Phone Information

This Xiaomi phone is a very beautiful phone. It has an extremely slim design. And with a curved glass back it creates a extremely premium feeling. Especially when this phone came out on the market it was rare with phones feeling this premium. That started to change with the S6 Edge which brought premium phones to the masses.

On the front side you have 3 capacitive touch buttons home/back and the multitasking key. The display is very big and is of course Xiaomis response to Samsungs huge Note phones. But there is a difference. This phone sadly doesnt come with a Stylus. The thing that made Samsungs Note phones feel so unique.

The phone has the charging port on the left side of the device front side which is a bit different compared to 90% of the devices on the market. I tried to update the phones software but sadly still seems like the latest it can run is only Android 4.0. Which is a bit behind in the Android world.

But the phone comes with a very professional well designed MIUI which is an interface on top of Android. With extremely beautiful well design apps. That easily can match Apples standard. I really love how vibrant the display is. It pops out in your face just as with samsungs AMOLED displays.

And also how they have taken care how making sure that all apps are beautifully designed it makes a big difference. The notification area can be a bit annoying because you have 2 pages. First one for just notifications. And then another page for all the quick toggles. Its a big annoying you have to swipe an extra time for all the quick settings.

The settings area is very beautiful design. Be aware of with this phone and many Xiaomi phones that when they get drained of battery and you get a red warning light sometimes it doesnt seem to wanna charge again. Or do it extremely slow. I have this problem not with my Mi Note but my Mi 5 doesnt even wanna boot after hours of charge.. Still just a red light. Can be good to know.

The bad thing with the multitasking screen on this device is that it only shows the icons of the apps you currently run. But it doesnt display a thumbnail of what happens at the moment inside the app… Which is bad if you just want to take a quick glance. Now here you have to fully open up the app to see what happens.

The camera focus while taking pics is very crisp and the UI is nice. I like how it has access to a lot of useful quick tweaks to photos you take like crop, rotate, flip, adjust, fisheye, doodle. Very useful for some quick tweaks so you dont have to download a 3rd party app just to do some quick changes.

I like how the camera on the rear side is not protruding out. So its not like 99% of camera on phones these days that it has a camera bump. It creates a clean design on the camera on the Mi Note. I also like how its up in the corner. Instead of being in the middle as many phones.

The 3 buttons to control the phone is on the right side. First a power on button. Then above it lies the volume up and down keys. On the left side you only have a sim card tray. Sadly you cant expand the storage on this device. So whatever you buy make sure thats the exact side of memory you need..

On the lock screen you have quick access to the camera. The phone doesnt have a fingerprint sensor. It can be a bad thing because newer phones that fingerprint can be extremely useful for lazy people that want some easy security.

The phone has a built in theme app but its in chinese so you may have some difficulty understand whats going on and you also need to register to change themes.. The phone doesnt have an app drawer. That can be a bit confusing for android users. So you get all apps on your home screens can get a bit messy!

The phone does come back with some very good specs for both gaming and regular use. You can also get a Mi Cloud account to locate your device, sync data and share things with friends.

It also has a do not disturb mode for calls and notifications. You can also add certain exceptions for certain contacts. The good things with the Mi Note is that it has a ton of settings for the Buttons where you can go in and tweak exactly how you want them to behave.

You have also a block list in security to block certain numbers and also theres options to do virus scans before installing new apps. Theres also tons of settings for notifications how you may want them to display. If you want to show service provider for example in the status bar.

The weather app inside the Mi Note is impressive. Very beautiful and useful info design. About the current city you are in you can see good information like sunrise and sunset. Wind, humidity. And also a very nice graphs for how future days will be like. Along with beautiful weather animations.

There is also a useful security app where you have settings for a cleaner, data usage, block list, battery info, virus scan and permission things you can tweak.

The important clock app also has all the regular features as alarm, clock, stopwatch and timer. In a very beautiful design with importance laid down on design and visual animations. Its a real pleasure to use this app!

Two ways to install apps first you have the Mi Store or you have Googles play store with all the regular apps you will find in Android. The Mi Store will have some special asian apps you may not be able to find in the play store.

Overall I really love this phone. Its a very great experience overall. But I wish it has a stylus and the latest Android to complete the amazing experience.