New Huawei Mate 10 Pro Wallpapers Download Link!

A few days ago I showed you an amazing apk file you could download to get access to the latest Google Pixel 2 wallpapers. Today we have a new release and it’s the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s wallpapers!

The cool thing about these wallpapers is that they are more interesting than Samsung’s Galaxy wallpapers or Apple’s iPhone 8’s new ones. Here is the direct download link. Which is your favourite?

These packs a new theme which is mostly flowers. Something we haven’t seen been done before! And they are in great vibrant colours to display the awesomeness of your colour display.

Some are showcasing cool landscapes with mountains and darker colours and moods. One great landscape wallpaper reminds me about the Windows XP famous wallpaper!

You also get some waterdrop wallpapers. These reminds me about Terminator 2 movie when one robot is melting down at the end of the movie! So I guess you can pretend that it isn’t water but something AI like material!

There is also a big focus on darker wallpapers which has a focus on materials and games. Various textures and exciting inviting wallpapers. One picture is showcasing a guitar and another a chessboard that Bobby Fischer would love!

I really love the three new Mate 10 phones. I wrote about the Pro edition yesterday. But there is also two other variants. One the standard it’s the cheapest variant and then you get a Porsche Design brand edition for around double the price of the Pro variant!

Obviously it’s not specs you pay for with the highest model but mainly you pay for the branded side on front side. It also looks a little different on the rear side. I really want to try out Mate 10 Pro because Mate 9 is my favourite phone to date. It doesn’t give you lag feels as Galaxy phones does. Samsung really need to work on their software speed it’s embarrassingly slow.

Meizu U20 Special Designed Phone!

Meizu U20 is a cool phone that looks like a Galaxy Alpha + iPhone 4 slim combo! They have designed this phone in colours for everyone like Pink, Black, White and Gold.

Main specs: 5.5-Inch, Fingerprint sensor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, Helio P10 chipset, Octa-core processor and 4G speed!

The Meizu U20 build materials are premium to create a modern feel. By using glass and a solid metal frame to create nice looks and touch.

The rear camera used is a 13-megapixel variant. Which has excellent low-light performance! The aperture is f/2.2 with dual LED flash. You get a 5MP front facing camera with beauty modes.

The fingerprint sensor in home button is being called mTouch. It basically works just as any other finger scanner. I am really sad the new iPhone X completely removed the fingerprint ID sensor! Because I use my face to unlock my Galaxy S8 many times but it happens a lot that you are in a dark or bad light room and then it doesn’t work and then you can use your finger. I am waiting for fingerprint sensor that will work great with a wet hand!

It’s using the Flyme operating system based on YunOS. Some ports and functions around the phone you get are: Headphone jack, USB port, Microphone (Top and Bottom), Power button, Volume up and down large button and Receiver (Top side).

I do feel that the back side can make the device look a bit cheap. Something I have seen with many other Meizu devices as well. Looks a bit like plastic. But it’s using actually both metal and glass.

I really like how you can expand storage up to 128GB. The GPU for gaming is an awesome ARM Mali T860 variant. Which will perform great. It’s a pretty light weight phone just 158 grams and a thickness of 7.7mm.

3260mAh battery is also pretty awesome more juice than what Galaxy Note 8 will give you! Do you like Meizu U20?

GIGASET ME iPhone 5S Copycat on Front!

GIGASET ME looks a little bit like an iPhone 5S but without a home button! The back design looks a bit futuristic and space like! It comes with some cool specs and a unique chipset I haven’t seen be used that much in the past.

Main specs: 5.0 Inch 2.5D display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal storage, Snapdragon 810 Chipset, Octa-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz and 4G connectivity.

As you can see GIGASET ME has Snapdragon 810 which I haven’t seen many smartphones use in the past. Usually these phones are using an MTK chipset. The display is 1080p Full HD with 178 degree viewing angle. Gorilla glass protection on top will make it more durable.

The camera department in more detail is 16MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture and 1.4um pixel size and 8MP front facing camera with f/2.0, 1.34um pixel, CMOS sensor and Two-tone flash. You can record video in 2K quality.

The battery will last for up to 586 hours standby one SIM and 306 hours standby dual SIM. 5 minutes of charging can give you 3 hours of charging. Talk time after 15 minutes of charging is 5 hours. You can play music for up to 120 hours.

In health and safety area you get things as infrared remote control, infrared sensor, UV sensor, fingerprint ID, pedometer and heart rate sensor.

I like how GIGASET ME is using latest USB Type-C 3.0 which is very new. You can expand the storage up to 128GB with a TF card.

It has decent thickness with 7.7mm and 160 grams low weight. The 3000mAh battery is also okay for the price-range this is at. I wish it had a little bit slimmer border on top and bottom for 2017 phone feel. Now it feels a bit like Sony Xperia XZ white/black space that could be used more useful.

Huawei Honor V9 Brand New Smartphone!

Huawei Honor V9 is a new phone from Huawei which is my favourite phone brand for the moment. This phone comes with a large display and high end specs.

Main features: 5.7 Inch display, 6GB of RAM, 64GB Internal storage, Kirin 960 Chipset, Octa-core processor and 4G support.

It comes in interesting metal colour scheme like Red and Blue to create wild vibrant effects. The battery inside is a huge 4000mAh one. Which is awesome if you are someone who forgets to charge your phone.

Just as with other Huawei devices this one is running on their EMUI 5.0 based on Android 7.0 Nougat. The camera can record 4K HD video and is Colour Dual 12.0MP camera with f/2.2 aperture. Which doesn’t seem to protrude like iPhone 7 Plus. The front camera is 8MP.

Another thing I love is the amazing GPU for gaming performance. They are using the Mali G71MP8. I have always liked Mali GPU’s more than Adreno. You can expand the storage up to 128GB.

But one of the better things with this phone is it’s crazy high resolution of 2560×1440 pixels that creates 515ppi and makes it a 2K display with LTPS technology.

This is a mobile that still comes with 3.5mm audio jack for earphones. NFC on-board for mobile payments and Type C charging port. On the back you find a fingerprint sensor that will work just as fast as on Huawei Mate 10.

It’s an extremely slim device just 6.97mm thickness but high weight of 184 grams. This phone for me looks like a larger Huawei Honor 8. Do you like it or do you feel like something is missing? Huawei will soon pass Apple in terms of mobile marketshare. This chinese company is doing a great job at growing their user base. Just as Xiaomi also currently are experts at!

ZoJi Z6 is a Drop safe Smartphone!

ZoJi is a phone brand you probably never heard about before. They are creating cool designed durable phones. This variant is called Z6. It comes with a more compact display then what we usually see.

Main specs: 4.7” Gorilla glass 4 Display, IP68 Protection, Waterproof, 1GB of RAM, 8GB Internal storage, MT6580 Chipset, Quad-core processor and 3G Internet!

You see how they are saving in here on RAM and Internet speed to keep the price low. Sometimes for this price you can get lucky and get 4G support. Not on this phone. But I think most buy this mainly for durability and not to browse Facebook.

It comes with fingerprint recognition support and premium metal frame. The display has 720p resolution and just 4.7”, smaller than Galaxy S3 and reminds me about Galaxy Alpha days.

Most phones that are built in more rugged form are usually 20mm in thickness. This one is only 9.9mm thick. Which makes it more portable to carry around.

You can take great pictures with this device because it has a 5MP front facing camera and a rear 8MP camera. The battery is large as well massive 3000mAh! It can last for 330 hours in standby and 18 hours in talk time. Another good thing is OTA updates support.

Z6 is running on a pretty modern version of Android version 6.0 marshmallow. The processor is clocked at 1.3GHz. You can expand external memory up to 64GB.

Clearly the most important with a phone like this is the durability and large battery. This phone gives you both of those and a premium design with metal features. It’s great how it’s waterproof just as Galaxy A5 and A3 2017 devices.

It still has 3.5mm earphone port so easy to listen to music and don’t have to use wireless Bluetooth for that. Bluetooth audio stream can be glitchy.