SERVO V8240 New Feature Phone!

SERVO V8240 is a feature phone with a beautiful design. Usually don’t see feature phones that is this well designed! Let’s go over it to see what it gives the buyer.

Main specs: 1.77 inch Display, 128×160 pixels, 1500mAh Battery, 5-6 hours of talk time, vibration, MTK Processor, 1MP camera, Single core CPU, Under 2GB of Internal storage, under 128MB of RAM, Unlocked phone, Dual SIM Dual Standby and Single band!

As you can here SERVO V8240 is pretty basic especially when it comes to RAM and storage. But feature phones run still well because they don’t come with a heavy OS like Android or iOS!

The camera is just on the back. No front selfie camera for Instagram. Useful features that it has built in are: Message, GPRS, Bluetooth, Alarm clock, MP3 player, Video player, FM Radio and Recorder. The recorder is for audio.

In thickness it’s pretty standard for a feature phone. 13.5mm thickness! But the battery will last a really long time. Which is the best part of a feature phone. The languages that are built in are: English, Italian, Polish and French.

The colours SERVO V8240 comes in are: Black Orange, White Blue and Black Blue. The colour combinations makes it stand out and look a bit unique. You will probably not get amazing camera quality photos with this one but most will buy it just as a spare phone. It’s great to have if you travel and just wanna bring something cheap. If you would lose it then it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

I like how it comes with colours on the side of the phone. Makes it almost look like a premium sports car. But my favorite thing is the round colour on the center button just below the display. Such a beauty! Especially the blue edition.

XP10 New Small Phone!

XP10 is a super small phone that looks like it’s designed to look as a mini Samsung Galaxy S8! I really love how you can get something like this for this mega low price!

Main specs: 1.54 inch Display, OLDE Type screen, 240×320 pixels, MTK MT6261DA Chipset, 32MB of RAM, 32MB Internal storage, Micro SD card up to 32GB, 8W camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and 500mAh battery!


What is most surprising to me is how XP10 seem to have a weight of 206 grams! Sounds like a mistake. In thickness it’s only 6.8mm! The standby time is massive 120 hours. And charge time will take 2 hours.

This phone is built using both plastic and metal to get the best from both worlds. Obviously if you want to store more data on this phone then it’s a must you invest in a TF card. I like how this phone comes in three cool colours: Black, Gold and Rose Gold. They probably try to copy Apple a little with the colour options!

It’s only 2G capable since it’s a low cost unit. It also has a design like it has a full screen on front but it doesn’t. It’s way smaller. On the back it looks like it comes with a fingerprint scanner but it doesn’t. It’s again just a design choice to make it look like a mini Galaxy S8.

A little bit fun because maybe people will think you have a brand new phone that they wanna know how to get too! I would love to see a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 mini card phone next. Especially one with a fake stylus! I really love the stylus aspect with the Note phone. Since nobody else offer some premium stylus phone.

Do you like this cute XP10 phone or do you think it’s silly? I hope they also do an iPhone X mini card phone!

AEKU C9 New Phone!

AEKU C9 is a super basic phone that is having low radiation. It’s perfect for people that wants a mega compact mobile!

Main specs: 1.3 inch Display, OLED type screen, 480×320 pixels screen, Not a touch screen, 500mAh battery, 7 days of standby, 4 hours talk time, Replaceable battery, MTK6261D processor, Single core CPU, Unlocked cell, Single SIM card and 8mm thickness!

As you can see AEKU C9 is a very basic phone. It has larger buttons so you could see them easier. Also features an SOS button. One-touch dial SOS can be useful! Another thing that is awesome is how they made the back non slip. Sometimes slippery phones can be super annoying. I have owned many Sony smartphones that have slipped off my table just because they feature an annoying glass back!

This phone comes in two different colours White and Black. The SOS button is red on both of them. The charger is using a standard USB cable. This mobile even support TF card for MP3 music files. The phone book can store 100 contacts.

Messages that you can store are up to 50! Bluetooth is 2.0 and data speed is 2G. Both are a bit low but for the price this is pretty standard of what you can expect. It does come with an Alarm clock perfect for early morning when you need to get up for work or feed the birds.

Vibration is built in and you get access to a full QWERTY keyboard. Also come with support for many of the big languages. It does stand out and has a bit more fun design than a feature phone. This is a phone for someone that just want something that is super easy to use!

I wish AEKU C9 came in a few other colours like red and blue and perhaps green. It would make it easier to find if you lost it.

Leagoo Z7 New Smartphone!

Leagoo Z7 is a new smartphone that comes in at a feature phone price. Android phones are really going down a lot in price and you can get a decent phone for super low!

Main specs: 5.0 inch Display, 854×480 pixels screen, 2 point touch just, Android 7.0 Nougat OS with LEAGOO OS 3.0, SC9832A Processor, Quad-core clocked at 1.3GHz, Mali 400 GPU clocked at 512MHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB Internal storage, TF card support up to 32GB and 4G LTE!

The most impressive thing is how Leagoo Z7 comes with 4G connection! Something you usually don’t get for this price. Usually you can only get 3G capable phone but times are changing!

This is too a Dual SIM Dual Standby phone! 1 Nano SIM + Micro SIM if you want. It also comes with 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio listening experience!

In terms of cameras you first have a 2.0MP Front facing lens then you get rear camera with 5.0MP lens + 2.0MP! So dual on the rear side. It’s a pretty thick phone with 9.0mm. But it packs a super massive battery with 3000mAh! And the weight is pretty low just 156 grams.

I find it super cool for the consumer how you can get 4G and massive battery for mega low price. Other interesting things are a three-layer protective film!

With Leagoo Z7 you get a 2.5D curved screen with 3D rear curve. Even though the internal memory is small you can buy a microSD card to get more space for video, music and photos! Usually games can be a bit more tricky to try to install on an microSD card.

This phone comes in 4 different colours: Black, Gold, White and Blue! I prefer the white edition here I feel like Gold has been used too much. And Black is too basic. But white truly stands out.

UMIDIGI S2 Lite New Smartphone!

UMIDIGI S2 Lite is a budget smartphone around the same price range as you could get a Xiaomi Redmi 5 for! This one comes with a dual rear camera. On front it reminds me about Samsung Galaxy S8!

Main specs: 6.0 inch Display, 18:9 aspect ratio, 740×1440 pixels screen, UMI OS based on Android 7.0 Nougat, MTK6750T Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, ARM Mali-T860 MP2 GPU clocked at 650MHz, 4GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, TF card support up to 256GB, Full metal unibody, 5.0MP Front camera and Dual rear camera with 16.0MP + 5.0MP and 5100mAh battery!

UMIDIGI S2 Lite is a pretty heavy phone with 180 grams weight and 8.8mm thickness. But it’s reasonable considering the massive 5000+ mAh battery inside. You get Bluetooth 4.0 inside and 3.5mm audio jack! Another useful thing is the 2x Nano SIM card slots.

This is a 4G phone as well so you will get the fastest Internet performance. On the back side you get a fingerprint sensor below the dual lens camera! Face ID is also on the inside to unlock phone with your face. Over the air it will get latest Android 8.0 Oreo update!

On the front side you have 90% screen-to-body ratio. Also features 4th generation Gorilla Glass screen protection. I love how this phone comes in a red edition. Something that is a bit more rare to see compared to Black and White.

Most people in real life will think you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 if they see you using UMIDIGI S2 Lite. Which is pretty fun! In charging you get latest USB Type-C! OTG is great too because that means you can charge another phone with this gadget. It’s excellent if your friend is running low on battery!

This is a multi-language phone too so you can use it in any country and understand the text on the display, Great huh?