Phone Information

LG Nexus 5X was a Android phone made for Google to run stock Android on. The phone comes in a matte plastic back. With a fingerprint sensor below the camera sensor. It has a large nexus and LG logo. The phone feels very plastic.

But also feel extremely light weight. It has no buttons on the left side but on right side it has volume up and down keys and a power button above. The speaker is on the front side which is good. I dont like how you cant remove the back. But we had the same story with the Nexus 4.

The good thing with the device is that it gets regular stock Android updates. The recent one now is the new Android 7.1.2. That comes with a bunch of redesigned apps. The notification center has a dark shade. With the regular wifi/sim card/battery/do not disturb/flash light and screen rotation quick access modes.

When you enter the settings menu you get greeted with shade of green. Which I find pretty un-inspiring and boring. Compared to devices like Huawei Mate 9 or Samsungs Galaxy S7 which I find is way more creative when it comes to design in the settings. Hey even the iPhone 7 is more fun to open up!

Most of the settings in stock Android is very phone basic. You do have the new Android Tap and Pay that uses Android pay technology that you will be able to use in certain stores. Then you have a section called Moves where you can use some quick gestures to control the phone. Jumping to camera, swiping for notifications and lift to check phone for example. Pretty basic stuff.

The phone has 3 on-screen buttons for controlling going back to home, going back and entering the multitasking menu. You also have quick settings to see the battery status, memory status and storage status. You have a battery saver setting you can enable in the battery status area. In storage you can see by category what it is that takes up most of your precious memory.

You also have a section where you can see how many apps that are installed. And the default stock is pretty big. Around 35. Mostly the stock Google experience apps. The display has options such as ambient display that will wake up display when you receive a new notification. And you also have an adaptive brightness mode that tries to optimise brightness depending on where you are.

Not that many exciting special tweaks you can do in settings on a stock Android device. But a big one may be your Google settings area where you can control how much power you want Google to be able to have over your life..

I do enjoy the new rounded icons inside Android 7.1.2 and also have fast they have made the Android experience. If you hold in finger on the home screen you still will just be seeing a very boring options like widgets and wallpaper tweaks.

And the stock wallpapers are only 5 available. I think a phone should have at least 10 different cool vibrant available in the stock experience. If you hold in the power menu then you only get greeted with 2 options either restart the phone or power it off.

They also seem to have removed the blur effect on this page. The Google camera is interesting because in the regular camera mode it doesnt take advantage of the full display but leaves a boring black area at the bottom. But if you switch to video mode then it suddenly starts to use the full display. Which is very strange why the regular mode isnt taking advantage of that.

The phone specs it comes packed with are pretty decent the Snapdragon 808 and a Adreno 418 GPU. Battery packs 2700mAh which also sounds pretty decent its around Samsung Galaxy S7 standard. Many high end phones these days can pack around 3000mAh so for the price of this device is very nice.

The phone is also using the brand new USB Type C charger which you can charge from both sides just as with the iPhone 7. And seems to charge very quick also which is great. But if you drain the device then it may take around 30 mins before the device powers on again. It will just blink a red light at the bottom like its dead.

The phone is available in 16 and 32GB variant but do remember that you cant expand the memory with an SD card slot so that may be a big negative with this phone. Its also not water resistant so dont try to through it inside Coca-Cola..

The rear camera is 12MP and front is 5MP. Im very happy with the 12MP shooter because it seems to be taking very focused images with good details on text for example. The phone is really good if you are into that full google lifestyle with google now, youtube and gmail!

The multitasking page displays very big thumbnails for each app. And I think they may wanna make them a little smaller. And they finally seems to have added a clear all button at the top on this page. And I dont know why Google Chrome app doesnt have a reading mode option when you surf the web… Could be because they still want to display google ads..

You can enable it via flags section in url bar but then it will be displayed on every page and that can be very annoying. But luckily theres tons of other browser in the Play Store with a reading mode available.

Overall I think this phone is a cool plastic stock phone. I still enjoyed the premium feeling of the Nexus 4. But the good with this phone is how light weight it feels. Kind of like a Samsung Galaxy S2! And with a nice 5.2” display size.

Im pretty sure you can get this phone now for a good price. But dont expect to see something magical that will blow your mind…