Phone Information

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was the first phone from Samsung that really stood it in a cool way with its very nice rounded edge curve design. Sure we had the Note Edge before but that one was too expensive and never went fully mainstream. This phone was more compact and rested very nicely in the hand.

It has a premium glass back feel to it also that makes it feel very premium. On the front side you will find the home button which has a built in fingerprint sensor. The hardware buttons is first volume up and down keys on the left side and then a power on button on the right side.

A problem with the back side of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is that its a fingerprint magnet. And it gets dirty very quickly. Samsung also had major battery problems with the S6 lineup. And many times the software provided a really horrible experience of slowness and glitches.

Over the time they have tried to fix this with software updates but it doesnt really seem to have made a lot of improvement. But when the software works great then its amazing and a very smooth experience. Something I like with the S6 is how fast its charging with the fast charging technology. Also it feels like the front screen because of its curve is stronger than the usual flat smartphone display.

In terms of software you have the regular samsung touchwiz experience. With all of Samsungs own apps. I really do prefer when smartphone manufacturers create their own browser instead of using the stock Google Chrome one. I feel it shows that they care about creating a custom special user experience.

The problem with the stock chrome browser in many android phones is how it doesnt come with the basic reader mode function. To optimise pages for mobile use. You can enable this in flag section but then it will be enabled on every website you go to at the bottom of the page which looks very ugly and is annoying.

A great thing I like about S6 is the amount of toggles you have ready for use. I can find 17 different ones where you quickly can customise the mobile experience without having to enter the settings menu. I wish the phone would have 1 button toggle for quickly enable a password mode on the phone.

Like Lenovo has with its secure zone feature. I do like the power saving and mobile hotspot toggle. I use them both a lot .The AMOLED screen on S6 is super vibrant and amazing.

Also the camera in the S6 is amazing too and I feel it can even beat never phones like Huawei Mate 9 in terms of picture quality and a vibrant effect. Also how the tap to focus and adjust exposure feature works so well in Samsung smartphones.

Samsung has a lot they need to work on though. I feel most new Samsung phones starts to break down already after 12 to 18 months of use. Compare that to Apple phones which usually can last up to 5 years.

The S6 has a built in theme engine with very cool interesting funny themes which doesnt just change the icons but also some UI elements. Which is very welcoming and refreshing!

It is very annoying how Samsung abandoned the option to be able to remove batteries with the S6. Inside of the S5 you could still remove the back cover and bring spare batteries with you. With S6 there is no such option you have to bring an external battery charger which is annoying. Also if the software starts to become problematic you can instantly turn off the phone as you can with other phones where you can remove the battery.

Also if the battery stops to work you will have to replace your S6. Which is also and annoyance. And then you have another bad thing with S6 how its now water resistant like the S5 was. Sure it has a premium feeling more then S5 but it can take a watery bath.

I do enjoy most of samsungs apps like the s calendar, the gallery, camera app, calculator they all feel very premium made and designed. Samsung has copied apple a bit and added cool blur background effect in menus just as the iPhone has. On the lock screen you get quick access to the camera as well as the phone app.

Even now 2 years after this phone launch I never got tired of looking at the beautiful S6 Edges curved front side display. The phone looks still extremely premium even 2 years after its launch.

You can add a quick newsfeed on the left page on the home screen if you want. Just as many HTC phones has a similar function. You still have a basic app drawer inside the S6. And its still getting new software updates and currently runs on Android 6.0.1.

The camera app has an interesting selection of features like live broadcast to youtube. Virtual shot, slow motion, panorama, pro photo mode. Just a ton of different options for a camera loving person. Samsung has always been having very good camera sensors I remember just how great the first camera inside the original Note 2011 was.

The great things with the S6 in terms of colours is both how vibrant the display is but also how good screen brightness and viewing angles you get. And that the colour black is truly dark on the ambled display.

But I have a love and hate relationship to the S6 lineup they have had so many battery and software problems glitches popping up everywhere. And many times I have had to restore the phone to factory settings to make it function normal again. Especially if you take a lot of photos it can really slow down the device.

But I still do believe it can be a great buy phone. Because samsung seems to care about its customers and constantly bring out new software updates.