Process vs. Results In Success In Life! Ancient Knowledge!

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Never in life beat yourself up for the result you get after taking a certain action. But beat yourself up for the process if you fail to execute on the process you know produces results. The end result of a certain days actions we have no idea what it will be. But the process that produces results we have full control over. And we need to learn how to master it.

What made you start to fail?

You have to find your built in habits that is causing failure in your life and making it harder to follow the process that produces results. Some of the common things that can have a massive change is diet, sleep and limit too much pleasure. To learn a new process and to implement it in your life it will require months of focus on that process to wire it into your brain. And then when it’s in there you could start working on another process you know produces results. Eventually you wanna have a full system of processes that you have found to be the best to produce results and stick to them everyday.

Life will continue to test you in every second you are trying to do something. You just gotta remember that the hard part with most processes is just the beginning. Actually be inside of the process is usually not that hard. It can be extremely enjoyable once you get into a FLOW state of it. That state puts you into the present moment with deep attention and focus.

The process of becoming a mature adult is a bit more painful but the rewards are so much bigger. But most are very lazy in this world and wanna take the easy way out. You wanna work hard and get what you deserve from that work. Many people do work hard but they work for someone else so in that position they are in a limited position. You have to work first to remove yourself from that limited position.

There is a great book out about this process activity how you can get more into a flow and a nice routine where your life just goes smooth and exactly in the direction you want it. The book is by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and it’s called Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. Here is quote from the book about what can be enjoyable:

Basically what it means and he’s saying now especially in the age of the internet is that to get into flow you have to concentrate and focus on the task. And not get distracted as easily by all the things we have around ourself. All the temptations that tells us it will give us flow and fun but won’t.

He also gave another great quote here and some good things to keep in mind when you wanna get into a nice flow state:

Many people do set goals but they are boring. So it doesn’t produce any excitement to actually start doing them if they think they will only improve life by 10%. But 1000% improvement goals now finally it brings motivation to start something new!

I will give you great book recommendations in the future on the topic of my top self improvement book list.

Knowledge is important. When someone is writing a book many times they are doing it when they are in their highest state. So they give you the pearls of their knowledge. That will help you save time and energy to go out and try things yourself. It saves time and energy to learn from someone smart what to do and what to avoid. By being a simulator of the future.

The Stoics said some very smart things. And they had this great trick that is working very nicely when you wanna get more of something in life. It works in the way that whatever you have right you now you practice yourself to be super grateful that you have what you have. So you get a feeling of being content. So you don’t feel a need for more.

The funny thing with this is it always gives you more from this sort of thinking. Because you come from a place of abundance. I have been reading more classical ancient knowledge lately and have found great books about ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Here is a good book about the Stoics by William B. Irvine. It’s called A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. Here is a great quote from the book about appreciating what you have:

Seneca also had a more scarier practice and that was to think about negative things that might be happening. Of course this one is a bit more scarier to do. Because it might bring up unpleasant thought or emotions:

Musonius had an even more extreme way to do this. I have tested this myself by staying away from pleasure and it for sure is an interesting thing to do. You really start to appreciate more what you have and the simple things in life:

So in a way by focusing more in life on the process than the results. It’s sort of like you want to see yourself as a robot when you are making yourself warm up to do the process. Stop using too much thoughts and emotions and just go into robot mode and do what you know produce results. After some minutes you usually start to enjoy something and you feel like a human again and your creativity starts to kick in and flow!

Results will follow of course when you are focusing on a process you know will produce result. Even when the results are low you know you can tweak the process to get better results. Because we are all humans with a brain that means if we master our mental side then we can become millionaires or even billionaires by using processes other successful people used to get to that point. We need to study their works and learn from it. And then apply it into our own lives.

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Flippy Knife – Game Review!

Today I want to write a review on a new game called Flippy Knife. It had a high rating in the play store 4.8 so I decided to check it out.

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iOS Version:

Android Version:

First it had original retro graphics. Sort of reminded me about the Super Mario games. What you do in the game is you throw a knife around. And try to throw it at coins. Or at targets. You throw the knife by sliding your finger across the screen towards the target which is coins. When you throw the knife it starts to spin around. And here is the tricky part! You need to throw the knife so the sharp side ends up in the wall so the knife sticks to the wall! If you don’t it’s game over!

The game has 4 exciting modes. They are called Climb, TargetCombo Arcade.

Climb: You chase coins up horizontally by throwing up the knife against coins and hit the other wall. 

Target: You aim at a target kinda like a professional bow shooter and try to hit it. For sure one of the hardest!

Combo: You sit on a tree stump and throw the knife up and try to end up again at the tree stump. And try to get as long combo as possible with knife hitting sharp side on tree stump.

Arcade: You are running vertically forward with throwing the knife on various size platforms. Reminds about a Super Mario game.

Again with all throwing modes the sharp side of knife needs to end up first on target/wall. Or else you will fail and it will be game over.

You do have 20 different badges you can unlock. The first one I unlocked was *NICE 10 THROWS. You also have a ton of various knifes you can buy with in-app purchase. One knife is called FANTASY and cost €2.59 euro, some knife’s you can watch ads for to unlock.

The funny part with unlocking a knife by watching an ad is you need to watch 30 second ad 100 times to unlock it! That’s 50 minutes of ads for one unlock of a knife! That’s hilarious haha.

The knife’s has different weights 3 different levels and also per flip how many coins they can capture from 1-3 (At least that’s how I understood it but might be wrong!).

The music in-game is relaxing and they have 4 leaderboards for the different modes. You can also take a screenshot inside the app and if you share the photo you get rewarded 50 coins! You have a best score section up in the left top corner. The thing that makes this game worth it and addictive is how easy it is to start a new game and how fun it is to try to do a perfect throw.

Reminds about Flappy Birds and these games where you flick a ball to try to get it inside a goal behind a goalkeeper. The game doesn’t feel to spammy with ads that shows up from time to time. If you wanna completely disable in ads inside the game then you can disable ads from a €1.29 euro purchase. And then you also get a selection of small knife’s. The game also offer you a bunch of free coins just by going to their Instagram, Facebook and Play Store page. Which I liked 3 badges unlocked fast!

Something I think many games suffer from these days is too many long tutorials how to play a new game. This game will let you instantly get into the game without any annoying popups. Something that is unclear to me in the game is if the knife’s differ in more ways than just the various weight. Because they come in various sizes and shapes. I wonder if that also has an effect on the physics. The game could be a bit more clear in this area. And also what coins per flip actually means.

And Google seem to have some problems with their Play Store leaderboards. With some users having unnatural high score probably cheating in some way. Which makes leaderboards boring. Then it doesn’t serve it’s purpose. This game reminds me about AdVenture Capitalist. Not too spammy, has nice graphics and music. And is fun to play. I can’t wait to see what more features they will implement in the future. There is a lot of potential here.

Something that can be frustrating with this game and make you rage quit is it is a little bit too hard. Kinda feels like a NES Mario game! I wish they had a newbie training session that tries to teach you to become more skilled. Because it’s a little bit too hard and it can sometimes un-motivate you to play.

I can see great potential in the future to maybe implement an online multiplayer mode. Where you can online compete against other knife throwers. This game also reminds me about Fruit Ninja. Which is a fruit slicer game. If you want an amazing experience then buy HTC Vive and purchase Fruit Ninja and play… It’s an amazing experience!

This game also has 14 in-built languages which is good. More than the basic 4-5 many games only have. Of course this game also has a bit Flappy Bird feel. In terms of it’s graphics. But I think they pulled off a real good job at trying to make something creative.

The game has nice 3D from the side style graphics. With nice in-game shadows on the knife. These shadows also move when you throw up the knife!

My favorite modes are the Combo and Arcade modes. The Target and Climb is just too hard. I find the heavier knife’s way easier to handle. At least for the Climb. The tiny Swiss knife that you can get for 300 coins is super cute but wow is it hard to make a perfect throw! On the other hand you feel more pro handling a tiny knife. The KUKRI knife for 300 coins feels so much easier to handle than the tiny Swiss knife. It has 2 out of 3 in weight. And looks amazing!

The popup ads in-game when you play free ad mode last for 5 seconds then you can skip. Which is not too bad. They don’t always show up also. In the end I highly recommend you to check out Flippy Knife!

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Some Deeper Insights Into Taking Action

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Taking action keeps taking you back into reality again and again. And you will bump into walls again. Walls of reality that gives you real helpful feedback. The walls will slowly bounce you back and forth but in a forward progress direction.

Not the result you want you actually want the feeling of doing progress. Taking that much action will give you lots of feedback. About what you need to work on. And you will also realise how connected everything is. Becoming more grounded in accurate sense of reality. And it will make you more humble for the journey.

Just like a lens on a camera you are removing the layers of delusion and comes closer to more accurate sense of reality by constantly shift the lens into sharper focus. Low level thinking paradigms and low level desires will be stripped away from your personality by going through pain.

The layers of delusion people get from not taking action scares people. People also get scared because they don’t actually have trained their action taking ability. Your brain will start to tell you lies if you go down the paths of delusion. You quickly need to correct and move into the right direction again. If you start believing your own lies you will build a foundation where more lies will be built on.

Where is reality going in the future? This is a good question because it does seem like we are moving into a more robotic world. With Virtual Reality headset’s like HTC Vive that now can simulate a world in your home that feels like real life. By taking advantage of your senses you can generate amazing things. But there is also a risk here that it can be used to manipulate reality more. You can also argue that we are already in a simulation of the world. Elon Musk said that was a high possibility.

After I tried out the HTC Vive I am getting more confident that people will be using “reality tweak” tools more in the future. We already see it happening with how much people are addicted to their phones. They can’t live without them! They have almost become a part of our bodies!

Will reality not matter anymore? If people can just live their whole life in their homes? It does seem in a new world like this that introverted people would benefit more than extroverted. Because it will create a world where people more communicate not in fast ways but in deeper ways away from each other. So they have more time to develop elegant ideas before they release them out into the universe. There is a great personality test out there if you wanna find out if you are Introvert or Extrovert more. Called the Myers Briggs test.

Taking action has a way to throw you into the present moment when you take action with consciousness. You are actually aware of what you are doing because you do it with great attention. Which makes you forget about thoughts and emotions. Which actually feels really good. Because most of the time our thoughts puts us into a weird loop that doesn’t get us anywhere. Usually the only thing we need to do to become awake again is that conscious action taking.

There is a great little framework you can use by author Dr. Stephen R. Covey from the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change which is very simple to use and gives you a quick view of how it can guide you with being at the center of your life. Here is a quick quote from the book:

There are of course other ways you can do this and that is by just focus on sit still and be conscious. That will also put you into a mode where eventually you wanna go up and do stuff. Instead of just being still and passive. Many times we think that thoughts = being productive. But many time’s that’s not the case. Many times we would be way more effective by just starting the task. That is also the first habit in Coveys book: Be Proactive.

Why should you take action you may wonder when you can already get by just fine by relaxing? Well you should take action because we live in a time of intense changes. And in these times if you don’t become intelligent then it will be very easy to fall behind. Because earlier we only had competition that was close to us. Now in the world we live in global competition. Which means it will be even harder to get by if you are passive.

Make everything your own in life. You must strive towards ownership. When it’s your own you work harder and from a position of power. Take the leap away from safety. We are apes designed to be out in the wild. Living day to day! Remember. People are always trying to trap you in society. To play their games. This is a great time to invest in the internet because many people don’t take advantage of the insane opportunity that exists today. So you can really exploit it by working smart. Everyone wants to outsource all work to robots and cheap workers. You can exploit this by working with heart and soul. People will detect a true spirit person above robots and cheap workers. Why people don’t work hard is because the limited position they are in. Work to become an owner.

There is a great book about how the internet is changing our brains and how it changes action taking in this world which is moving at a faster rate. The book is by Nicholas Carr he wrote the book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. Which has many interesting information about how these constant new online links changes our brains. Here is a great quote from the book:

Basically what this means is with the internet there is no limit on who you can contact. So if you are creative you can build new business connections super fast. Just by contacting and engaging with more people and provide help for common problems. Wanna find a list of problems people have? Go to Quora.

Internet is a great place to both take action and to become an owner. Right now to start a website is very cheap. But it’s yours. You own it. And it’s extremely valuable when you want to get content out there into the world.

The problem I see with many people is they do take action but they are building their work on someone else service. Which just means you are selling yourself cheap. Also remember that when you are more the owner over your work then you will work harder and with more pride. Which will end up in better results. And you feel more in control and it will make you be in a responsible role.

What happens with these other services is it starts out great but slowly you will realise your room to move around and have control over your work is becoming more limited. That’s when it’s time to break free.

Your time is valuable so I recommend you set up rules for when you use social media or the internet. For example I have disabled notifications on my phone. And only open up stuff after I have created new content. So I’m not just a consumer. Thanks for reading!

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How To Make Your Own Mobile Apps for Android 7.0 and iOS 11!

Today I wanna talk a little bit about making your own mobile apps. I have always been interested in these topics of programming. And it’s quite an exciting subject because of how much you learn while you are making apps. You learn to become a problem solver. My first language I learned was HTML and CSS and how to build basic websites. If you wanna go deeper into the web after HTML and CSS then Javascript and PHP is the path forward. With PHP you can create Forums and Login pages.

There are many ways you can make mobile apps. But I will talk about the main ways. The main way to do it on Android is using the Android Studio from Android Developers. It’s an IDE. Integrated Developer Environment. That will give you lots of help when getting started. If you want to program apps for iOS you will need to use Xcode from Apple Developers. These 2 services are a little different because the Android way is free. To use Apple’s Xcode you will first need an Apple computer and a Developer account which goes for around 100 euro per year.

There is another amazing service called Unity. That will allow you to program apps for multiple platforms at the same time. With Unity it both exist to install on Windows and Mac. It’s a Game Engine. And it will allow you to build and export a project to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, tvOS, Android, Tizen, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS4, WebGL & Samsung TV! So it’s a full universal app if you can’t decide what sort of operating system you wanna work with.

My own experience I highly recommend Xcode if you are serious about app making. The cool thing with Apple’s Xcode is how well produced this software is to truly create beautiful apps. You can fast have some games or software you wanna create up and running. And there are many great tutorials online how you can create stuff.

But if you wanna make apps I highly recommend you start with Unity because of it’s universal platform. Also remember that if you are new to programming that the first parts will usually feel extremely boring. But after you have learned one language you will have an easier time to understand other languages because most languages works in many similar ways but with different names. If you wanna see the potenial with Unity then I recommend that you go watch Brackeys on YouTube.

Probably the most talented person in creating games fast and making both the graphics and music himself! If you are curious on solid Xcode tutorials then I recommend you checkout Ray Wenderlich they create extreme high quality material. I am always amazed how good their work is. I just wanna buy it because of the amazing work they put into their work!

Of course it will be easier for most to start looking into Android programming because then you will have a larger audience you can easier send out your app to. With Apple’s Xcode and swift language that will be way more complicated. And it could be a bit annoying when you have started with a new project.

One of the things I notice when I get deep into focus on programming is you make fast progress! And then if you stop for a few weeks and look back at what you created it may look scary all the things you did. After you lost momentum it will all look so hard again. Our brain we use when deeply focused on a task is extremely powerful.

One thing I highly recommend when you do a new project is learn it to others same time that you are building it! Even though you don’t know all the whole process of teaching others at the same time will make you smarter and burn in the lessons deeper into your head. And another thing that is awesome is how you will get feedback from others at the same time, people that is exploring the same kind of field.

And with those people you can form a strong group where you can learn together and faster by sharing ideas. As the universe seems to work everything you focus on a lot seems to expand.

So if you just throw your projects out there to others to comment and give feedback on then you are working on a law of universal abundance. Every time you give value you will get the same sort of value back in life. Which I have discovered in my life. You really can’t cheat yourself forward in life.

It really does take humility to build your own apps. Because with programming you will detect how little you actually know in life. For me that has never been a problem because I have always been in love with life. And always loved to explore areas other’s don’t wanna explore. I’m on a continuing journey!

The thing is also that when you create your own apps and truly understand how various apps work you will be more of an owner in life and feel more in control. And you will also realise there are no limits in life. Everything you see around yourself was built by humans just like you. Steve Jobs had a great quote about that.

I always found the Android tutorials online a bit boring. I need more soul and love in teaching to actually wanna learn a language. With Xcode you have this amazing community of people who truly create amazing apps and games. And same with Unity you have dedicated people who truly wanna create something amazing. Which I highly love.

I don’t want programming to be this boring thing because then it’s very easy to give up. Programming needs to be connected with Beauty/Fun/Soul/Spirit. If it becomes that then it will be more fun learning something new.

Learning needs to become fun! I think I will start to dig deep inside of Unity again or Xcode. My only problem is I feel life is too short! I really enjoy Beauty and Knowledge more than programming. But if life was longer like 1000 years then I would easily invest a couple 100 years into mobile programming.

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4 Crazy Steps How Marketing Works To Gain Attention!

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Marketing is one area I find highly interesting to study. Because of how powerful it is. We all market ourself and what we do constantly to other humans. It can be very useful to understand on a deeper level how marketing works. Especially in these times with a new marketing that is online.

Now when the world is getting globalised and everything connected the potenial in life is truly limitless. When billions have access to the internet then that is billions of ideas and potenial to network and find amazing humans.

And also extremely good time to learn more about marketing. So I will show you 4 keys to marketing here from a great book called CA$HVERTISING by Drew Eric Whitman. The book is long and contains many extremely useful lessons about human nature.

Here is a quote from the book with 4 crazy steps that works to gain attention and use it in a marketing way. First step: Something scary. Second, a recommendation. Third, it’s a good working recommendation. Fourth, you can do it!:


We are all sellers in this world. Sellers to survive.  Creating products and services is the way forward in this digital world. With access to so many humans you can easily find a market that you can take advantage of. This book from Drew contains over 100 secrets about marketing. But I will just quote a few and will give you my insight also in marketing.

Number 1 solution for results:


My job in life has been to market my YouTube videos so I can get enough eyeballs to watch my videos so advertising could be sold next to the videos so I can pay my rent.

And I been successful at it to live on it. Because I threw myself into taking action and put myself in a situation where I have to succeed or I have no money to live. Usually when you throw yourself into a situation like that you will succeed because there is no other option. Many times people do not put this pressure on themselves their life is just a bit too easy so they don’t see the point in spending more effort.

So in total right now my marketing experience making YouTube videos has resulted in over 500,000,000 million clicks on my content. So I have learned a lot of useful information how marketing works. Which I also will reveal more in blog post’s on this website.

I have learned a lot how humans work. And that the ego and vanity in humans is great to exploit in marketing. I chose to invest my time in the biggest vanity material object of all to gain attention. Making videos about phones.

People like phones because they feel it will make them more amazing. Because of the limitless potenial of what you can do with today’s phones. So I noticed that when I did videos on things people truly desired then people come in droves. Sadly most time people only use phones for consuming content instead of generating possibility.

A great quote from CA$HVERTISING about vanity and ego:

It’s quite interesting how it all works. Remember people are focused on themselves. So you need to find a way to give a lot of value to the people you market to. Solve their needs. I noticed many of my clicks on my videos didn’t come to my smartest and deepest intelligent videos. Most people aren’t interested in that.

Most people just want entertainment. Some quick thing to watch to take their mind off something else in their life. I have also noticed that people on my videos spend an average of 2 mins per click to stay and watch. That is so crazy!

The click generation

I have learned that people don’t seem to value their time high. What happens is people spend 2 minutes on a video and if they keep clicking to another video they feel like they are being productive and that time isn’t passing. Time is passing and you are wasting precious time.

This usually happens because humans are in an unconscious state most of their life. If they were conscious they wouldn’t waste time in zombie mode. I have written great blog post’s about it in the past that you can check out if interested.

But my favorite book so far about how to escape deep unawareness is A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle. I constantly read it for new valuable insights. And I put quotes on valuable things said and re-read those parts. It’s very easy to do in the Kindle app on Android.

And one of the main reason people actually do spend time on my videos is because I bring deep calm present awareness into my videos. So when people click it for a moment they feel alive and better like something cool is happening. But usually they return to a low down state pretty fast afterwards. The reason this happen is because most of humanity has always been in this deep unconscious state. So it’s the normal for many humans.

The thing I find interesting is how you can with the power of the written word move people in different directions. How we humans are more easily affected than we would like to admit. You have the power to make changes in other people’s lives. That if we see an ad for 2 seconds and then look away we think it didn’t affect us. But it did. And all these small marketing secrets many is being used on you daily to try to move people in different directions.

Advanced Robots Will Change Stuff

If there is one thing that is for sure is that it’s all going to become more advanced in the future, marketing in general and other areas. Especially the more you have algorithms that can detect patterns in humans and constantly tweak people’s life so they only see certain parts. It’s both very scary and fun at the same time. In the way that life is in a major shift with the computer area. You can make ton’s of money without seeing a single human ever in your life. But humans are more than ever on this planet. So there will be a lot of people that will need good guidance.

I want to do my best to try to give people helpful advice in life and deeper insights in how many things work. Just because it brings me such a joy to educate others. Because a lot of people need help out there. And it will only increase in the future with more automation in computing and robotics.

Knowledge is critical in this era. Because one day it may not be here anymore. Especially if the internet collapses one day. There are very few copies of valuable information left then.

Best Regards,


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