Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones Great Limited Deal Right Now!

Klipsch is famous for their great in-ear and speakers. Now on Newegg you can get their Klipsch R6i for an extremely low price. I have mostly used their Klipsch x10 in the past and loved the balanced sound!

What are the specs on these headphones? Dual magnet, dynamic moving coil micro speaker, flat tangle-resistant cable, unique oval ear tips, black + white finish, carrying case with the purchase, clothing clip, 4 ear tip pairs, three-button remote + Mic for iOS devices.

Klipsch R6i are a bit larger in size than the Klipsch X10i variants. Also a lot of peoples main complaint on these earphones is how they sometimes can fall out your ear, or that the three button remote is too high up and others have said it only last 6 months before breaking.

But the reviews are mixed. Many people give them 5 stars and say that these in-ear will give you 300 euro headphone quality sound. Also now with the price so low would it really be that bad if they break in 6 months? I don’t really think so. All my headphones have always been breaking within a year. Feels very standard in this industry.

The only headphones that has lasted longer for me has been my BOSE Quiet Comfort 25 headphones! But even them the cable broke before 2 years hit. I am thinking about testing out more headphones in the future. There are so many different variants. I usually prefer the in-ear variant because the ones that comes shipped with phones usually always fall out of your ear. Or they don’t block external noise so well.

Only Sony smartphones I have felt comes with some decent headphones. Samsung and Apple I really can’t stand their headphones. They always fall out from your ear or have a flimsy cable. Or you get these cables that produce noise while you are walking.

ROSEWILL Epic Affordable Mid Tower Case!

Rosewill got an amazing RGB ready case. It’s called ORBIT-Z1. It comes with two pre-installed RGB LED fans. So what else do you get here in this ATX Mid Tower gaming computer case?

Some of the features and specs include: Side panel window, RGB lightning effect + LED light strip, Micro-ATX + ATX motherboard support, 160mm high CPU cooler support and 380mm long graphics cards support. I/O ports on front is 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0 and Audio In/Out. 240mm long water-cooling radiator in the front support.

But the thing that truly stands out with ORBIT-Z1 is the RGB illumination! The RGB effects works in four different modes: Transition, breathing, shuffle and static. Some of the colours you can use are Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow and more! With the combination of massive graphics card and superior high front cpu cooler you truly can build an epic computer!

With an open window on the side you can always see the beauty of your hardware on the inside while you are gaming and shooting enemies. You also get great airflow. It’s a simple case in many ways that wins your heart with the excellent RGB strip on the front side that will make your friends curious.

It also has great feet it stands on and looks beautiful when you install two graphics cards to see them in the side window. I have checked out many other cool cases in the past if you liked this one. Do you like the ORBIT-Z1? I thought it was extremely original and cool looking!

Deepcool had a very cool case with LED on the front side but around the bezel. It was called the TESSERACT BF! Another amazing case I had a look at was the Corsair’s Crystal 570X RGB. Probably one of the most premium amazing case I have ever seen. Because of it’s window panel design on all sides. But it also cost more money for that.

Kenwood Have a Cool Navigation Receiver Working With Both Android Auto & Apple CarPlay!

Even though most people these days have a GPS in their phone most people do not prefer to use it as a GPS while driving. Because it can be annoying if you get a call or something else happens. Kenwood got a nice car navigation receiver called DNX773S!

Some of the specs on this unit is DVD + CD player, 6.95″ touchscreen that is larger than most phones on the market, AM/FM tuner, fits double-DIN dash openings, built-in amplifier at 22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels, built in Bluetooth so you get hands-free calling + audio streaming, built-in HD radio tuner, support for lossless FLAC audio files (up to 48kHz/16bit) from flash drive and illumination colour for keys.

That is more general specs on DNX773S but if you want it to work with your phones then you have great support for that too. With both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. Built in support for iPod Touch, Apple iPhone and iPad control.

If you like music even better because both Pandora and Spotify app can be controlled via Kenwood KCPA-IP102/KCA-IP103 cable or Apple’s dock connector cable. Some minor control is also available via Bluetooth connection.

You can also view video content from lightning devices if you have apple’s lightning digital AV Adapter and KCA-HD100 cable. Siri Eyes Free support. Android control options. Pandora app works with bluetooth. And a bunch of other exciting features for smartphone users!

The navigation system is from Garmin in DNX773S. Text-to-speech voice will announce road names when turning. Maps of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Of course you will also be able to play CDs, DVDs, USB memory devices and SD cards! 13-band EQ and more.

You can argue if all of this is really needed in todays society where you already have brilliant GPS and multimedia in smartphones. But it feels like it’s still needed. Cars need to get smarter with internal navigation systems. Something we have been seeing more with premium cars from Elon Musk. Their electric Tesla premium electric sedans features massive displays to have a superior navigation system that your phone can’t compete with!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Is a Samsung 2017 Tablet!

Samsung has released a lot of tablets over the years. And this year they released the Galaxy Tab S3. Many people doesn’t see a point in tablets as it’s not as important gadget as phones. It’s more of a premium device that some can afford.

This tablet comes with 9.7″ 2048×1536 resolution display, Qualcomm APQ8096 processor clocked at 2.15GHz, 4GB RAM Memory and 32GB Internal Flash Storage, Micro SD card option up to 256GB, Front-Facing 5MP camera, Rear camera is 13MP, Android 7.0 Nougat, S Pen, Power Adapter and USB Type-C cable.

First thing in Galaxy Tab S3 you may think is strange is that 32GB internal storage for 2017 tablet is a bit too small. But good you can insert a micro SD card.

I never really seen the point with cameras on tablets. It doesn’t feel like many will use. That money should be invested in a better processor, audio and display. Because this is a bit more of a multimedia device for music and video.

The S-Pen is nice to see with a tablet. The only phone these days with a good stylus is Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Now with their latest offering the Galaxy Note 8. But a stylus on a tablet is even better because you can create things on a bigger surface. You can also pair the tablet with a keyboard to turn it into a laptop experience. Perfect for longer writing sessions.

It also features some nice multimedia things like Quad speakers tuned by AKG and the famous Samsung AMOLED display. On a single charge you can get up to 12 hours of battery life.

Which I don’t think will happen if you watch video all that time. The charging with “Adaptive Fast Charging” will take a long time. 3 hours for a full charge! I’m curious how this device processor will perform in heavy games. Maybe I will check it out in the future. Do you like the design on Galaxy Tab S3 or do you want to see a more bezel-less experience?

Klipsch Nice Looking Bookshelf Speaker RB-10!

Klipsch got some nice looking speakers. Especially when you consider their excellent colour choice. Black and Copper colour. These speakers come in pair. They are called the RB-10!

Some of the specs on these speakers include: Video-shielded, Bass-reflex design, Frequency response 90-20,000 Hz, 8-ohm impedance, sensitivity 90dB, handles up to 50 watts, Tractrix horn with 1″ titanium tweeter, 4″ cerametallic woofer, black woodgrain vinyl finish and keyhole slot for easy wall-mounting.

RB-10 speakers is suppose to deliver you with a superior sound-quality when it comes to music and audio listening. Is it true? From my experience Klipsch can deliver really balanced sound with their in-ear speakers. And I’m sure these bookshelf speakers doesn’t disappoint!

It can also be placed near computer monitors or other gadgets without any strange interference and keep up same quality of audio. One of the materials used here is partly anodized aluminium. It also has great internal wiring with quality components being used.

It has a keyhole on the back so you can easily mount it on the wall. I have always been to lazy to set up my speakers on the wall but it’s nice how it exists! I do enjoy the low price as well for this pair. Same price as their quality Klipsch X10 in-ear headphones. What do you think about the RB-10 in design and feel?

These days I think for standard gaming or just regular YouTube watching that built in speakers in monitors or laptops will do just fine. But if you are someone who watch lots of DVDs or Bluray movies regularly then some speakers might be worth to invest in.

Especially if you want some dramatic effects to be added in movie scenes. Or if you want to build a home cinema room then speakers is a must too. Sound is important in gaming too but most people that play professionally just use a pair of headsets. For music listening some speakers can be nice as well but not play too loud then the neighbour will get angry!