CMCC A3s Brand New Smartphone!

CMCC A3s is a new compact phone that cost less than low end Xiaomi smartphones. It cost a little bit more than what Nokia 3310 2017 Edition cost. But it’s running on Android so you will get an exciting phone OS experience.

Main specs: 5.2 Inch display, Fingerprint Reader, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, Snapdragon 425 Chipset, Quad-core Processor and 4G Connectivity!

First thing that is nice is with CMCC A3s is how it runs with 4G support. So you will have nice speed while you are on Data connection. Good when surfing the internet or when you are downloading stuff from the web or downloading songs on Spotify!

The Android version it comes running with is Android 7.1 Nougat. And the GPU is Adreno 308 clocked at 500MHz. I never actually heard about this GPU before but Adreno GPU tends to perform great!

What’s also fantastic about this device is how it supports Micro SD card up to 128GB! That is massive for such a low priced device.

The display is an IPS variant that comes with 2.5D technology. The screen resolution is 1280×720! And it also supports multi-touch great for games that needs that.

Another awesome thing about this device is how it comes with Dual SIM support! The two SIM technologies it supports are Micro SIM and Nano SIM!

Then of course you do get cameras on CMCC A3s! The cameras are first a 8.0MP back camera and a 5.0MP front camera. Don’t expect too much from the photo quality this is a low-end device after all. I like how this phone comes with support for 3.5mm earphone port.

The battery you get inside is 2800mAh and the phone is 8.7mm in thickness with low 150 grams in weight! Do you like the phone or do you think it’s missing something?

OUKITEL C8 New Smartphone!

OUKITEL C8 is a phone with unique design. The name almost sounds like a bad copycat name for S8. But I like it’s curved bezel-less design display. This is a phone that is very cheap! It cost the same as new Nokia 3310.

Main specs: 5.5 Inch 18:9 Display, Android 7.0 Nougat, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, MT6737 Chipset, Quad-Core Processor and 3G Connectivity!

You can see with this device that they are saving in on the RAM and Internet speed. 3G is way slower than 4G connectivity. But perhaps it doesn’t matter that much if you use WiFi a lot. It mainly can become a problem if you are planning on use the web a lot without WiFi.

On the other hand they didn’t save in when it came to design. It truly has a cool polished display that looks gorgeous the way it goes fully to left and right sides.

The colours it comes in are: Purple, Blue, Gold, Pink and Black! You really have something for everyone with these colour options. The phone look reminds me a little about Meizu smartphones.

On rear side you have a centered fingerprint sensor. You get a 13.0MP rear camera and 5.0MP front camera too. There is also options in this device to expand the storage with a TF card up to 64GB! The GPU inside this little fellow is Mali 400 MP2. Which I think is same GPU as Galaxy S2 had.

It’s a very thick phone 10.2mm and 165 grams of weight. Really find it confusing why it’s so thick. Since the battery size seems to be pretty standard. I wish it came with USB Type-C charging but it comes with the old technology. I still believe many people will buy this device because it’s affordable price!

New OnePlus 5T Smartphone!

OnePlus 5T is a new smartphone from OnePlus with very high-end specs! It comes with both a massive display and tons of storage. Let’s have a closer look.

Main specs: 6.01 Inch display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB Internal Storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Chipset, Octa-core Processor and 4G Connectivity!

First thing you notice is the large internal storage and RAM. This will be perfect for gaming and having lots of photos, music and videos on your device. Next thing I noticed that was rare was the large display. Usually flagship devices tend to have a bit smaller screens. This phone also comes with almost zero mm bezels on the sides. Which makes it look very sleek and elegant.

This phone is created with anodized aluminium material. This will make it feel more premium than a plastic phone. Other things good to know is that it comes with the Adreno 540 GPU which is super powerful to be able to handle Gameloft’s latest Android games.

The processor is 10nm technology and can be clocked up to 2.45GHz! The Android version it’s running on is latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat. And it has the OxygenOS skin on top of it. It doesn’t have any support for card extend so that is a little bit sad.

The front facing camera is 16.0MP and with IMX 371. Other specs include: 1.0 um, f/2.0 aperture, 1080p video at 30fps and time-lapse.

The rear camera is dual rear variant. It has a setup of 16.0MP + 20.0MP! It has f/1.7 and Dual LED Flash! It can record 4K video at 30FPS. Slow motion video 720p resolution at 120FPS. Also comes with Time-Lapse.

You get a fingerprint sensor on this smartphone and some other specs are a 3300mAh Battery that you cannot remove. It has 7.3mm thickness which is slim and only 162 grams weight. Which is very light for a 6 Inch smartphone. It’s using USB Type-C for charging port with Dash Charge quick charge functionality 5V 4A!

Observe Form and Objects and How Power Works in Life!

You wanna create a distance between yourself and the object world. Don’t be trapped in form. Just observe form and interact with it. Form is not some universal truth. Your body is things you have gathered from the universe.

School was designed to create a system where you think you have no power over form, that things can’t be changed. They try to hypnotize you that intellect rules the world. Intellect is overhyped up as some God. You eat a banana and it becomes your body. That is more than amazing.

Deeper intelligence in you changes the form. Your deeper intelligence you are the ruler of. But are you your body? Clearly not. Because the banana you ate was not a part of you but now it is but your Being was there before banana. Clearly it must be a rejection of form if you can’t enjoy a small particle. All form is interesting and you can change all form. Form takes on different shapes. It can be liquid or solid or something else.

In some ways I really wanna struggle in life because the deeper you struggle the deeper the roots to your tree will grow.. All that pain creates extremely deep roots of stability. This means the deeper roots the taller you can grow in the long run. You can really feel how pain burns away anything weak. You go through struggle and whatever that is strong will survive. All the weaker parts will burn away. And you can truly appreciate life in a deeper way that’s the best part. Whatever survives that’s real and not fake.

When you really go and research how large the universe is then you truly understand that we don’t know anything! Over 100 billion galaxies they believe exist. Each Galaxy with it’s own amazing infinite mystery. With knowing this try to focus on observing the smallest particle and try to be aware of it. Once you do understand the smallest objects then you can easier move on to bigger things. Most people wanna start with the bigger things in life. Start with the smaller things and expand from there.

You have most power over the things in your surroundings closest to you. Other things further away from you in the universe it’s vain to worry too much about. The good thing is that you can start to expand your circle of influence by caring and taking care of the little things. Everything in the universe constantly expands same as your influence if you start with the things close to you.

It’s Not Hard to Win in Life! New ideas about Music For More Alive Life!

It’s Easy to win in life once you start in a certain field. The hard part is to create cascades of winning and long term winnings. Winnings that blend together. Fear of Death and using Bravery is challenges.

Whatever you put attention on you will pretty quick start to see great progress. But the things you really should be doing usually don’t scream the loudest. Those small tweaks are really key. The bigger things will probably have most effect but you already do them on autopilot so you don’t think about them that much. Therefore it’s the little new daily tweaks you notice and creates the shift.

And you will start to have more faith in them as you see the great result they bring. Whatever distracts you in life is Evil. People will tempt you with so many distractions in life. Just remember your attention is the top and of the highest value. Have attention and the whole world is yours.

Distractions especially these days doesn’t just come from Friends or Family but your ability to see what people from the whole world is up to doing. This cause you to compare yourself against the top 1% in the world and it’s really unfair towards yourself.

In the world we have been making amazing progress the last 100 years. Things have never been this good in the past! But still people are trying to find the negative with these times even though everything is better. We quickly adjust and can become very entitled. We need more stop and smell the roses moments.

A good thing you can do with music in life to not make it a zombie experience is find a website that daily release new songs in your niche from new artists. Download some songs. And actually question: “Do I like this?”, “Is this good Music?”, “Is this Bad music?”, “What makes me like this song?”. This makes music into more of an active engaging process instead of just clicking on a new song in Spotify.

This makes it into a more exciting process. It takes more work but it’s also more rewarding to listen to. But it’s more just about teaching you to do it with consciousness. It’s actually way more fun! Because in the end you are an alive human being. And what’s most rewarding is being truly engaged in a process right this moment. By amping up the intensity of your attention.

Many times this is even greater music because it’s not mainstream yet. Mainstream stuff needs to be dumbed down to suit the mainstream masses. What we call music these days are mainly just stuff formatted in a way to make the most amount of money. To do that you need to do more simpler works that larger groups of people could relate with.