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BlackBerry Priv is an Android phone with a full qwerty keyboard. The keyboard gets displayed by sliding up the display. On the bottom side of the qwerty keyboard you can see a large speaker. Which is good that its available on the front side and not the back.

The phone comes pre-installed with some BB apps like BBM, BBM Meetings and Content Transfer. You also have a separate app for Device Search in the blackberry phone. The phone also comes packed with a bunch of useful shortcuts to various areas of the phones: Communications, Calendar & Agenda, Contacts, Phone, Media and Productivity, Device, Browser, Location, Alarms and Timers and a bunch of other useful shortcuts.

The phone has a large display and very good internal specs, the camera is 18MP and takes really good photos. The softwares overall feel is very quality and the phone receives regular new updates to new versions of Android.

When you charge the phone and screen is turned off you get a very nice battery indicator when you is charging it the same time. That on the side tells you how much longer until fully charged and the battery percentage.

The phone comes with a pretty large 3410 mph battery which is kind of high. It also has a front facing 2MP camera, The sides of the front display has a nice curved design that reminds me about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge front display.

Usually Blackberry phones dont run on Android but their own blackberry OS. But lately they have started to experiment by launching more Android phones. Kind of like Nokia will also be doing now with the new Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 phones.

The keyboard is dark and has a nice vibration feedback you get each time you tap on a new key. You also have an app called DTEK that is made by blackberry that handles your security and gives you some quick information about your device.

The phones has a do not disturb mode and a priority mode for notifications. The phone has a few quick toggles like 8 of them. But not like close to 20 that some Samsung android phones have. The phone is not using the new USB type C because it wasnt out in late 2015 when this device got released.

Even to this day this device feel very fresh and unique. And for sure the qwerty keyboard will make it feel like you have a special phone nobody else has. Because most Android devices being released doesnt have a real physical keyboard.

The phone has volume up and down keys and a extra random button in the middle which I dont know what its for. On the left side of the device you have the power on key. The qwerty keyboard feels plastic but the buttons are of a hard plastic feel and a nice feel when you push them down. It has a little larger space key button as it should.

All the other buttons are mostly the same size. You also have quick button for a voice assistant search mode. You can configure it to either use google or using the built in blackberry search. It works well with english language.

The camera app could definitely be improved it has a small area where you can see the photo you will take. Also the camera gallery is horrible because you can even see information about the date you took a specific photo. Its overly complicated when it should be easy.

The phone has a carbon fibre back which feels nice in the hand. But the phone can also get hot very quickly especially when you are charging it. But the vibration engine inside the phone while you do certain things with the phone feels just awesome like a premium experience phone should give you. The front facing camera should definitely be better for a high end 2015 phone.

Inside of the UI its mostly stock version of Android look. And I prefer it when phone companies makes their own custom cool skin on top of Android. Like Samsung. Because it makes their phone be able to stand out more. Like they have put some serious work into making it cool.

For example the phone just comes with some boring preinstalled wallpapers and no theme option like Samsung would give you. They should have provided at least some of these things. To make the phone a bit more special. Kind of like Huawei have done with their devices and custom UI.

The settings area of this device is extreme boring with a weak green lame design. It looks super uncreative. Now the good things that this phone runs android means that most UI elements you can tweak with using custom third party apps.

At the top of the phone you have the options of inserting an sd card and then you have the sim card slot. The phone has an interesting tile layout design in the multitasking area. Where you can see tiles of your apps your currently running. Very creative and cool they didnt use the stock android multitasking look.

You also have a headphone jack if you wanna use headphones. Sadly you will not be able to remove the battery on this phone. And its also not water resistant like many new smartphones being released are these days.

I like how the qwerty keys have a backlight if you are in a dark area. So you can still use it then. And also if you dont wanna use the physical keyboard you can always use the on-screen keyboard.

I like how the phone feels very light weight in your hand even though its a very large sized phone. And also how slim it feels in certain areas when you pull up the keyboard. You will probably want to install a new camera app because the stock one just feels so cheaply done.

But shouldnt be a massive issue to find a new one in the Play Store.


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