The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

Today I want to talk about the core difference between a man and a boy in life. So the core thing that I have found is the difference is Slow and Steady = Man, Fast and Unsteady = Boy. The word teenager was a word that didn’t exist before the 1950s. I think it’s real important for males to know the difference so they can grow up.

Responsibility is very important for a man. To learn how to make decisions that will be great for the long term. Building a great stable foundation is key. Since if it’s boy unstable then if you build anything on top of it, it will just fall down and crash eventually. But if you create a real man steady ground then you can build anything on top and it will not crash down.

And the irony with doing things so called slower is that you do not avoid work you know you should be doing. Because every step forward is super easy when you do things 3x slower. This means you pay so much more attention and the irony with it that in the long term you get 10x more things done than when you was in boy mode running around like a maniac.

This world relies on solid man to get their stuff together. That is the future of this world. Men make stuff happen. That is how it always has been and will keep be in the future. We are warriors and it’s our natural role to take care of things. This means we need to be solid stuff that works amazing. Building amazing businesses. Be fearless and so on. So much skills and beauty that goes in to becoming a true man.

But starting off by just slowing down and do proper work is a great step to be a man. So much boy mentality in our society that cause lots of weakness in our modern culture. Someone needs to do something about it. Men need to keep up moral standards and responsibility or society will fall apart very fast. It’s important that males starts to become rich and successful since our society is desperate for more high-level men that gets stuff done and do amazing stuff.

Brave Browser For Android/iOS/Windows/Mac is Amazing!

Today I want to talk about my favourite new browser on my Galaxy S8 smartphone and on my MacBook Pro computer. It’s called Brave browser.

The last couple of years I have mainly been using the Google Chrome browser and before that the Firefox browser. Lately I got bored of the engineer UI of the Chrome browser. I tried Firefox for a while and then I realized it was a pretty unstable browser. Eventually I found the Brave browser!

What is different with this browser? First of all it’s fast and it already comes with adblock pre-installed so no annoying ads being shown on websites! A more clean experience. The next thing that is amazing is how it comes with support for blocking trackers that secretly starts to run in the background of your device with other browsers.

But the core thing about the Brave browser is that it has support for the BAT token. This means you can support your favourite YouTube/Twitch or Website creators by rewarding them with BAT tokens on a monthly basis. You can see the amount of time you spent on each website and have control over how much you want to give to each service. This is great because it will encourage your favourite creators to create more of the content that you love to consume.

Brave browser will also come with support for most of the Chrome extensions because it’s built using the Chromium setup. I also think it has a very nice logo and just a fresh feel. It also has something called HTTPS upgrades that can speed up things even more! It can even block 3rd party cookies that tries to follow you around the web.

Also very easy to disable the shield for your favourite creators if you want to support them by running ads. I like how the tab system works. Feels like it’s more smooth and nicer experience than other browsers. What do you think about the Brave browser? Is there a specific feature you would like to see?

Earn Bitcoin Super Easy By Completing Microtasks!

Lately I have started to use a brand new service which pays you in cryptocurrency to do basic simple things. It’s a service called You can get paid emails to you by connecting your email and also by completing microtasks like joining Telegram groups and Twitter accounts.

You need to verify your profile first but usually not super hard. After that you could join lists based on the skills you have and earn Bitcoin by doing small missions. I have gotten over 40 missions sent to me most of them was easy to complete in just a minute. The website has a very nice design and you can cash out your Bitcoin after you hit around 3 dollars.

Companies are looking more for expert answers on the Internet that is why they are interested in using a service like The great thing about being paid in cryptocurrency is that it may go up in value in the future. Some even have said they think Bitcoin will go up to 1 million dollars in the future. Which would be 147x increase in value! So 1 dollar you earn today could be worth 147 dollars in the future like 2022. Of course this is just speculation but still fun to know. Why would it go up? Because there is a limited amount of Bitcoins out there.

What Bitcoin is in short is Peer-to-peer transactions without a Bank involved. So you can do borderless payments. It also has built in fraud protection because of the awesome Blockchain technology being used that is very safe and use math. Nobody controls Bitcoin and everyone can be a part of the system.

Something else that is good to know about Bitcoin is all the transactions are public. My payments have gotten to my Bitcoin wallet usually under 1 hour. Which I find very impressive. It’s also nice since you learn so much about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space by joining these Telegram groups. You can also earn even more by getting Airdrops with free Tokens by doing simple tasks!

PUBG Mobile Amazing Android Smartphone Game!

There is a new super cool game out for Android which is called PUBG Mobile. It’s made by Tencent Games and is using the Unreal Engine 4. The visual experience is amazing they did really well with the graphics and performance.

This game seems like a combination of The Sims 4 and GTA 5. What happens is 100 players parachute down on a remote 8x8km island and try to kill as many enemies as possible . On the map you can find weapons, vehicles and supplies. The tricky thing is that the playing zone is always shrinking. You want to be the last person to survive. You also have your own team mates that will help you!

In terms of sound with PUBG Mobile you get 7.1 channel surround sound and amazing 3D sound effects and high quality audio. I like how they have so many variations of weapons so you can have a real fun time. This game reminds me about the huge Battlefield 3 maps on Windows.

The vehicles that exist are very abundant in variation: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Boats. You can also play this game with friends and use voice chat to have various plans to take over battle zones. They even have created an anti-cheat system that will try to detect any cheaters.

One downside is that PUBG Mobile requires you to have constant Internet connection. So not good for people that are living in the forest or just have bad data service. 2GB of RAM is needed and at least Android 5.1.1. But that won’t be an issue for most since new Android phones are being launched with Android 7.0 or Android 8.1 Oreo these days. Even low cost Android phones.

It’s nice to see that 3D Android games are really becoming amazing. I think that in a few years we will see GTA 5 style graphical games to be released on phones. Since Octa-core phones are becoming truly super powerful these days. And people usually spend most of their life now on their phone not on a PC. So we need that super strong future CPU to be able to run mega heavy and large games.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming with 5G Data Speeds?!

Samsung has started to work on a new chipset that will be available to handle 5G data speeds. Currently with the Galaxy S9 we have Exynos 9810 chipset. This new chipset that Samsung started to work on in January 2018 with 5G support is being called 9820. Just a slight difference in naming structure.

5G speeds will give us gigabit speeds and faster Internet. But it will be best for people that wants to download or stream things faster. Currently it’s hard to stream 4K YouTube videos for example since the video files are so large. But we are now getting both more powerful AI CPUs and GPUs for phones and we recently saw Huawei unveil the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design that comes in a 512GB Internal storage edition. So soon streaming 4K videos will be smooth.

The rumors is they think 9820 will be built on Samsung’s 7nm EUV process. The Samsung Galaxy S10 may come with 5G support. But perhaps Samsung will change it’s naming structure since it starts to become a bit long after 10 phones.

2019 Qualcomm will come out with a new 5G Snapdragon modem that phones will be able to use. We are moving towards a future where everything constantly happens much faster. Which is very exciting. But clearly many people will be scared because new things being introduced could be very scary.

There is a great book speaking about this time that we live in it’s called The Great Acceleration by Robert Colvile. He speaks deeply about this and I highly recommend this book if you are more interested in this topic. Phones in terms of new features are starting to reach a peak.

In a few years we will see more Virtual Reality focus since that truly is the next level stuff. People are tired of looking down on a small screen. The next evolution will be something more smooth. I talked about HTC’s new VR headset a couple weeks ago. That one seems amazing! I really loved their first edition.