do with the Galaxy S7 Edge in terms of colours. I have both seen green/blue and pink editions! Which for sure would be a nice thing if the Nokia 150 came with it. Something that made the Nokia 3310/3330 special was all the third-party unique cases that got released for it.

I really enjoy the middle button on the Nokia 150 that has a nice warm ok push in the middle like a touchpad and the on the sides have the regular up/down/left/right modes. Reminds me about my first Nokia phone I got the Nokia 6070. Which had a similar design. The torch is strong and nice if you need to find something in your room and its dark. Or the fm radio if you are still into that radio thing and hasnt yet switched to YouTube!

You can see the time when the phone is locked which is useful if you dont own a watch but need to know the time quick without wanting to unlock the phone.

It also has built in bluetooth so Im pretty sure you can send at least images to a another friend. Unless that friend is using an iPhone! You can also record videos with the camera but the settings are very limited. But there is a zoom in feature if you are a fan of pixels!

The keys on the front side of the Nokia 150 glows up beautiful with a light on each key just as with the Nokia 3310. In a white almost blue looking light. You can add reminders in the calendar to remind when you need to buy the next Nokia that comes out.

Sound is coming out on the back of the device. You also have a quick go-to menu to be able to access some areas of the phone quicker then having to go through the money all the time. The default wallpaper is a blue one full of triangles. HMD Global has taken over the Nokia brand so these new Nokia phones is not from the real Nokia company but HMD is also a Finnish company built up with many veteran Nokia staff.

So alot of the new Nokia phones will probably feel exactly just like the old Nokia phones but instead of running with Symbian OS they will now focus on Android OS or a basic feature OS for cheap phones like the Nokia 150. The new Nokia phones is created by Foxconn FIH mobile division. And many new Nokia phones is firstly focused on being released in China like the new Nokia 6 and Nokia 8. But we may see some Nokia action for Europe at the Mobile World Congress that will go off in Barcelona in late February 2017.

Hopefully Nokia can come back to its previous excellence of cool phone designs and hardware. And also feature a cool skin on top of the stock Android.