Digoo Has a Mini Security Camera!

Digoo is a mini security camera that is great if you have something that needs to be protected and guarded! This is the DG-M1Q model! Let’s have a closer look at the specs that is on the inside.

Main specs: 960P video recording, 2.8mm Wide-angle lens, Wireless, Mini size, WiFi Night Vision, Smart Home model, IP Camera and Online Monitor!

DG-M1Q is available in Sand Black and Starry Grey edition. What’s great about this version is the high resolution. Both higher than 480p and 720p resolution! It comes in a nice round shape that reminds me about a cars steering wheel!

It’s built up by these parts from the rear first 1/3 CMOS sensor, indicator light below, light sensor above, microphone, Hook, Speaker and 64GB microSD card slot.

If you are curious what’s going on in the night then you can track that as well because this camera is equipped with 10 infrared LED lights so you will see amazing in the dark!

You get a 2-Way talking supply with absolute clear voice, manually tweak voice up and down and barrier free talking! If someone is trying to break into your house then you can instantly get an alert to your mobile phone! You use the DigooEye app on smartphone that will alert you when it detects motion!

DG-M1Q is being powered by a basic 5V 1A and it’s USB powered! It’s been tested 10,000 times so a long life! You can also disable the infrared light if you don’t like it. You can also download the video recordings to your smartphone!

You can also set up different accounts for both administrator and guests! The image compression being used is H.264! The frame rate is 25fps which is standard for video. The distance is standard for a webcam 10 meters!

Razer’s First Smartphone!

Razer has a new smartphone for gamers! It’s called the Razer phone. It has a few addons you can get along with the phone: Razer Hammerhead BT earphones, Razer phone rugged case or Razer phone word case. Let’s take a closer look at the specs on this device.

First it comes with a display that is in 120 Hz it’s called the UltraMotion screen. I have never heard about a smartphone with 120 Hz display so it seems like a big key selling point. In terms of Audio you get Dolby ATMOS and THX certified audio, great if you have a large collection of Spotify playlists.

Next up we have the Snapdragon 835 chipset inside which is the high-end Android flagship chipset phones use 2017. We get 8GB of RAM inside which means you will have no problems have multiple high-end games running at the same time. Or just running regular apps at the same time like browser, music app and game app.

You get a dual camera at 12MP, dual cameras was also the big trend for 2017 phones. Inside you have a 4000mAh battery not the highest mAh I seen in phones I seen phones with 7000mAh but it’s also not the smallest, Samsung usually has batteries around 3000mAh. This is great because it’s in between to create a nice slimmer phone design.

Storage inside is 64GB UFS and you can expand memory even more with a external microSD card up to 2TB! The display size is 5.7” and it’s an IGZO LCD with 1440×2560 screen resolution. Gorilla Glass 3 glass protection.

The dual 12MP rear camera the first has f/1.75 wide angle the second has f/2.6, you get dual PDAF and dual tone + dual LED flash. The front facing camera is 8MP with f/2.0.

The phone reminds me about a Sony Xperia design. It has large bezels both on bottom and top. I would prefer a more bezel-less design. The Razer logo can light up green at the back side.

It’s a pretty heavy phone 197 grams in weight with 8mm in thickness. The phone is suppose to be a gaming phone but I don’t really see the magical selling point here. Because most Android games doesn’t have amazing graphics there is not that many console or PC quality games to get on Android. If this phone had exclusive games access then it definitely would be a cool experience.

The Magic With Your Eyes and Ideas About Beauty!

Our eyes are some of the most amazing things we have. They should be celebrated more. Let your eyes look at more things with a deeper intensity as well as more moving objects at different distances. In different light conditions. Moving 3D objects with depth so less digital screens.

Let your eyes take in objects at a slower pace because what you will see at second 2 is not the same as on second 10. So the objects becomes more celebrated. Your eyes love a challenge. With this method your eyes will see things no one else have seen before. Like magic.

The unknown that only intense eye attention will reveal. Internet gives you an illusion of reality from a few peoples perspectives. Nobody ever have had the same exact experiences as you and the more focused attention you put into something the more unique life you will live that truly will stand out among the mainstream masses.

The Beauty on this sculpture is insane, I been thinking more how important Beauty is for us and the environment we live in. It’s not enough to look at Beauty in a phone you have to have physical large objects in your environment of the highest Beauty and you need to decorate your walls with the best Beauty. This also gives you a more personal physical connection with Beauty.

Print out the best stuff and blast it on all your walls. Pen and Paper draw and be creative. I’m gonna steal that from the italians the way they can decorate their homes with the highest timeless Beauty. It’s a reminder about that there is a higher Beauty and Level in life. It’s something extremely degrading to the human soul to only see BMW/Audi as the highest Beauty walking around in a city.

What life is that. Will it move you to a good place? It works on your subconscious mind the Beauty around you and it creates patterns and ideas in your mind so clearly always have the best around you must work amazing to push you forward in life

The Money Chase Many Get Trapped Inside

The idea that money matters that much in life is just an illusion. Clearly it matters up to a certain point of getting your basic needs met. But above that point it really does make no difference. But people chase money in a wild way their whole life which makes money run away from them. They are not taking advantage of universal truths.

You can’t escape nature that’s the main reason why money doesn’t matter that much. We are still an animal with primal needs walking on earth but we are not that much different compared to other animals. Main thing that makes us different is we can be more conscious and self aware that we are doing things.

Our intellect can give us the illusion that we are moving forward more than what we actually are. Intellect is very good at slicing up things into smaller pieces. Let’s say you have a flower can you know the flower by slicing it up into smaller pieces? No but by observing it and not using your mind then you can know the flower. But the intellect slice up the flower in smaller pieces and you get this divide effect going on.

This makes life miserable for many people because they keep dividing life into smaller pieces instead of just living and Being. Being is something your mind wants to understand but it can’t. This is why many also chase Money and only think about the future instead of Focusing on the now that will actually solve all their problems! Also about Being it will ruin the Beauty of Being by trying to understand it. You can’t understand it! There is a higher body intelligence in you that can flow out when you quiet the mind and just observe life around you.

There is No Future and there is No Past. You always live in The Now, the present moment so to speak. No need to stress about anything or try to escape it. You don’t need more time to know yourself. You have already arrived, relax.

Truly enjoy everything you are doing in The Moment and you don’t need anything else and it also don’t matter what you do. You can get great pleasure out of everything in the current moment. And it’s very freeing to not have your mind going in loops because you now live more by using a smart awareness.

Doesn’t get any better than this it’s the highlight of your life. I was opening up a toothbrush package the other day it was really exciting. Because I was fully living in The Now. Especially the satisfying feel of the box and ripping it into pieces gave a satisfying sound. Then I burned it watching the fire in all cool colours.

Then I cleaned out a glass Nutella bottle and so satisfying to rip off the sticker sliding off so smooth when using hot water. The chocolate is a bit resistant to hot water but give it time and it will get loose, the glass look so pure when it’s empty of chocolate

NO.1 A11 Little Feature Phone!

NO.1 has a new model out it’s called A11 and it comes with a small display. I usually don’t see small displays this tiny size on feature phones they usually have larger! This one is below 2”!

Main specs: 1.77 Inch display, 1300mAh Battery, IP67 Certification, OTG Support, Flashlight, FM Radio, Dual SIM, Rugged Mobile, Waterproof and Outdoor mobile phone!

The screen got some extra protection too it’s an anti-drop screen. The phone is built with double injection molding technology to put all the pieces together. It’s a dual card phone so great to use as a backup device. You can insert a 8GB TF card as well.

Another good thing is how you can charge other phones with this device! Perfect if you want a portable power bank with phone functionality! It comes with low radiation and strong signal perfect for when you are rock climbing!

The built-in flashlight is strong and can see up to 30 meters in front of you! The processor packed inside is the MTK6261 variant. Storage internal is 32MB RAM + 32MB ROM but I already mentioned how you can expand the storage. But RAM is a bit on the low side.

It’s a very thick phone 25mm and it’s using a 5Pin micro USB to charge or download data with.

Some of the basic apps are: File Manager, FM Radio, Audio/Video Player, eBook, Gallery and clock! eBook sounded interesting I’m curious how that works on this feature phone!

I don’t think this feature phone is as beautiful as others that I have checked out in the past. But I still believe many seniors will enjoy it’s simple appearance, it has a bit larger buttons than usual. And the round key in the middle looks very calming. Do you like this phone or prefer something more pricey like iPhone X?