DOOGEE BL5000 – Review!

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DOOGEE sent me their latest phone to review. The DOOGEE BL5000. It comes at a price of around €130.

But with a massive 5050mAh battery, It weights 210g which is amazing for a phone. Never had a heavy phone like that before. Chipset it’s using is a MediaTek MT6750T, with the processor setup of: 4x 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4x 1.0GHz ARM Cortex A53. 8 cores in total. The RAM is 4GB clocked at 833MHz. 64GB of internal storage. The GPU is an ARM Mali-T860 MP2 at 650MHz.

The screen is a 5.5″ IPS Display 1080p resolution with Gorilla Glass 5 and 650nit.

Also in software it is using latest Android 7.0. Camera can record 1080p at 30fps. The phone is using Quick Charge 3.0 so can charge 40% in 10 minutes. The phone has a bit of a plastic feel on the back but it shines up nicely in the sun. On the sides it seems to have aluminium/metal material that feels like iPhone 7 material. The back of the phone reminds me about about the Huawei Honor 9 or Honor 8.

The UI is fresh and Doogee is using their own launcher. So they have put in some work into creating a unique experience. The notification area is in a dark theme with nice rounded toggles in a black and white and blue theme. The animations are smooth and I see no lag as I did with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The custom launcher has various settings as: Search Bar, Know On Home Screen, Application Manager, Show all app in desk (Which takes away your app drawer and put all apps on the home screens), Magic finger (Which can make custom symbols when you swipe across the screen for example hearts!)

Another option you have in launcher is Shake to change theme, Gesture settings, Backup home screen, Restore home screen and Reset home screen.

The toggles on the phone to quickly change certain settings involves: Eye Protection, Flashlight, WiFi, Do not disturb, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Location, ScreenRecord, HotKnot, Portrait, Sim Card Status & Battery Status. You can also add Hotspot, Invert colours, Data saver, Cast and Google Play Services Nearby.

The phone does have a fingerprint sensor you can set up. You need to use it either with: Fingerprint + Pattern, Fingerprint + PIN or Fingerprint + Password. You can also if you take PIN require a PIN when you start your device. Just as Sony did with Sony Xperia X Compact. You can also select if you want to show notifications on lock screen when device is locked. Or hide it all. The fingerprint is both fast to set up and works great.

The settings area has a white background and colourful small icons to the left. It’s easy to see things at a quick glance without having to go deep inside of the settings. You can see the amount of data used, storage used, average memory used, battery percentage, amount of apps installed, ringer volume, notification status all that just on the main settings page at a quick glance.

BL5000 also has an interesting DIY theme engine. Where you quickly can customise Icon size, Label Size, Colour, App Animation, Delete app animations. Icon sizes can go from small to big. Label size as well. With colour you can tweak the app label colour. App animation will change the animation when you launch an app. You can select between many: Slide Up/Down/Left/Right, Zoom and Rotate.

You can also change the transition animation when you change home screens. These are your options: None, Card Stack, Accordition, Cube In, Cube Out, Overview, Cross, Vertical Flip, Windmill and Wheel, Carousel Left/Right. All works smooth.

You can reach the multitasking page by holding in on the home button. When you scroll through many apps you get a smooth animation. Kind of like the effect you get on the iPhone 7. The scrolling inside the browser is also smooth. But can sometimes too slow load up a heavy websites content.

This phone got speaker down where the charging port is. An interesting thing with this phone is it can stand up on that side. Just like iPhone 5S can do. The phone has a news page if you flip to the left on the home screen. It doesn’t look like you can disable it. It will show you latest news in these categories: Local, World, Business, Entertainment and Sports. I wish they had a tech category.

The camera app has these different modes: Video, Photo, FaceBeauty, Blur, Mono, Panorama and PRO. The blur effect is my favourite. Because you can create the Photoshop effect fast and easy. The camera of course doesn’t take Galaxy S8 quality photos but for the price it’s decent. The focus is fast and taking new photos is fast as well. But a bit too much white most of the time.

The main selling point of this phone will be the large internal battery, the beautiful easy to use UI. Reminds me a bit about the ASUS Zenfone 3 but for half the price! And that it has Quick Charging 3.0. So charge up the battery fast which always is good. And also that it has Mali GPU. So many games will run nice with this phone. And I was a bit shocked at first the weight of this device. But for the low price it gives it a premium feeling. Sort of like the iPhone 4 and 4S had in their compact size. The curved sides makes for an easy grip and that it can stand up is also a plus.

For me it feels like Doogee put more work into the software than what HMD did with the Nokia 3. I like how the BL5000 has it’s own custom launcher that you can tweak. And that the UI isn’t stock Android but a tweak with a UI that stands out with the notification area.

There is also a built in System Manager where you can optimise these things: Power manager, Rubbish clean, Freezing room, App auto-boot, App Lock and auto clean. Many handy features that most people will find useful.

Quick Video: DOOGEE BL5000 vs. Xiaomi Redmi 4 – Which Is Faster?

So I did a quick speed test with two new phones around the same price-range.

A second video comparing new BL5000 vs. old DOOGEE DG310:

And a third video comparing BL5000 vs. New Nokia 3!

Overall I really like this device! The darker shade in UI will be perfect for people who enjoy darker colours. Even the Audio slider is a darker black colour. This phone is available a GearBest! The phone is also available at Banggood!

I will probably do many test’s with this device depending on what people wanna see.

Let me know in the comment section what phone you want me to compare BL5000 against. Have an awesome day.

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Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Edition Samsung Galaxy S8 Live Wallpaper Review!

Audio Version:

Today I want to review another live wallpaper app from Mozglabs. It’s called Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe Edition. Previously I have been checking out their Solar System HD wallpaper and Earth HD wallpaper. This one will be more focused on showing galaxies instead of earth or the solar system.

Inside of settings you can first select the shape: Spherical Nebula, Flat Nebula, Evaporating Nebula, Quasar, Hand of God, Spiral Galaxy and Through Nebula.

With the Spherical everything moves around in calm circles. In a vibrant galaxy.

Flat Nebula everything is more flat and focused at the center of the screen.

The Evaporating has an extremely cool effect where everything goes from the center to the sides of the phone. Kind of like an explosion. But in a slower way.

Quasar everything is moving around in circles with a thick galaxy line in the middle.

With the Hand of God you can literally see a hand inside the galaxy. Blue coloured. But I’m sure you can change the colour.

Spiral everything also goes in circles but without the thick galaxy line.

Through Nebula you basically feel like you are travelling forward!

Also what could be good to know that just as with the Solar System HD live wallpaper this app is using your gyroscope to move the galaxy while you hold you phone in the hand. This app runs perfect on my Samsung Galaxy S8! My favourite shape is Hand of God and Through Nebula.

The second option you have available is to go in and change color. You have these options available: Firestorm, Frozen, Golden, Flesh, Oasis, Kissel, Ice and Fire, Bronze, Blue Kissel and Mixed.

Firestorm gives you two colors mixed red and green.

The Frozen looks as it’s name applies, cold! It has purple and blue colour beautifully mixed together.

Golden has yellow and almost a red/brown colour. But looks very gold and yellow overall.

Flesh is a very interesting one it mixes pink/white and a low key green and low key orange colour to create this overall special colour effect.

Oasis colour mixes green and orange.

Kissel is for the pink and purple lovers.

Ice and Fire is one of my favourites it mixes red and blue to create this magical effect.

Bronze is mostly green and a low key yellow colour.

Blue Kissel has a light blue and pink colour effect. Mixed has almost all colors, but little green.

Second tweak you can do is change the state: Calm, Normal and Boiling. Normal and Calm I cant see massive difference between but the boiling for sure speed things up!

Second massive colour change you can do is on the background. So the first effect was mainly on the galaxies. But this one affects the background. These effects are available for the background: Stars, Deep Blue, Blue, Deep Red, Red, Deep Purple, Deep Green, Green and Black.

Stars is easy it just shows stars in the background, tiny ones.

Deep blue is truly deep in colour. Not super strong. The standard blue is way more intense.

Deep red same with that. The standard red is truly red. I love the red colour. Makes the whole phone look zombie possessed.

Deep Purple and Deep Green same here just a very deep low key colour in the background.

Normal green is magical too. Makes the phone look like vibrant grass or like a broccoli/spinach meal you just wanna eat. I wish they had normal pink also. But only deep pink available.

Then you can select the density level. I’m not quite sure what this tweaks does because I can’t see a difference. You can also disable space dust. Which is tiny traveling stars.

You can also go in and change the focus distance and distance, the sensitivity on gyroscope and the movement radius. If you need even more performance then you can go in and limit the FPS. The standard is set to 60 FPS on Galaxy S8. But can be lowered to 5 FPS. 5 FPS looks very laggy. There is no option to select low resolution textures.

Overall this is a very nice app if you like space and want a cool live wallpaper. And there is great chance it will run well even on lower end devices. Because I tried out the same developers Solar System HD app on Samsung Galaxy S2 which is from 2011 and it ran amazing on that phone. So you can get great performance on older devices.

I’m not sure what can be improved with this app it satisfies most of my needs. Especially when it comes to the smooth performance. It would be cool to see something like this on the new iPhone 8 but of course it will be hard because Apple is using a locked down App Store. Only option would be if the new iPhone 8 gets jailbroken fast and unlocks options to use live wallpapers. But then someone needs to create the app as well!

Something I also really like with this app is how it works on the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S8. This is an option I couldnt use on my S2 with Solar System HD App. It would be cool if it worked on the lock screen on older devices.

Let me know if there is any other cool app you want me to review. I want to review quality apps that provide value to people. And what I have noticed is that apps that cost around €1-5 euro usually the developers is more passionate about their work and works more with integrity. That’s what I have found from all these three live wallpapers. The app developer also have some real Android games that I might check out in the future.

I think people are getting real tired of freemium apps that is spammed with ads. It becomes annoying. People becoming ready to spend a few euros to get a quality experience. And it also makes so the developer gets better paid for their work. Which is amazing!

Here is a link again to this live wallpaper in the Google Play Store.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,

Huawei Mate 10 Leaked Photos and Specs!

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It looks like Huawei’s new high-end phone which is expected to be released in the upcoming months has been leaked on a chinese social media network called weibo. A website called androidcrunch wrote this article with the rumored Mate 10 photos.

I used the Huawei Mate 9 as my main phone for a couple of months and I really liked it. So what will the new Mate 10 have in specs?

First it’s suppose to upgrade the processor chipset to Hisilicon Kirin 970, Mate 9 use 960.

It will improve battery life and device performance and come with 6GB ram support and 64GB internal storage. With microSD card support up to 256GB.

Mate 9 uses a 5.9″ display the Mate 10 is rumored to use a 6.1″ Full-screen display with QHD res with 486ppi.

Probably will look similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 by using more screen on the front of the phone. Sony with Sony Xperia XZ1 is rumored to still have thick borders on the front. Which many people don’t like.

It seems the Mate 10 also will switch to AMOLED display just as the new high-end iPhone 8 is rumored to also start to use AMOLED. Going away from LCD. At least on their most exclusive high-end phones. iPhone 8 will still have 2 cheaper models with LCD display.

The camera is rumored to be a Dual Camera setup with traffic light design. But in the center on the rear side of the phone. The iPhone 8 will have it on the left side of the phone. Leica branding probably. Mate 10 will probably come with Android 7.0 pre-installed and their own custom UI that they call EMUI on top. Android O is in development and is expected to be released August 2017 in a few weeks.

In battery 4000mAh is rumored and with fast charging. For some reason I feel that the devices is charging slower and slower over the years. My Galaxy S8 charges full battery in 1.5 hours. So even when we get bigger displays over the years the battery charge time seems to take a hit. Which is sad. We want devices that can fully charge the device in 25 minutes or less.

Also we are expecting to see a fingerprint sensor below the camera. Just as LG did with the LG G6. And how Huawei did with their previous Mate 9. Which is the best location for a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 8 is supposed to not even have a fingerprint scanner! Only a face scanner. Which is sad when many enjoy that scanner.

Mate 10 is rumored to cost around $1,000. Which is sad. It seems most phone companies these days just keep raising the prices year after year. Because they see people keep buying super expensive phones.

My favorite thing with the Mate 10 will for sure be the bezel-less design. I might even go back to Huawei and use the Mate 10 as my main phone. I switched to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 when it came out. But I have been disappointed with this device. The S8’s back is glass and sensitive if you damage it. If the back get’s damaged then you have to replace the full back!

I want Samsung to go back to what they do best. Removable plastic backs and S-Pen phones. I am looking forward to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because the S-Pen make that Note series truly stand out. Nobody can compete against Samsung in that area. But I’m sad the Note 8 will have a glass back too. And it will be heavier phone as well. And I’m sad iPhone 8 won’t have a fingerprint reader. So I think maybe Huawei Mate 10 will be my next main phone.

LG also did a great job with the G6. And they have an upcoming LG V30 coming out soon. Which looks amazing. I think that phone will be able to compete against the Mate 10. I think the Mate 9 had an amazing design. It felt manly. With no glass back but full premium aluminum body. And super fast fingerprint reader. It doesn’t have dust or water resistance which is a little bad but for most it won’t be a major problem.

It does look like the new Mate phone will be using a more flat camera that doesn’t stand out from main phone. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu have also claimed Mate 10 will be more powerful than the iPhone 8. He probably meant in processor speed. Which is awesome. But then again Apple usually optimises their App Store apps to run in perfection on the latest iPhone so don’t think Apple users will complain.

Mid-October 2017 is when we think the Mate 10 will be released. So it will be one of the last high end phones coming out of 2017. Other phones we are expecting to come out soon are the Google Pixel 2. I never picked up the first one because the price was ridiculous around €1,000 euro in Europe. And that was months after release! For some reason these Pixel phones seems to have a struggle to be released fast on a mass-scale. The demand for them was super high.

But it only seems like Apple and Samsung are the ones who can release their new high end phones fast on the market. The Google Pixel 2 is rumored to feature an Active Edge squeezable body. HTC will produce the next Pixel phone with this feature that probably will be similar to the Edge sense tech inside the HTC U11.

I don’t think the Pixel 2 will be able to compete against the Mate 10. Because it will still have same bezel size as last years model according to rumors. Which makes it look outdated 2017. LG is rumored to build the larger XL phone variant. Which sounds a bit confusing.

The main phones I’m looking forward to the most here end of 2017 is: Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, Mate 10, LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ1.

Here I have a helpful article comparing the new iPhone 8 rumored specs vs. Galaxy S8!

What is your favorite phone you are looking forward too?

Thanks for reading!

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The Art of Being Engaged In Life!

Audio Version:

Today I wanna talk about a major thing in life. Being engaged in doing work.

Most people walk around derping and are disengaged from the activity they are involved in. It’s so easy to make it into a habit to be unfocused and become disengaged. It’s so easy to lower your standards and not try harder.

So you need to take deep focus engagement very seriously if you wanna reach great goals in life. It’s important to be engaged because it translates into so many other areas of your life. Everything is all connected. Creating 1 strong habit many times lead to more good habits. Everything blends together. Letting a little bit of laziness creep into your life usually spreads fast to other areas of your life. Because in the modern world it’s so easy to just chill and relax and not remain super focused on the activity you are doing.

Life works in a Pyramid and to reach high in life in an area you like then it requires more and more focus the higher up you go. Because there are less at the top so you need to find something you love and have daily passion about and focus with intensity and engaging everyday on it to reach high.

Of course this is way easier when you know more clearly what makes you super excited everyday. And when you have sorted out your goals/dreams and vision statement in life. Because the majority is at the bottom of the Pyramid and it’s so easy to fall down to that level and maybe work for someone else your whole life. Which puts you into a limited position in what you can do in life.

The level of apathy that you get conditioned with everyday is at such an intense level that it will try to hammer you to not take action. People have many different agendas and goals.

If you are passive that serves other people’s interest that wants to make money on passive people consuming content. Be a creator and producer more then you are a consumer.

A good way to live life and take control over it in this phone age is don’t consume if you haven’t produced anything. If you want to consume fine. But at least produce something of value first. Mostly you will realise that you get way more joy out of producing than consuming. 2 people in this world: Takers and Givers. You wanna be on Giver side. Takers are too much value leechers. They train themselves to have to rely on others.

Your produce output should be so high in this abundant universe.

So you want to continue to focus to be against and fight against apathy and passivity. It’s because you are alive you should be active and moving and producing and creating stuff. It’s a way of life! An interesting way to put this and how to guide your life is that you care more than anybody and that you care less than anybody. Most engaged but least attached to an outcome.

There are some traps that could stop your progress and that is decision making fatigue, persona fatigue and self judgement fatigue. These 3 can mess you up a lot.

Decision making fatigue is when you sit and think a lot if you should do a certain task or not. It actually burns a ton of willpower energy. You would be better off just do anything in that moment. Than sit and burn energy on thinking about it. So just do it! You gain energy by doing faster decisions and can get into a momentum by doing it!

Persona fatigue is when you try to be someone that you are not. You won’t get as tired if you are just yourself.

Self judgement fatigue is when we constantly judge ourself instead of keep going. We burn ourself out by trying to do something perfect. When we should just ship the damn product as Seth Godin would say.

We are humans so we cannot make perfect stuff. Life is messy and making progress is messy. Also don’t be attached to how good the end result will be. Don’t panic so much about it because it will just burn energy. Just get the job done within the timeframe that you have.

The most enlightened thing you can do in life is to engage in life. And try to do it at maximum levels. Even down to maybe cleaning a room. While you do something always do it with maximum engaged level and this will require you to live your life so you can have lots of focus to do this task.

The reason why it’s important to detach from outcome is because we all will die one day, things are constantly changing and shifting in the universe. We think we can own something but all we have is just things we borrow for the moment while we are alive. Then it goes away to someone else in another time period. Also detaching makes you feel more free. That it doesn’t really matter that much what you do in life. If you succeed or not. Doesn’t really make any difference in a larger time period of the universe. Most things will be forgotten.

But while you are alive the nicest feeling is to be deeply present inside of an activity. We aren’t designed to be passive humans. We have a human consciousness so we can do things in life with a present awareness. Compared to animals who doesn’t have that ability.

Most of our thoughts we think are our own ones. But most of the time it’s just other peoples stuff they have put inside our heads and now we think it was our original thoughts. We humans are sponges very easily affected by people in our environment. And biological impulses that fires off inside of our brain.

Most of the moments in your life you will not remember. Your mind will only remember a few moments in your life the other things will be a blur. This is why attachment is so pointless in life because most things won’t be remembered anyway. So living in the present moment and be engaged is the thing that always is real and now. And what you want to strive towards. And the present moment you can always reach.

There is a great quote Goethe said in the book Conversations of Goethe by Johann Peter Eckermann about living in the moment and staying present here it is:

And if you think about not doing the 3 fatigues above then you will have an easier time to kick yourself into engaged mode. Of course you can go much deeper into this topic but here was just a few thoughts about this topic. Let me know if you want to hear more about this!

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,

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Final Fantasy 3 Samsung Galaxy S8 Gameplay Review!

Audio Version:

Today I want to review the game Final Fantasy 3 by Square Enix. This game was one of the first I bought for my Nintendo DS Lite in 2007. And now they have made it into an Android game you can download from the Google Play Store!

This game starts off with you being a character falling down into a cave in fantasy world. You instantly get attacked by various monsters and learn you need to fight to gain experience and to survive.

This game has great music already from the beginning. In the first cave you both find chests and secret rocks. You tap on items to activate them. In one chest at the beginning it contained a longsword. Sometimes chest’s contains other things like potion that you can use to heal your character. You use a virtual joystick to move around the character with ease.

The battles against monsters will attack automatic inside the cave when you are walking around. In battle you have 3 options. Attack, Magic and Guard. You can also run away from the battle!

In the right bottom corner you see your health bar. The goblin monsters you will attack at the beginning of the game are fairly easy to win over. When you win you gain Gil & EXP. And sometimes your job level increase!

Up in the top right corner of the screen you have your main menu. In here you can see different menus: Item, Magic, Equipment, Status, Formation, Job, Config, Quicksave, Save. The amount of Gil you have. And your full party. Which can include 3 others so 4 in total. Your starting job is Freelancer and on Level 1. HP and MP you can also see. Which is for health and magic powers.

In the items page you can see how powerful each item is in various categories like Defence and Attack. You can go in and equip your player with new items you find. You can carry a tool in right hand and left hand for attack. For Defence you can have protection items on head, body and arms.

The status page is good when you wanna see how much EXP it takes to level up to the next level. Also it only seems to show when you will level up your player and that the job level it levels up kind of random.

Outside of Attack and Defence you have deeper modes as Magic Defence. And Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intellect and Mind that you can level up!

I like the graphics in this game. How they move the camera when it’s in battle time from a top view to a closer behind the player view. It makes the game feel modern even when it’s older. I also like how there is no in-app purchase options. You can also save the game to the cloud.

You will sometimes meet bosses which will be harder to defeat. One of the first bosses you will meet is a giant turtle. If you lose the game and no save then there is complete game over and you have to restart again.

It will take some time to level up in this game. And a lot of same training. But that’s what makes you appreciate it more. That you have to work hard for progress. And the cloud saving works great on Android.

Your goal in the game is to spread light in the world. The Crystal came to you and told you was the chosen one. And the elders from the city says you are the chosen one too. The Crystal doesn’t want the world to fully become just darkness. You have to seek out other light people to help you on your journey.

The challenges in this game reminds me about life’s real world challenges. With constant training in this game. It’s kind of like real life. Everyday there are new struggles and challenges we have to overcome. Quite inspiring to be honest.

Outside of the cave when you win against the turtle you are back up on land. Where you can find ton’s of worlds and people to explore. And cities with stores where you can buy various items for protection and attack. For example I noticed you can’t use a bow and longsword at the same time. But two longswords are fine.

In the forrest out in the world you will encounter a ton of new monsters. Each time your job level goes up your attacks seems to become stronger. What makes the game fun is sometimes you have to figure out stuff yourself. By hearing clues from the people you talk to. You slowly get guided into the right direction. Sometimes you miss something and have to go back and try to solve it. It’s fun.

You quickly gain the option to expand the party with 2 more people and you need to find a mysterious ring to heal a lot of people that has turned sick. You will be using a flying ship and go on travels in harder caves where you need to train with your party to level them up. Meeting harder monsters.

This is a highly fun game with amazing music and storymode. But it will take a lot of time and energy to really go deep in this and make progress. And the game can be frustrating if you want to do fast progress. Because level up will take a lot of effort inside this game.

Gameplay performance is great on Samsung Galaxy S8, just some minor slow downs but nothing too serious. There are a bunch of other Square Enix Final Fantasy game’s available in the Google Play store as well as the iTunes App store for iPhones and iPads. Many with high quality ratings.

The menus in the game are super easy to understand what they do. Many new games are very confusing in the game system. Not this. And it’s pretty easy to know sort of where you should go in the game. But it at the same time keeps up a nice story mode and gives you many surprises that draws you into the game and want to keep playing.

Here is a link again to the game in the Play Store.

And here is a link for iTunes App Store app.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,