Samsung Got a Massive 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV!

Samsung got a massive 65″ smart TV called QN65Q9FAMFXZA! Not the easiest name to remember! It features new technology like Quantum Dots (Which gives you 100% colour volume) and Infinite Array.

What are the specs of this TV? Because it’s 2017 and soon 2018 and our TV’s are getting smarter everyday. First you get over a billion colours, Samsung Premium OneRemote, Apps built for the Smart TV, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Premium Sound, 5.1 Decoding, 60 Watt 4.2 Channel System, 4x HDMI connections, 3x USB connections, 802.11 AC Built-In Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and an RS232C Control.

HDR Elite will give you better contrast and more colour detailed compared to cheaper alternatives. It also has amazing shades of black. Something we know that was good at with their AMOLED smartphones! They also have something they call perfect view from every seat. It should offer you great view from any place you sit in the room.

This TV got a no-bezel design for perfect design. The Samsung Smart Hub is where you can get other content as apps and sports. Also if you got a Samsung phone then you can turn that phone into a remote with the Smart View app. The TV will also fast detect HDMI connected devices.

Also if you would get a burn-in on the display then Samsung gives you a guarantee that they will replace the device with a brand new TV. Burn-in is something I have got on my Samsung Galaxy S8 display so it does happen! So good to know that Samsung care.

I think personally that 65″ is a bit too big. I prefer max 50″ TV’s. But if you have a very large room then 65″ may look good. Of course the 4K screen will help. 1080p screens look worse on big inch TVs. Eventually all of our products will move to perfect 4K and then perfect 8K. What do you think about this massive 65″ Samsung QLED TV?

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