DOOGEE X20 Cheap Phone For Perfect Specs!

DOOGEE X20 is a low-end smartphones but with Dual Camera and cool design! Let’s see what this phone packs inside this will be a great alternative if you don’t want to buy a feature smartphone.

Main specs: Dual Camera 5.0MP + 5.0MP, Android 7.0 Nougat, 2580mAh Battery, 5.0” HD display, MTK 6580A Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, WCDMA and 2MP Face Beauty front camera.

First thing that strikes me with this device is a quad-core processor for a low price with 4 Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.3GHz. And that you can expand the external memory up to 64GB!

The colours it comes with are Obsidian Black, Antique Silver and Champagne Gold! Clearly they are copying Apple in it’s naming process and colour choices a little. But competition is good it creates innovation and new cool products.

With the professional mode inside the camera you can tweak white balance, ISO and exposure. You are probably not buying this phone for taking world-class photos considering the low price. But it’s still very nice and impressive.

With the front selfie camera you have Face Beauty 2.0, Buffing, Whitening, Enlarging and Slimming. To create the best version of you. The front camera is 86 degree wide angle lens to capture as much as possible!

In gaming DOOGEE X20 packs a Mali-400 GPU that probably will perform a little worse than Galaxy S2 but it’s still nice for it’s price. It has a thickness of 8.8mm and a weight of 174 grams.

The user interface has DOOGEE’s own custom spin on it. I have used their UI in DOOGEE BL5000 and got to say I was very impressed with both the hardware and software that DOOGEE gives to you for an amazing price.

Blackview BV6000S Red Edition Looks Amazing!

Blackview BV6000S looks like a phone ready for water! Especially the red edition truly stands out compared to other phones. Blackview is one of my favourite phone companies when it comes to producing low-end devices. Let’s take a closer look at the specs.

Main features: IP68, Waterproof, 4.7” 1280×720 resolution display, MT6735 Quad-core processor, Android 6.0, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, 4G LTE, 4200mAh Battery, 2.0MP Front camera and 8.0MP Rear camera.

The core reason to buy this phone would be to get the durable feature. It can handle: Bumps resistance, Press withstand, Waterproof and Scratch resistance. It has a CNC full metal frame protective layer the guards the inside components of the device. On the screen it comes with Gorilla Glass 3 that is strong and you can use the phone with gloves on.

It comes with a good version of Android and with a UI that is customized. Usually just the stock vanilla version of Android is a bit boring! The material that will protect your phone against drops will be a soft TPU material that has excellent cushioning effect to protect your phone.

Good to know that the phone comes with 4G+ for the best speeds possible. 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload. The battery seems to be slow to charge 4 hours for a 100% full charge.

Some interesting features inside the phone is you get an atmosphere pressure sensor. This is great if you are climbing mountains and wanna know the height of their spot. Pay with your phone with NFC technology is also pretty awesome. Great if you left your card at home.

The main camera has F2.0 which is a big aperture and the front selfie camera comes with 85 degree wide angle lens to take great selfies. You both get GPS + GLONASS dual satellite positioning to find out exactly where you are. Great when you are exploring foreign land.

You can insert 2 SIM cards good if you are travelling to another country and need a local SIM card but don’t wanna take out your original home card. The phone comes with a PPT button and SOS button.

Elephone C1 Max Looks Like iPhone 7 Plus + Mate 9 Combo!

Elephone C1 Max is a phone that looks like you combined an iPhone 7 Plus and a Huawei Mate 9 smartphone and they had a baby. But a grown up baby with a massive display!

Main specs: 4G LTE, 6.0 inch, MTK6737 Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, Android 7.0 Nougat, Dual Rear cameras, 2800mAh Battery, Not detachable battery, 5MP Front camera and 13MP rear camera.

So just as most other phones 2017 it comes with a dual rear camera. But it’s a bit more clean because it’s aligned more smooth to the phone body. It doesn’t protrude as much as the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone gets wobbly if you push on the sides when it’s laying on a surface. One of the camera is a mono sensor the other is a colour sensor these two images gets combined into one photo.

My favourite colour on this phone is the interesting red colour. It doesn’t look like the standard super vibrant red but more like a flower red. Very rare you see this colour on a smartphone. Another cool thing with this phone is you can take a photo and then focus later! You also get effects like the bokeh effect to create dramatic photos that looks like it was taken with a professional camera.

This device should be great for reading. Not just because of the large display but they seem to have optimized the experience by using larger and more characters in one page. The phone comes packed with Android 7.0 with features like Multi-window, Quick Settings, Bundled Notifications and Data saver!

If you take photos when it’s dark then you also get cool features like super night shot and noise reduction to make your photos look more professional. The phone also reminds me a bit about Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone in terms of it’s design! I truly love the symmetry design at the charging port side of the smartphone.

HOMTOM HT20 Pro Durable Attractive Phone!

HOMTOM HT20 is a durable smartphone with outdoor colours! It’s available in Orange, Black, Green and White!

Main specs: IP68, Waterproof, 4G, Dustproof, Shockproof, Android 6.0, Quad-core processor, MT6737, 4.7” display, Smart wake gesture, 3500mAh, Plastic build, Clocked at 1.3GHz, 16GB Internal storage, 2GB of RAM and 1280×720 resolution!

The first thing that’s nice with this device is how it’s a bit smaller in size 4.7”. Many people that prefer smaller phones doesn’t have that many options these days. Because most new phones that gets released are at least 5 inch in size. And many times at least 5.5”. What we tend to forget is that 4.3” phones used to be considered as huge in Galaxy S2 days!

This is great for people who want a little bit smaller smartphone that is more easy to navigate around.

The next cool thing about this phone is it’s toughness so both great for extreme weather or as a business phone that’s being used a lot. It also adds a bit of sleek style. The phone has a slim body, CNC cut and a safe fingerprint sensor located at the back.

The phone reminds me a little about Nokia N8 design. Nokia is famous for having produced durable phones! This HOMTOM device can withstand drops as well with it’s durable high-density magnesium alloy stylish it can take care of perfect drop resistance and smash proof up to 1.2 meter.

Also a great phone to keep dust away with anti-dust material using a mesh filter. The ports are being protected with plugs. On the back side you get a built-in flashlight that is great for a camping trip out in the dark.

It comes with fast Android 6.0 and you can store 2 of your favourite SIM cards inside. Great for travels. The white edition colour of the phone is my favourite it sort of look like a cool sleek durable Nokia phone. Which colour do you like the most?

Vernee Mix 2 All-screen Display Smartphone!

Vernee Mix 2 is a new smartphone that comes with an all-screen display. Just as iPhone X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and DOOGEE Mix Lite is having!

Main specs: Helio P25, 6.0” 18:9 2160 * 1080 resolution display, Dual glass design, 4GB + 64GB storage, SONY IMX 258 Dual camera, 4200mAh Battery, MTK6757CD Octa-core processor, 8MP Front camera, 13.0MP + 5.0MP Rear camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby and ARM Mali-T880 MP2 GPU clocked at 900MHz.

The first amazing thing with this phone is the screen-to-body ratio of 93.07%. And that it comes with beautiful rounded corners and ultra-narrow frame.

80% of the phone is covered in glass and again this could be a bad idea for a phone because it’s not the most durable material and usually a fingerprint magnet like it will be on new iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8. But I like how they have placed the fingerprint sensor at an easy to reach place at the back. Not to be confused with the camera. Samsung cause confusion by putting their fingerprint sensor where the camera is located.

The dual rear camera has features like: F2.0 big aperture, wide-angle, double telephoto lenses and OIS. The thick border around the dual camera is designed with detail and precision in mind.

The battery supports quick charging just as most new phones these days. The OS is called VOS and it’s based on Android 7.0 Nougat. It adds new features and functions to the stock experience! You get OTG support to charge other devices.

The weight of Mix 2 is 195 grams and 157.8mm height and 57.7mm width. So it’s a pretty large phone. But most people want an all-screen display smartphone 2017. Especially one for a low price. You have black and blue colour available.