Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

There are very cool live wallpapers you can get on Android phones these days. Simple by downloading a live wallpaper from the Google Play Store. One of them is called Cat Lick Screen Live Wallpaper. It has a cute cat in brown and white colour licking your screen.

In the settings of the app you can tweak the speed of the cat in frames per second. You can also include sound if you want. It’s not sound from the cat but more like background music. You can also decide if you want the cat to be scrolling on screen while you swipe your home screens or not. In video source you can also go in and select your own video as a live wallpaper! Or just reset it to cat lick again.

You also have double tap to open up settings. For some reason I feel you need to tap 3 times to make it open up. You can also disable notifications from the app if you want. I like how this app works on the lock screen. I have found no slow downs or performance issues when I run this app on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Good overall performance and I don’t find the battery to be drained that much faster.

It can take a second or two sometimes to load up the live wallpaper if you turn on the screen. Then it will be black for a second but it’s not a major issue. If you like this live wallpaper then maybe you will like this other article I did about a live wallpaper where you have a mouse that is walking on screen!

All these live wallpapers reminds me about Windows 7 that allowed you also to have a live wallpaper. But in new Windows 10 it feels like people stopped using that. Let me know if you have any other cool app or wallpaper you want me to write or do a video about! Here is a link again to this Cat app!

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Quality In-ear Headphones I Found!

So I have always been very picky with my in-ear headphones purchase. I cannot stand most of them because they usually have a very bad fit in your ears. I couldn’t stand the ones below €100.

So I started to go with Klipsch Image X10 for a few years. They had the most amazing in-ear design I ever seen. And still are the best fit I love the most. But the problem is the cable on these headphones always break! After a few months! If you have an insurance you can probably get it replaced with ease. But it’s still super annoying for the high price you pay.

I had the Klipsch Image x11i last year and they are super expensive but loved them even more. Until they got stolen. I used a pair of cheap Sony headphones for some time and they are actually kinda decent for the free offer. Because they can come when you buy a Sony phone.

But eventually I wanted something better. So I started to do my research online and discovered a pair of Pioneer CH5T and wow! This are my new favourites now. They really fit amazing and I love how they are so much cheaper than the Klipsch but still feels amazing in-ear.

They have this design where the cable wrap behind your ear. The first seconds it felt weird but now when I’m used to it I really love it. And the cable is great too. Because it usually doesn’t tangle up.

When it comes to my on-ear headphones I love the most then it’s BOSE QuietComfort 25. They really are the best when it comes to larger headphones.

Yes I have used Sennheiser headphones a lot but the cable always seems to break faster with Sennheiser. But it’s a nice brand to walk around with. My BOSE after 1 year of usage I need to get a new cable because it broke. But seems like new cables exists on Ebay! I used these Sennheiser GAME ONE for some time for gaming and they are really perfect for that

I really am sad that both Apple and Samsung gives you bad headphones! Because I think they should give you a quality headphones when you buy an expensive phone. Thanks for reading!

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Magic Fluids Samsung Galaxy S8 Review!

Today I want to check out another very creative app. It’s called Magic Fluids. It will let you paint colours on your screen.

In the settings you can select on first tab presets. Which is multiple themes of pre-default colours that will load up. The themes are: Wavy Winter, Bloody Blue, Gravity Game, Steady Sea, Freaky Fun, Lake of Lava, Cloudy Composition, Glowing Glare, Trippy Tint, Incredible Ink, Crazy Colors, Girls Game, Particle Party, Busy Brilliance, Magic Trail by Toni, Lovely Liquid, Floating Flames, Calm Christmas, Glimming Glow, Subtle Setting, Bouncing Beach, Classy Combination & Swirly Sparkles! You can also randomize.

You can also Load or Save user presets. Up to 10! Next page of settings is animation. Here you can select the quality of the animations depending on what your phone can handle. You can also select HD graphics. Fluid type you can select either between Smoke or Water. Force will allow you to tweak the speed added to the fluid when you push your finger around. You can also select sources that will draw stuff automatic for you if your fingers are tired. And you can select the force speed.

You also have an option to put an FPS Limit to save battery life. Next tab you can select the amount of paint that flows out of your fingers. Also the lifetime of a fluid to stay on the screen. You also have the option to either select random colors or a colour palette with custom colours you select.

The next tab you can select if you want particles. Three options for particle shape: Dots, Lines and Stars. Also you can select the amount of particles added to screen. And the lifetime as well as size. Also the particle colour the default is paint colour but you can also use a separate colour. This app runs amazing on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has super high graphics that even could be challenging for a high-end android device I notice.

Next tab you can tweak the effects. How you want fluid to behave at the edges: Wall, Wrap, Wrap and mirror. The Gravity, and if you want glow you could include that as well. Also if you want a fluid texture. This is most of the settings in the app!

I was very impressed by seeing how amazingly many installed themes that exists. They really are a great source of inspiration. Overall this app is super impressive and I highly recommend it if you want to check out a cool app.

You can also use what you create in this app as live wallpaper! Or just save the image, or clear the screen and start over. What do you think about this app? Here is a link to it again in the Play Store!

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Watch me Pour Coca-Cola on New Nokia 3310!

So I decided to do a quick 3 minute coca-cola test with the brand new €60 euro 3310. This is a phone using the Nokia branding and the phones are designed by HMD.

This phone doesn’t have an IP-rating like the new iPhone or Samsung phone has! So it is a very interesting test to see how it performs. Let me know if you want me to Coca-Cola test any other phone. I have cool connections to be able to get access to most phones! Thanks!


Anica A9+ Fashion Mini Card Phone First Look!

Today I want to take a quick look at another mini phone. It’s called the Anica A9+! This one comes with a 680mAh battery, Dual SIM option, Bluetooth, And It kind of has the shape of an miniature iPhone!

It has a nice metal and glass build. You can take calls from another phone via Bluetooth. The weight is only 68g. It has an accelerometer so you can shake to switch between songs. It also has a built in Pedometer so you can track steps while you are walking.

It also has a function to remind you to not just sit down all day but to move around. It also has an anti lost function within 10 meters. Anti-theft alarm ring if you forgot to take your phone with you. The MP3 player can play music with bluetooth has I have understood it.

The mini card phone can also work as a universal remote for many gadgets. 72-90 hours of standby time. SD card and SIM card option. The resolution on the OLDE display is 240×320 pixels. And they keys light up nicely with a white backlight.

It really feels like this mini card phone is like if you would shrink an iPhone 5S! It has a nice weight to it which makes it feel premium. The keys gives you a nice vibration when you press them.

In menu of the phone you have: Call logs, Contacts, Message, Multimedia, Settings, Bluetooth, Tools & Remote Control. The tools are Pedometer, Reminder, Mobile Tracker, YaoYaoMP3, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm, My Files and Bluetooth.

For the price of this little gadget I find that it does more than enough! I am very impressed with the overall build quality they did. And that you can write text in the calendar on certain dates. You cannot play any games or take any photos or browse the internet with this device. But it would be nice to see that added in a larger more premium version. Check out this device availability over here.