ZTE Iceberg is an iPhone X Copycat With 2 Notches!

ZTE has created a brand new phone being called Iceberg that comes with 2 notches. As you perhaps already know Apple started this trend with the iPhone X. Now Android companies are copying Apple just as they did when Apple introduced the dual rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.

At least this design is a bit more innovative where they did that notch design on both sides! Very creative I have to say. It looks like a very beautiful phone when it comes to design. On the back side it comes with a rear centred fingerprint sensor. Best located to put it if you ask me. Another thing that ZTE did was to put a speaker in each notch. It really has a nice aesthetic symmetry to it so it won an award.

This phone comes with a glass design on front and back. Which makes the name Iceberg to make sense. This is great for winning design awards but if we are going to be honest it would be best to use plastic or metal unibody for durability. Apple started the glass phone trend with the iPhone 4. The problem with it is that it very easily breaks.

On each corner you can see transparent glass connecting the front and back to create even more beauty. I have to say that it was very creative move. At the moment we don’t know the specs on this phone but we know that it will be a global launch of it in many regions. Hopefully it has specs that are similar to iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. We have been seeing a big trend of Beauty designed phones be released but with horrible internal specs. I hope ZTE put some attention to the specs. Is this perhaps the most beautiful design for 2018? I think that it may be!

You can see on the back side that it comes with a dual rear camera. Something that is very popular these days. I really love how the all-screen display on the front is rounded in the corners. Yes the Galaxy S8 display is also that but this one has no bezels so it creates an even more amazing effect!

Paper.io is a Very Cool iOS iPhone Game!

Paper.io is a very cool game that has very simple rules and nice graphics. What is this game about? It’s about conquer the largest territory.

We have seen with games like Flappy Birds and Angry Birds that people love to play simple games. Games that you understand under 10 seconds what your objective is. This game you are a small object that travels around and you try to create a larger area for yourself. But there is also other players involved. This means if anyone touch your tail when you try to expand your area then it’s game over.

Another thing to know is that other people can drive over your territory and take from you. So you have to be on a look out for potential attackers. Of course you will do the same to other opponents. It’s all about finding a great strategy to trick and outsmart the other players. Another awesome thing is how you can play this game without an Internet connection. Many new games like PUBG requires a constant Internet connection.

Paper.io is also a very popular game with over 10 million total downloads. And the ratings is 4 stars out of 5. I really wish that YouTube would bring back the star rating since it’s more engaging and nuanced than the thumb up and down system. If you want then you also have in app purchases in the game.

When you play the game you have a leaderboard where you can see what player currently dominates the map the most. The game graphics comes with very bright exciting colours. You can see the name on the board above your character.

Based on looking at the reviews it seems like Paper.io performs much better on iOS than Android. Phones are becoming real powerful these days with phones like iPhone X and iPhone 8 so expect even more awesome games being released in the future!

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro Specs Comparison!

Today I want to compare Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro. Both these two phone brands are my favourites. The first thing that is different in terms of design perspective is that the P20 Pro comes with an iPhone X notch at the top. Something many people dislike. This is a notch that many Android phone companies have started to copy and we may see an LG phone and OnePlus phone also come with a notch.

An interesting difference here is how the S9 comes with new Bluetooth 5.0 while the P20 Pro only has 4.2. This may be important to know if you listen to wireless sound with Bluetooth earphones since 5.0 has some nice improvements in technology.

Another major difference is P20 Pro comes with 4000mAh battery and S9 with only 3000mAh! This is something Samsung has been struggling with as of late. After the Note 7 fiasco with battery issues it feels like they are going the safe path by giving you less mAh just to be on the safe side. But people want a lot of mAh so their phone last a very long time.

A nice thing with the Galaxy S9 is how it gives you microSD card option to expand memory all the way up to 400GB. The Huawei phone has no option to expand memory.

A big difference between these two phones is how the Huawei phone comes with a triple camera on rear side. This is something that we have never seen in the past. 2017 was the big year for dual rear cameras. Perhaps 2018 will be the year of triple real cameras.

The secondary camera on Huawei P20 Pro comes with 24MP sensor while the S9 only has 8MP secondary camera. A bad thing with P20 is how it has no 3.5mm audio jack. The S9 comes with an earphone jack! Great for people that listen to stuff with wired earphones.

It seems like the Galaxy S9 gives you some extra screen protection with Gorilla Glass 5. My Huawei Mate 9 it’s screen broke very easy when I accidentally dropped it. So it seems like Huawei phones got lots of stuff to work on to make them stronger in the future.

In terms of display size it’s a bit bigger on the P20 Pro with 6.1” display the Galaxy S9 comes with 5.8” display. And S9 is then also a little bit lighter to hold in the hand. But many people would prefer a little bit heavier phone to get that premium phone feel experience. Both these phones have water resistance. But the Huawei phones is a bit slimmer which is a big deal for many.

Another problem with the Samsung phone is that the fingerprint sensor is still located too close to the rear camera. This has been a big problem on the Galaxy S8. It also has a design that isn’t rounded so it feels too small. Both the phones run latest Android 8.0 Oreo OS. And they both have Octa-core processor and very similar GPUs so gaming performance should be very identical.

To summarise: It mostly comes down to what brand you are most comfortable with using. And what design you prefer the most since the specs is very high end on both devices. Many Apple users will probably think you are an iPhone X fanboy if you buy the Huawei P20 Pro.

I wish both of these phones came with a built in stylus like Galaxy Note 8. Samsung has also a very useful Always-on-display that is super useful. Not sure if the Huawei phone comes with that. Could also be good to know that the P20 Pro comes with 6GB of RAM and Galaxy S9 only with 4GB.

It also seems like the P20 Pro phone has a home button at the bottom. It seems to be a real hardware button. Something that many people enjoy to have on front. Especially in these days when more companies are removing that feature.

The price is around the same for these two phones. Huawei is the new Apple I feel since they are very hungry and making gains fast in the phone world. And they produce quality phones compare to boring HTC, Sony and LG!

Will AI Become Smarter Than Humans Soon?

There is a new documentary you can watch online which is being called “Do You Trust This Computer”. It talks about the dangers of future super intelligence. As you probably already know we are moving into an Age where computers and our smartphones are constantly becoming more powerful. And we will soon probably create AI or in it’s long form Artificial Intelligence. This intelligence may become smarter than humans.

The risk with this is that we may lose control over planet Earth. Elon Musk said some interesting things in the documentary. For example this quote about AI: “an immortal dictator from which we could never escape.”. Remember that this is coming from a very smart guy that has created three different billion dollar companies! So he knows what he is talking about. Me personally thinks that he knows how serious it is and now he tries to take us to Mars before it’s too late. But only rich people will be able to afford it for now.

I recommend you to watch the documentary but be aware that they add some politics in the movie which I feel is wrong. They should have kept it neutral! But the whole idea is that we should probably democratize AI so everyone can get their hands on it. So not just a small elite gets it. Because they can then do scary things with it and dominate planet Earth. Another scary thing Musk said was: “At least when there’s an evil dictator, that human is going to die. But for an AI, there will be no death – it would live forever. And then you would have an immortal dictator from which we could never escape.”.

I think to be honest that perhaps Elon has watched a bit too many science fiction movies. It all sounds romantic with robots take over this planet but will it really happen? Can’t we just power off the electricity and start over? We have done well a very long time without it so we could turn it off again. The only problem is that now most are addicted to their gadgets. We would have to teach people survival skills again.

To be honest I don’t think AI will see humans as a threat. We are not that super smart! I think that AI will work side by side with man to create a better safer world. Also I think that eventually we will be able to upgrade our brains so we could become super humans.

We are already seeing this starting to happen with humans how they are replacing arms and legs with real robotic parts. It looks like a fantasy story or like the movie Avatar. What is human and what is machine will be a very interesting question in the future. Since stuff will get a bit confusing. We can look at Japan to see a bit into the future since they are developing lots of interesting tech before everyone else.

Currently I read a very interesting book about the topic of speed. How everything have started to speed up more and more in terms of innovation the last couple of years. The book is called The Great Acceleration and I think you should read it. It’s very well researched and a great writer called Robert Colvile. If you want to watch the documentary that inspired me to write this blog post then you can do so here. Do you think Elon Musk is right or is he dreaming?

Best Android/iOS Online Shopping App 2018!

AliExpress is a very cool shopping app that you can get to your phone. The cool thing with this company behind the app is that it truly has everything!

Some of the main categories that exist are clothes for men and women, beauty and health products, cellphones, computers, consumer electronics, furniture, home appliances, toys, shoes and watches! As you can see this app is a little bit like the Amazon app! They truly cover most of the key areas that people find the most exciting.

Another very nice thing is that they offer coins and coupons to get amazing deals. First you have a daily coin feature that reward you for every check in. Then you have the options of being able to win coins by playing fun games. These coins can then later be traded to products or coupons.

There is also a freebies section where you can get free product to then be able to review. Although at the moment it looks a bit silly since there is thousands of requests per item and only a few units being sent out so you will probably not win but at least it’s nice they give you the opportunity to win.

There is also a zone in AliExpress  app which is being called the Fan Zone where you can see influencers and their favourite products! This is great if you are a blogger and want to get on-board to get free review samples! They have a section called star bloggers where you can end up in if you do a great job!

Another amazing thing that you can do is image search. So you can take a photo of something and it will search the store for that product. I tried with my cup and it worked! This is amazing since it makes shopping so much more fun and easy!

Another thing that I find very cool with this AliExpress shopping app is the share feature. After you made a first order then you can use share feature which allows you to share other items and get over 10% commission! This is way higher than many other websites will give you! And you can see the click and order stats right in the app!

When you open up the app there is also a section that is called Flash Deals. This let’s you quickly see great products where the price has been cut down!

There is also an inspiration section in these categories: Tech, Fashion, Kids, Beauty, Home and Hair. Great if you are bored but want to buy something but needs to be inspired first.

The key feature that I like with this app is that they are creating a community aspect around shopping so they are making it more engaging and social. You can clearly see how they have put work into this app. You can see that they care about making a great experience.

Another thing that is nice is how it keeps loading up new products if you keep scrolling down. Just as YouTube does! So no need for any complicated search. Eventually with Machine Learning and AI it will probably just keep getting more intelligent to find out what you may want for the moment. You also have a built in message feature and you can leave app suggestions!

Another feature is wish list. Just as Amazon have. If there is a cool product that you want to save for later just use this! What do you think about the AliExpress shopping app? It’s my new favourite shopping app!