Phones Will Be Free in The Future!

Phones will be free in the future, as well as transport, everything is dropping in value. You will have a nano robot that can build you a Ferrari for free. But what will be the point in owning anything if all can have it? No point! So investing in expensive clothes, cars, houses or phones it’s all getting pointless. It will all be free.

I’m fascinated about what humans will do in the future. So you have this massive wealth. That will ultimately make people realize they are just consciousness. Which will cause people to panic and grasp for an identity. But what work can a human do when a robot is better at all! People try to grasp for something to hold on to. Then the robot comes: You human you are only awareness! Stop trying to grasp! Let go! What will people do when everything has been done. What will their identity and life meaning be. When you can experience all things with ease.

Even the wealthy their status and money means less when all have it. This is a race of who will make the fastest and strongest computer. In the end seems like you will have to surrender to be fascinated looking at a fork. Hey a fork! Exciting stuff. The abundance is staring people in the face and it scares them so much

Be careful to not fall into the trap of doing a simple job. Simple is risky. Many can do it and you are replaceable. Always do something that is a little more complicated and that requires some thinking. Fast Food = Unconscious, Healthy Food = Used some consciousness and thinking to be a little more.

You don’t have to outrun the bear. Just run a bit faster than majority. A person works at McDonalds. Your job is simple do this instructions. At least learn how the ice cream machine works better than the rest. So you use some consciousness. Have a little skill that stands out. Something rare and in demand. Human awareness will be in demand still in the future

Q308 New Mobile Phone!

Q308 is a phone that you can use to relax. This is a low-end mini card variant phone. It’s very basic in functionality. It’s also a step below a feature phone in features you get. But the coolest part is how you can use it as a fidget spinner!

Main specs: 1.3″ display, 400mAh Battery, Bluetooth, SOS, Dual SIM, Light Spinner Finger Gyro Reduce Stress Phone, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, 240×240 pixels screen, 1511 speaker and 500 contacts in phonebook!

My favourite thing with Q308 is how it supports 32GB SD/TF card! This is great if you need lots of storage. But you would have to buy the card separate which would increase the price.

The platform this phone is using is being called SC6531. It’s not running on Android or any other OS. Only comes with some basic features as a Bluetooth phone. It’s very thin just 11.5mm. I have seen some feature phones be 15mm in thickness.

Basic functions you get are things like Clock, Calendar, Games and Calculator. In ringtones you get 64 polyphonic stereo. It comes in tons of colours: Gold, Silver, Black and Rose gold. This is great for people that want to stand out with something different. Many people have a fidget spinner. But not many have a phone fidget spinner!

In terms of multimedia fun on Q308 you get WAP, MMS, Video Display, Ebook and MP3 support! Me personally think that the black edition looks the best. About the screen you can see red light that shines a lot when you spin the smartphone. You spin it by holding hand on the large button in the middle.

This phone looks like a cheap Nokia 3310 in it’s buttons I think. And now I mean the 3G Nokia 3310 2017 Edition! Do you like this phone or do you feel it’s missing something?

Ulcool V26 New Phone!

Ulcool V26 is a new compact mini card smartphone. It comes with 2G bands but that’s not the most important point. The beauty of it is the important. Everyone wants a beautiful phone that stands out!

Main specs: 1.54″ Display, OLDE Type, 240×240 pixels, 500mAh Battery, MTK6261D Chipset, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, Card Extend Support on-board, Unlocked phone, Intelligent Anti-lost, Vibration and Bluetooth MP3 Playback!

I highly love the curved back side of Ulcool V26. It truly does stand out! Reminds me about an HTC smartphone. This phone comes in plastic and metal build. The plastic is good for durability. The metal is good for creating a premium feel in hand.

The battery will last for 2 to 3 days in standby. In terms of talk time it will last 2 to 3 hours. It’s a built in battery that I wish was removable. Buying spare batteries to these cheap phones would be a joy. Because they are so affordable.

You get Bluetooth Dial with this mini card phone so you can connect it to your smartphone to take incoming calls with it. The anti-lost feature will alarm you when your smartphone is too far away from the mini card phone.

In data sync you can sync phonebook and sms from your standard phone. The screen is tempered glass for better durability. It’s also a shockproof phone. Something that we usually don’t see that much. In music we get quality sound with Yamaha music chip.

At the thinnest section of Ulcool V26 it’s only 2mm thick. This phone fits in well with Apple’s high-end lineups of Macbook Pro’s and iMacs. It will look great on your desk. I really wish it came with a browser and 4G speeds too. That would make the overall experience so much more joyful.

MAFAM J5+ New Tiny Phone!

MAFAM J5+ is a budget phone. This is great if you need a cheap Android smartphone! Let’s go over the specs and see what it gives you.

Main specs: Android 5.1 Lollipop, MT6580 Chipset, 8GB Internal storage, 1GB of RAM, 360p recording definition, IP65 Waterproof Level, Dual SIM Cards, 2.4″ Display, 240×432 pixels, 2.0MP Rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 64GB Card Extend support and 900mAh Battery!

I highly enjoy how MAFAM J5+ is a durable phone for a low price and with Android installed. This is great if you can’t afford Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4. It’s also dustproof so great if you will go to Africa. This phone supports 3G speeds. 4G would be very nice but they stick to the older technology to keep the price down.

This phone comes in two colours: Black + Yellow and just Black. It also support OTG if you have any other devices you may wanna connect to it. Other nice things you can use it for is as a mobile hotspot, GPS for navigation, MP3 player and GPRS support. This phone comes in super low weight only 72 grams and that even includes the battery!

Another nice thing is you get a 3.5mm jack for wired headphones. You also get FM Radio support. There is no front facing camera. It’s a pretty thick phone for more durability. It’s 13.4mm in thickness.

MAFAM J5+ will probably be great to use around a construction workplace where you need something durable. Because of it’s low price it may be wise to invest and buy three in case your friends want one too. This is great for people that likes Android phones with super tiny displays. This is not a phone for people wanting to take pictures or play games. But basic games will probably be of no issue. This phone is more interesting than a feature phone.

Ulcool V36 New Mini Card Phone!

Ulcool V36 is a new mobile that looks like a budget iPhone 5/5S phone. This is great for people that likes Apple’s clean design.

Main specs: 1.54″ Display, OLDE type screen, 240×240 pixels, MTK6261D Chipset, 32MB of RAM + 32MB Internal storage, microSD card support up to 32GB, Unlocked phone, 500mAh Battery and Plastic and Metal Build!

Another thing that is nice about Ulcool V36 is how it supports Dual SIM card! But you can’t use two SIM cards the same time you have a TF card. You can connect your smartphone to this mini card phone over Bluetooth.

This is great if you want to impress your friends and let them know you have a super small device. It looks more trendy and these mini card devices usually fit inside your wallet. Or great if you have small pockets.

Another super cool feature in apps is you get Whatsapp and BYO QQ support. The build on the border is made with zinc-aluminium premium material. Way more exclusive than boring plastic. Both the front and back of this phone features tempered glass. It’s also more slim than the iPhone 7. This V36 phone is only 5.5mm in thickness.

You also got an anti-loss feature that will let you know if your smartphone goes more than 10 meters away from the mini card phone. If it does then it will make a sound! You can also easy sync data like contacts and sent and received texts.

You also get a durable film screen protector and drop resistant back cover. Great if you are clumsy sometimes. In terms of sound it’s using a Yamaha music decoding chip to create loud and mellow sound.

Ulcool V36 comes in Gold, Black and Blue colour editions. It only works over 2G. It does give you features like pedometer, vibration, eBook, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Games and more!