KINGWEAR’s Cool Android Smartwatch!

KINGWEAR has a very modern modern smartwatch with bezel-less watchface! It’s called the KW98 and it might be the most beautiful smartwatch I have ever seen. Let’s take a look at what this one offers.

Main specs: 1.39 Inch display AMOLED type, 8GB Internal storage, WiFi, GPS, Heart Rate, Android 5.1 and comes in Black and Brown colours.

This Android watch is designed to match the beautiful style of an European modern fashion style watch. It’s using metal with precision crafting. It’s using cowhide material as the band. It’s very comfortable and features a classic pattern.

The display resolution on KW98 is 400×400 resolution with a high 286 pixels per inch. AMOLED technology is same that Samsung is using in their high end smartphones to create vibrant smartphone displays. This watch comes in nice protection with a sapphire crystal glassmirror surface.

You have tons of various watch faces you can select from to find your perfect style. The processor on the inside is an MTK6580 quad-core with a clock speed of 1.3GHz. In RAM you get 512MB.

With one of the latest release of Android installed you get access to apps like Chrome Browser, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and more! Perfect for always stay in contact with your best friends.

If you are going out running then you can track Heart Rate and amount of footsteps taken. You can see your daily steps target and burned Kcal and kilometres you have run.

You have different ways to get online either with a Nano SIM over 3G WCDMA or with WiFi connection! The watch also offers you OTA wireless upgrades.

You can push information like notifications incoming on your smartphone to your smartwatch! Perfect for SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp messages.

If you want then you can download voice assistants from the Google Play Store like Google Now to talk to your watch and tell it to look things up for you like directions, nearby hotels, location of London and more!

The battery on the inside of KW98 is a large 400mAh variant. You probably won’t be playing games on your watch but mostly use it to check things quick like notification updates so the battery will have a long life.

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LEMFO LEM5 Pro Great Design Smartwatch!

LEMFO LEM5 Pro is a super sleek Android smartwatch! Ever wanted to have Android always with you but don’t like a clumsy phone? With LEM5 Pro you can wear Android on your arm. And this specific watch looks very much like a traditional watch but with hidden power processor inside. Let’s have a look on the specs.

Main specs: 3G Connectivity, 2GB of RAM, 16GB Internal storage, Heart rate monitor, GPS, 1.39 inch IPS screen with 400×400 resolution circular interface, MTK6580 Quad-core processor, Android 5.1 OS, Bluetooth 4.0, Single Nano SIM, OTA, Pedometer, Message, Music, Weather and Notification remind!

The colour that is available on LEM5 Pro is called MIDNIGHT. The battery inside is a powerful 450mAh and it doesn’t feature any camera on the side. You get a charging dock when you purchase the watch. It’s a pretty cool one coming in stainless steel.

You can do cool thing on the watch with Android OS like surf the internet, check messages, answer calls, dial and more! Perfect when you are running, driving, biking and playing golf to use the built-in GPS. You get a weather app to check and stay up to date how the weather will be like. The Pedometer perfect when you are walking!

It features IP55 Life Waterproof so it can withstand things like dust, dirt or washing. Do not use it for swimming or diving. With the Google Play Store App you can download the apps you want like Tumblr, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Chrome, Twitter and more!

50 different dials that you can use on LEMFO LEM5 Pro. Perfect if you have a unique style there is a big chance there is a dial for that style. This will both change the background on the watch and the numbers. Some dials truly look like James Bond watch stuff! It’s a little sad that they didn’t include a camera. But I think many don’t even use the camera on their smartwatches so may not be a major loss.

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DM98 Rectangle Design Smartwatch!

DM98 Smart watch is a very interesting Android watch because of it’s display size and shape. It’s not round like many other smartwatch displays are. But it’s shaped more like a rectangle. And it reminds me about Apple Watch.

Specs: 3G, Camera, 320×240 resolution, 2.2 Inch large screen, WiFi, GPS, Android support, Android 4.4 OS, Life waterproof (But no bath!), MTK6572 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 512MB of RAM, 4GB Internal storage and 900mAh Polymer battery.

You can Play music for 4 hours, phone time 4.5 hours and standby time 280 hours. I have seen some watches with only 320mAh battery which is a bit low. It’s nice to see this one run a larger battery.

The shell on DM98 is made with AL6063 alloy aluminium anode oxidation frame. To create both enjoyable design and anti-scratch effect. Nano SIM card is supported for 3G.

If you want to chat with WiFi then it supports apps like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and more! If you need help with something then you have the built-in Google Now to get voice assistance. You can ask things like: Weather today, The location of Paris, Nearby hotels, Nearby Restaurants and more!

There is also three colours available and then you can change the themes with the built-in software. This is good so you can make it fit more your personality.

One thing to note here about DM98 is that it doesn’t look as premium as for example the i95 Smart Watch. I feel like this watch has a bit more cheaper band the i95 looks a bit more premium. But I like both watches! And everyone has different taste. I’m curious if you will be able to play some simple puzzle games like you can do with other Android smart watches.

I would mainly buy this watch for it’s unique design. Most people buying a smartwatch will have a round watch. This one will stand out from the crowd more!

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LEMFO LES1 Ultra-Modern Android Watch!

LEMFO LES1 is an Android Watch. It comes in a very nice design. I have checked out other Android smartwatches in the past let’s see what you get inside this one.

Specs: 1.39 Inch AMOLED circular display, 16GB Internal storage, 3G, GPS, WiFi, Metal design, 1GB of RAM, Android 5.1, MTK6580 Quad-core processor, 350mAh Battery and Bluetooth 4.0.

LEMFO LES1 has pretty standard specs for a smartwatch. The display has a resolution of 400×400. On the side of the smartwatch you get a 2.0MP HD camera. It has cool specs like: OIS, 6Lens, 3D Noise reduction, Video Recording and HD video.

The watch body is only 13.0mm. And I really admire the craftsmanship put into the design of this watch. You can see it is made with genuine care. Anodic oxidation to protect the colour from fading. Aluminium red button on side. Nice finely brushed numerals.

You can insert a nano SIM card to make calls, check messages and go online. Standard Android apps people like is also available like GPS navigation, Heart Rate and Pedometer. The ability to download thousands of apps also available.

With a bluetooth headset you can listen to tons of songs with beautiful music app. Live weather app to see what clothes you should put on for the day. It also is life waterproof but they don’t recommend that you use it for swimming or diving.

You can select between multiple watch faces. Over 40 different kinds so you can find a style that fit you!

More apps you have on LEMFO LES1: Contacts, Phone, Message, Set up, Remote control camera, Browser, Calendar, Clock, Camera, Gallery, Music, Remote control music, Recorder, File management, Get phone, Health, Weather and Voice search!

If you want to use your phone to assist then you need either iOS phone iOS 9 and up. Or Android phone Android 4.4 and up. If you like this quick overview then search on my blog for my smartwatch articles!

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i95 Smart Watch Looks Like an Apple Watch!

i95 Smart Watch is an extremely well designed watch. It looks like an Apple watch! Let’s see what you get inside this little buddy.

Specs: Xburt 1.2GHz 300MHz Dual-Core processor, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi Sharing, IP65 rating, 512MB of RAM, 4GB Internal flash storage, IP brushed plating metal body, Metal watchband, Back cover is IP plating ABS + fiberglass, Genuine leather and metal watchband and Stainless steel pin buckle!

i95 Smart Watch is running on Android 4.3! Not super cool when Android 8.0 is out. But this is a smartwatch so won’t really matter that much.

The main features are: Gesture + Voice to wake up screen, Heart rate monitor, Message / Dialer, Remote camera/music, Weather forecast, Bluetooth info push and two band variants metal or leather.

The screen type is TFT with 320×320 screen resolution and 1.54 inch in size. The battery with 320mAh will last in standby for 168 hours.

Various app you will be able to use are: Alarm, Music, Gallery, Video, Settings 2, Bluetooth telephone, Health, Countdown, Message, Push, Calculator, Stopwatch, Recording, Settings, Calendar, Weather, Browser, QR Code and Themes! I really like how there is a browser app.

There are even some super cool games you will be able to play on the watch like 2048 puzzle game and casual games like do not step on the white pieces. Charge time is around 1 hour. Which is better than Galaxy S8 and most phones on the market!

But probably the best thing here with i95 Smart Watch is how it looks like an Apple watch. And Apple watches are usually expensive, a metal band Apple Watch will probably cost you at least 500 euro. And then you even need a high-end Apple iPhone to use the watch and maybe even a computer! Too much work.

I also really like the golden metal and golden genuine leather variants. Looks super high-end and premium. Do you like this little watch? It’s name reminds me about Windows 95!

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